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  1. Well, about that boat...it is not possible to reach it w/o confronting bunch of pirates unfo...


    So you are abt to chose whether to kill 1 bunch at Delver's row (u will get -5 rep after killing them which means 20-30% overpriced items in the area) or another one on yr way to this boat (as...in order to talk/get access to Mad Morena you need a quest fm Enoi, otherwise her people will simply attack you...)


    That's how it is. Seems like it is better to do it in a different way, i.e. enter Delvers Row via Gullet...

  2. Neketaka...upon discovering "Gullet" first time i immy went to an "Old Town" (by the elevator) to find a corpse of Biha's husband...

    By killing everything there i learned there is no elevator anymore (i was warned by the guard they wont keep it long...but who cares?), i went further to the "Ruins" and then, entering "Crypt", NPC's are becoming 'red' attacking me.


    Well, ok...i found a way how to stealth to a Delver's Row (elevator left upper corner) and...NPC's there are attacking me again, stealth is not working anymore (i mean it does but there is no possy to stealth through the first bunch of pirates) and...i dont know what to do now.


    Before NPC's (pirates) are becoming "red" there is a kind of a dialogue (with Palegina's personal quest) where on my request to proceed further without any confrontation pirate answers "all questions to Dereo pls" which i physically cannot do AS THERE IS STILL NO ELEVATOR which can let me enter Dereo's Lair via Gullet...


    Please dont tell me it means i'll fail "Dereo's" questline, as i think my savegame is overwritten already...





  3. First of all i would like to say thanks to Obsidian for my gamer's essence rebirth (10 years ago i lived by BG/IWD/NWN and sometimes NOX, then it was WoW and then family starts...).


    PoE is super game with due atmosphere etc., however just now i faced a huge problem i dont know how to sort out (and to be honest im scare to accept the fact i will leave the game soon due to below described reason)...


    Basically...IS NOT INTERESTING TO PLAY anymore after reaching of 8th level:

    - difficulty: HARD

    - party of 5 members: my elf-ranger (along with Mr. Wolf), self-made paladin, eder two-handed DPS, aloth (DPS obviously) and durance as a buffer

    - level of my party: 9 (but boring starts from getting 8th)

    - my location now is just below the Cliaban Rilag ruins in the Temple of Skaen

    - im done with Raedrik's hold, Defiance Bay and all of the quests there, however not entered Twin Elms yet, Kaed Nua is 5 or 6th level but boring as well


    Guys, colleagues...i dont even need to built tactics and (what is worse) using abilities...i just use one button/command "ATTACK" coz all enemies are dying in 2-3 seconds, no hard battles, no saves/downloads, no fun/thinking how to place your chars, just "Hack'n'Slash" style where all of my mage/priest spells are not necessary at all. Even boss battles are easy (last one was Waymund inside this temple, he died in 1 minute w/o any fireballs/stabs/shots and any abilities, it was just Eder's sable's and my Ranger's DPS along with Durance arkebuza...).


    I dont know what to do, i love this game and the reason of my post not to boast how i'm good, i just want to save the fun for myself. The only way i see so far is to change somehow difficulty level (now i realise im idiot being afraid to start at PotD difficulty, but how could i know...).


    P.S. My last more or less interesting batles was just before i went to Dyrford, it was 'headhunters' quests i received in stronghold, however even there i felt im losing interest to this game...






  4. Sorry but there's too much useless banter with my NPC,s and other comms, keep it simple I feel like im having to click through 10+ messages when a simple 3 line explanation will do, ie like icewind dale II.


    The game mechanism is great but you made me quit after 5 hours due to senseless talking for talking sake, i dont want 7 convo options.


    im just clicking as fast as i can to get the summery because i dont have 10 minutes to wait to be told how to boil a egg..


    This waffle ruined the best game possibly ever


    Always choose 1st line - it will help and...YES, you will skip all this useless and boring "speech stuff"

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