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  1. Well...


    There are obviously better back line damage dealers, so let's assume we want a Paladin as a tank.


    Fighter is a no-brainer for one slot, and for my money, a deflection tanking orlan chanter is hard to beat as second man on your front lines. There aren't a ton of other options for second tank, but DPS/offtanking fighter and Fire Godlike Barbarian do the trick. Paladin is no tankier than any of these three, and does less damage than the fighter and barbarian. The Orlan chanter brings drakes...


    I like paladins, but they are weaker than the other classes. Doesn't mean you can't have fun with one.

  2. Ranged Chanter would fit fine in the open midfield spot. I do like wizards, but I've been meaning to try a druid, so perhaps I'll make that swap.


    It's the second frontline position that has me stumped. Maybe I'll just dual up on the fighters and:


    Moon Godlike Fighter

    Moon Godlike Fighter


    Human Priest of Magran

    Aumata Chanter 


    Wood Elf Druid

    Wood Elf Cipher

  3. So, had fun the first time through (hard, WE cipher, standard companions), and we're going to do it again with a party created by myself.


    I've pretty well settled on 4 of the classes, but I'm sort of stuck on the last two.


    Frontline: Moon Godlike Fighter

    Frontline: ???


    Midfield: Human Priest of Magran

    Midfield: ???


    Backline: Wood Elf Cipher

    Backline: Wood Elf Wizard


    The candidates for the remaining frontline positions are as follows. Feel free to suggest alternatives:


    1) Wild Orlan Chanter - Deflection tank

    2) Moon Godlike Fighter - Eh, why not?

    3) Aumata Paladin - alternate 2H and 1H/shield depending on encounter.


    Midfield Cantidates are as follows:


    1) Wood Elf Druid (Ranged/emergency Bear)

    2) Wood Elf Rogue (Ranged)

    3) Aumata Barbarian (Pike)

    4) Wood Elf Chanter (reload song)

    5) Aumata Paladin (Flames Arbalest + Pike)



  4. Love Durance. Great voice acting and backstory.


    I run a 2-tank, 2-midfield 2-caster party like many others. Durance and Palligina hold down the midfield in my party. Mainly, Durance buffs and heals, but he also uses an aquerebus for ranged combat, and sword/shield for occasional off-tanking. I actually gave him Aloth's overseeing armor. The stat reallocation patch really helped the range of Durance's spells, but having an overseeing item is also very helpful. Medium armor seems to be a good choice.


    I took brilliant and inspiring radiance, as well as Inspired Flame. A little strange that Durance came with Rod/Staff, as his deity seems to favor these weapons. While he doesn't do much damage in melee, the alpha strike opening salvo of the aqerebus is quite helpful when combined with Palligina's flames of devotion/arbalest. The two of them can often take down an enemy spellcaster very quickly. In harder fights, Durance then switches to sword/shield, fires off his radiance,  and then either casts buffs or picks up loose enemies trying to get to the backline (Aloth/PC Cipher). Reload time is fairly extreme on the aquerebus, so generally he only fires it once per combat. 


    I actually quite like a shield on Durance, as one of his better spells is "consecrated ground". In fights with many enemies, he usually wades up to the front lines and drops his heal on top of Eder and Kana. This gives my party 3 reasonably durable sword and board guys up front, sitting inside a healing circle. This generally buys more than enough time for the three ranged DPS to take down the enemy with spells or their pistol/arbalest/scepter.


    Have not tried interdiction, so can't comment there. 

  5. I've started a number of playthroughs as a wood elf chanter. 


    It's fairly remarkable what a difference having even one hireling in a party can make. I actually had to restart my first game on normal difficulty because I hired a 2H barbarian to go with my chanter. Both of these created characters each out-damaged the rest of the party combined (Aloth, Eder, Durance, Kana Rua). I restarted again, adding Pallegina to the team in place of the barbarian, and things felt balanced again.


    In the new play-through, my chanter (pistol) once again does thrice the damage of the rest of the party, although I suspect Pallegina with her blunderbuss flames of devotion alpha strike followed 2H melee might start creeping up eventually. Without actually trying it, I think a better optimized all-hireling group would  absolutely steamroll the game on normal difficulty, and would probably have an easier time on hard than playing medium with your companions.


    Of the provided companions, Eder seems to do his job fairly adequately, and Kana Rua (Hammer and Shield) is a nice compliment, despite his incantations being of little use in shorter fights. Durance is a solid contributor, but that may simply be my ignorance of how much better a hireling priest would do in his place. Pallegina isn't really fitting in well. She offtanks fine I suppose, but I'm sure she would be a lot better off with high might to go with her FoD and blunderbuss. Aloth sucks all around. I don't need a control mage in the party with a PC chanter, what I'd really like from a wizard is occasional burst DPS on tougher encounters. Sadly, Sagani seems even worse, and Hiravias doesn't seem to contribute as much banter. 


    Pretty underwhelming. Every BG2 character had a stat line that was somewhat workable... save perhaps Cernd and Aerie. There's certianly no Minsc, Edwin, Ajantis, or Kivan here. Pretty disappointing that they chose to balance normal around trash-tier companions.

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