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  1. 1) Now that you have the $ hire some testers. Play the game from the beggining to the end at least one time before you release it. 2) Give it some depth. Not 2 paper thin factions and party members with 1 quests that solves itslef. 3) Let players get to know the world and solve problems themselves instead having every quest following obvious trail. I'd love to see a quest when presented with a problem I decide myself who to take that information to / what to do with it. 4) How about an antagonist you get to know and dislike instead of something something somehing about unknown something ? 5) Get a comeback or 2 to the decision player made. I always wondered if I helped the pregnant lady from the first town. 6) This time complete final town / location.
  2. I was "triggered". You're right, if it was 1998, Obsidian would be forced to handle Pillars of Eternity like companies of the time handled their big, sprawling games - fix bugs in patches that are as small as humanly possible and release any gamechanging fixes as a part of expansions (which existed back then as well, just by the way.) Thankfully, it's not 1998 and digital delivery allows Obsidian to not only decouple their patches from expansions so even people owning the base game can enjoy the changes, it also allows Obsidian to fix fundamental issues with how their games are designed. I will always support companies which are willing to go for months listening to community and improving their games - how can somebody find an issue with this will remain mystery to me. How you think the system works: Obsidian tries it's very best -> releases genuinely believed bug free complete game -> feedback comes in, they listen to players, turns out there are problems -> they spend resources to fix the problems, and add additional content because they love the players. How the system actually work: They know they have underdeveloped, buggy as hell game -> they knowingly make it available for full price (when it is a broken product [it was year ago at the release]) -> they pretend they didn't know about the issues and used their fans as beta testers -> the game is still very much in development, but the revenue comes in -> a year later they are still patching the game mostly because there still are more dlc to come( and possibly poe 2). Partially so so the late costumers are less disappointed than early buyers. It's astonishing how effective PR is.
  3. Good points op. I think a lot of people have similar feelings towards this game. Not quite there, I wouldn't rate it as generously as you did. Oh no, op! What have you done?! You voiced your opinion on the official forums. You still gave the game 4/5 score but it's not enough for them. These creatures feed on criticism and are especially aggressive towards well constructed logical one. Preschool arguments, blind devotion, self-contradiction, here they come! "Obsidian did what they could" - How is this even an argument? Are obsidian guys a bunch of children doing a school project? Maybe you are saying something like: "when someone is trying hard and fail you can't criticise them"? Well, you can, evilcat, welcome to the real world. Also, for an average buyer or backer there is no way of knowing if they really tried hard or not so much. "no cut-off DLC" "Winter March is a game changer. It gives big sidequests, fortress location is big and fits the story. Little ghosts telling stories is climatic. It is even in no-grassland territory." - White march was not cut-off from the vanilla version but if you don't buy it than you just can't experience the game to the fullest. Isn't that like a definition of what is wrong with games these days? I want my vanilla versions to be complete and abundant in all these little things that make a good game. I don't want to wait a year every time a game comes out so I can experience it how it should have been done in the first place. Not to mention additional cost. "Stronghold is work in progress. There are rumours they will add some miniquests to it." I bought this game in march last year from what I remember and it's still work in progress? Damn, this people in Obsidian, they sure do love the community, look at all the extra work they do post release. Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps games should be developed before they are available for sale? And is it wrong to criticise something when it's still work in progress? This game will be work in progress for another few years... yet they charging for it full price since last year? Uhm ? Even people who blindly love this game point out that stronghold mini-game is at best an vastly underdeveloped joke. But wait I take it all back, now that I know there are RUMOURS about possible miniquests I guess it was all worth it. I just hope they won't charge extra for them. "Wasnt missing faction presence. Probably Defiance Bay isnt that much in the centre of whole game." It isn't in the centre of the game? What is than? Twin elms - a beautiful set of animated graphics with 8 quests in it? This game suffers from serious underdevelopment and the factions in the defiance bay are exactly just that. There is not enough quests, people to speak to or anything really to get to know them. It is shallow. Generic dudes a), other generic dudes b), no interesting characters, no way of getting to know real motivations, nothing. And I don't care if it all is work in progress. Or if there will be 6 more dlc for a total of 100$ in 5 years time to make this game great. OP's critique was the most kind and genuine one but not even that can stand of this forum without being attacked.
  4. PoE is a far better balanced game than Infinity Engine games. That's not even a subjective argument, it just is. Not saying it's perfect, but the difference is massive. That's up to you, isn't it? If you build all your characters in such a way that they're all effective with crossbows, you only have yourself to blame when all your characters use the same weapon. In Pillars of Eternity, it's up to you to roleplay your characters. And don't say that one ranged weapon is inherently more powerful than another one, because that's not the case - I found a mix of ranged weapons was generally more useful than everybody using the same one. What you say might have been the case after PoE got released, but after heavy patching and balancing, it's just not true. God, this is like a marketing department. You just have to make sure you point by point, clearly state that this game is better than previous ones in every single dimension. Well it is not. I will argue that since anyone can use the best ranged weapons the whole mechanics of the game is so UNBALANCED in this regard that apart from the tank there is no need what so ever to use melee weapons. Now, in the old IE games you had no choice but to use the weapons that you could and most of the time you would have had at most 2 members of the same class in a party. It forced a nice variety.
