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  1. Console command AttributeScore <playername> <attributename> <amount> , what i do is remove points first then add what i removed to other attriburtes, to prevent me from giving more than normal. To do this whithout losing achivements, use achivement enabler mod from https://github.com/SonicZentropy/PoE2Mods.pw


    Forgot to say, find player name by using FindCharacter <name> first.

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  2. Hello, after i started a new game on the beta patch when i go and hire an adventurer they start at level 2 instead of 1, this messed their leveling progression, when the game says im taking level 4 im actually taking level 3, not being able to pick power level 2 talents. This does not happen when i load a save i had from my first playthrough done pre beta patch. Might be tied to either potd or berath options since thats the difference between the save files.

  3. I also didn't know they where backers and though it was part of the world and story, but i stopped reading them once i read in the beginning one that was very very badly written. 


    I really don't mind them as i just simply not click yellow named npc. Al tho it makes me laugh how easily immersion is broken for some people :p

  4. "2) Intuitive grasp of the system where physical stats contributes to physicality and "spiritual" stats contributes to spirituality, instead of the unintuitive crap where a wizard must be swhartzenneger"


    I've read this type of line so much lately, aren't people reading the freaking game text? Might isn't strength and the game states its not only physical might but spiritual might....


    To me the stats are actually a nice step in the right direction of leaving D&D behind, adapt man, adapt. My only criticism is the fact that con bonus is percentage based so it gives less value per point to low health classes making it an weak stat all around imo.

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