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  1. Hello, first of all sorry for bad english.

    I'm experiencing trouble with game installation :

    I've downloaded the game via steam and played something like 20 hours. Some ground textures where missing @aedelwan's bridge. So i checked game files & steam downloaded 900 mb. After that i wasn't able to play. must update the game...

    This game was installed not in my steam folder but in another hard drive.

    I tried to uninstalled the game via steam & download it again and the same error occured.  Steam sayin that i must update the game (but there's no update) Can't play at all via steam, but worked using the game exe in the downloading folder....

    Guess i wont be able to download any patch.

    I'm currently tryin to download the game in my steam folder...


    Sys : win 7 64 sp1

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