  5. In reality it's exactly the other way around. A lot of people have a tendency of seeing old Infinity Engine games with rose-tinted glasses, but the truth is, those games were insanely unbalanced. Even base classes played how they were intended were not all really viable - ranger was the king and a party without mage, cleric and a rogue had a very hard time getting trough the game. I believe it was combo of Cleric and Ranger? which essentially broke the game. Pillars of Eternity, on the other hand, offers a small selection of classes, but all of them are similarly viable. And pretty much any logical build you can think of will probably work fairly well. And then there's a ton of builds which will work well in spite of being insane - check out the character builds subforum to see all the weird combinations which can work very well. As for getting a sword which you'll get to use on your next playtrough... There's been quite a few weapons I found in Pillars that none of my party members was focusing on and therefore his performance with the weapon did not do it justice. There are builds emerging which essentially rely on a character using a single weapon. In spite of being able to use all weapons, it's almost never efficient to use different ones than those you have constructed your character around. Sure the oldies were unbalanced but so its poe. So many years, no improvements in this department. All this type of games are quite poor at their strategy component. But this is not the point I made. I just said it felt so much better, roleplay wise and "look and feel" wise when most classes had limited weapons. It doesn't matter how many possible combinations there are, because each time you will have all characters equipped with crossbows and such. Each time your party is almost the same because of that.
  6. You can combine various classes, talents and equipment. You still get a lot of weapon specialization, you just get to choose which weapons do you specialize in instead of the game dictating this for you. Various combinations of statistics, talents and skills will work differently with various weapon classes. It's a system massively open to experimentation and given low amount of classes, the game would not benefit in any way from weapon restrictions - on the contrary, instead of playing 5 different kinds of rogues which play very differently you would only get to play, say, 2. The reason why it sort of worked in IE games is that they've had a ton of classes, but replayability within the individual classes was very low. I understand there are more possible combinations of all these. But to me it doesn't matter because most of are meaningless. Sure you can make a party of 6 naked dwarfs with only daggers equipped but it won't add to the overall number of possible playthrus. There were fewer combinations in the older games but very much viable. Take weapons for some classes only. You find some super duper sword but it's only for a paladin, so you remember to pick it up on your next playthru. One of the main complains in the new "diablo" was that with the skill reset replayabilty goes way down. As you will always have only one barbarian or w/e. You played it once you played it all. As in diablo 2 you'd "lock yourself out" of most of the abilities and you could try them on some other playthru.
  7. To people saying that all classes using all weapons add to replayabilty - how do you figure ? I'd say it's exactly the other way around. You want to replay with different classes / using different gear that you missed out, having different conversations and such. So if you are locked out of some stuff on one playthru there will be something left for you in the next one that you haven't yet experienced. This was very much the case say in baldurs 2. But anyway, back to the whole subject, the reason behind the traditional classes is you could say it comes with the genre. I certainly expected that and enjoyed that part of the game. I also preferred when weapons were tied to the classes. It helped with role-playing as of-course it's not like, in the game world, mages just cant touch shields and swords but it rather reflects their preference and style. So if you choose a mage it sort of goes with the packet. It's not terribly bad that you can (use all weapons)... If they would spent more time developing the idea they'd probably come up with some more clever system where there would be more pros and cons of using certain gear with certain classes. Didn't it bother you one bit that most of the trash mobs even on potd would die from 1 tanks and 5 crossbows or guns and such? that's how most fights look like and it just takes the individuality away from your party. In the older IE games you had "bow guy", "sword guy", "shield dude", and I was almost happy for the character to give him that upgrade. This part is so missing in this game. There are some cool "clasless" systems, fallout 1&2 comes to mind. In this case however I think it works well, as the game is party based and it again reflects individuality of party members and other characters in the world. Just to conclude I'd say that any good system will work. Poe is lacking in this little nuances in my opinion.
  8. This game is lacking in terms of overall polish, its not just the stronghold. The whole experience with the game would have been so much better if they gave it a little more time instead of rushing it out. I won't even mention horrible buggy release which was a slap in the face.
  9. I would be very happy if they'd drop this idea altogether. For this "stronghold system" to become worthwhile of your time it would have to be complex enough for a game of it's own and it just loses it's purpose of a mini game. Seriously, they came up with it in the coffee dock to get another kick-starter milestone. It doesn't mean that there can't be no place like home or some sort of base with reoccurring quests as main story goes by, but any systems with "level of defence" or trade or anything like that are just a waste of dev time. What will be next ? Tower defence mini game? Seriously obsi, if you ever read this forums please focus on CORE elements of the game in PoE 2.
  10. Oh that was no accident *wink**wink* There is 1 quest with that medalion, some stuff with Sagani, but it never becomes part of the game play in any meaningful way. You never meet someone that give you a quest and start your reasoning with "lets see what watcher can do". My experience was that once in a while there was a dialogue option and I went like "oh yeah I'm that watcher thing". But I just explored the city for quite a while and completely forgot about it. I know it's subjective but that's the way I felt. Also few moments when you do remember and try to roleplay a watcher like right after that dwarf lady the game gives you no opportunities to do so. now we are even in likes :>
  11. This characters created by backers are just so meaningless. Not really badly written or boring but just so irrelevant. So you can use your watcher abilities in this meaningless fashion but not in quests where it could be interesting. Just imagine investigating someone's character whether he is decent or evil person or if he is lying or being truthful and checking clues from his past lives to determine that. It never happens, so many obvious themes associated with powers you are given just never happen. It's disappointing. It doesn't mean it was a bad idea to begin with but just... well rushed to say the least. Edit: I liked your post Zenbane it was an accident and I cant unlike it now...
  12. What I hoped to experience from pillars was baldurs gate 2 depth. But there is non of that. I just hoped that since they had been doing the game without the open world, without all this crap that is now considered must have, that they would be able to focus on top tier rpg mechanics and good deep story. But there is just non of that. Companions story? Aloth and Edgar a bit yeah. Others? few boring quests, nothing more. 99% of conversations completely forgettable. And that weird distributions of dialogues. grieving mother and durance had so much useless text. Text I didn't care for at all, simply because there was no way I could connect it to current problems. But interesting quests had often just a few lines. Why. There was so much history and myths and almost nothing about the current state of events. It was boring. It is clear to me that there were parts of dialogue and story really thought out and huge number of it put in last minute or "as is" before the release. ---------------------------------------- So much of the world didn't make any sense. Od nua caves, 3 levels with nothing, 0 story, 0 quests, just goo things and trolls. It looked nice but yeah disappointment again. I even made a mistake of listening to developer diary on 1 play-through and dude said something like "We wanted to make a vampire level and this is it". This is the world design they have. "Vampire level". Great. Thanks Obsi. That location below the city with "cobolds" and dragons walking around without any explanation or a single line of dialogue. That whole place along with it's population was sicked into the game in like 2 hours. There is no way any game designer or developer looked at this. Complete joke. The last city was empty, few quests, boring too, like they did all this beautiful visuals and there is nothing to populate it with. ----------------------------------------- mechanics / combat - still better in the classics I'm afraid. Too much tank and spank even though I liked a few changes introduced. There was just no variety, no interesting opponents with unique abilities. ----------------------------------------- This game had a potential. There were moments I admit. But Overall experience goes to average shelf. Way too much of stupid for crap, crafting that had no purpose what so ever but fulfilling a check list, boring and useless fort mini game. They have spent time on that and rushed core elements of the game, and it's painfully evident. Even though I'm a complete sucker (I bought this game for full price! crazy!) for rpg like this I didn't buy and will not buy the dlc.
  13. Games aren't buggy because it is some magical law of game development that you just can't go around. Games are buggy because companies make concious decisions to save resources on testing. It's nice that they keep fixing the game after the release, but it is not because they are saints. It's because it was a concious decision to release buggy beta and fix it later. It was released completely broken, now it's playable but still I check stats every time I pick a talent because they might just not add up. And no, it's not OK to do that. Games will always be buggy it seems because all of you are too narrow minded to understand that it is easy money made on costumers without standards like most of you here. You get crap they deserve for being so blind. All of the arguments like "other obsidian games are buggy too, you didn't know? haha, loser", "many other classics were bugged", "why are you such a hater" and all this stuff is laughable. Completely illogical, not to the point 5th grade garbage. This forum is filled with either obsidian employees, close family of employees, paid pr trolls, poor secretaries forced to write this after work or any combination of the above. Sorry guys, there is no excuse. They made bad decision they got heat for it. Stop striking down topics like this and maybe in the future they will think twice before releasing a pile of bugs. There was a job offer for a full time tester not long ago on their main page. Something tells me they already got the picture. P.S. There were a number of real bugs that were hard to predict in the technical forum like save problems on certain platforms. But most of them are not working talents, stats not adding up and such which clearly indicate that nobody bothered to play the game before the release.
  14. I just finished one of my favourites moments in the game - the hearing regarding the animancy. I love all the little things like audience whispering, audio keep the moment tense and general feeling like you are about have input into the future of the entire realm. This is one of the few moments when I really feel immersed into the world, considering every single line to say thinking about the consequences. And... it's a bit sad that non of this has any meaning as no matter what you say the same thing always happens.
  15. Good points. I don't understand why they combined the teleportation with aoe paralyse We probably won't see much changes in POE as there are still so many things to improve on months after release. This, however gives me hope for POE 2: http://www.obsidian.net/jobs/open-positions/qa/837-qa-tester-poe
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