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    Still, a zip with MP3s is not a CD - it's malleable. You could still add those bits and bobs there. For example, the Obsidian Intro, while not a track, is still nice.

    I figured folks wouldn't be interested in those, maybe I was wrong?



    I can't speak for everyone, but I am definitely interested - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with this thread ;) . Either way, deleting tracks you don't want is less of a hassle than extracting them from the game folder.


    I would love to have those pieces added. The music is beautiful.



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  2. So... Why don't you hear the youtube version instead? It's not actually a problem.


    Because I can't take the YT version with me. But that is not the point, the point is: why have two versions in the first place? If the extended version is an official version.


    what's the official track list?  maybe the youtube version was some additional audio thrown in.


    The version that comes with the game, as well the one on amazon has 26. But, the extra tracks on the YT version are all properly labeled, and don't look like pulled from the game folders.


    This is not uncommon at all.  Tons of games collectors or limited editions ship with soundtracks and they are never complete or contain all versions of every track.  If a game has good enough music to sell a legit sound track giving it free to a ton of people doesn't make a lot of sense.  IE the recent Xenoblade Chronicles X where the collectors version was a very limited track collection but there is in fact a CD you can buy containing all the music from the game.


    Well, the extended version on YT has "official" sounding tracknames, so it looks to me there are two versions. It is also called "Official Soundtrack Full Album". Which is odd, because as I said the version on Amazon has 26 tracks, but this one has 41.

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  3. This may be a dead horse at this point, but I scanned the fora and didn't find this answered anywhere.


    So, the soundtrack that comes with the champion and royal editions of the game isn't complete, and I cannot for the life of me understand why, considering there is a complete version that I FOUND ON YOUTUBE.


    I mean, I could just get the files from the game folder, but imo this shouldn't be necessary. So why? WHY? WHYYYYY haven't the missing pieces been added in the meantime? I don't understand it and find it rather disappointing.

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  4. [...] There are few things as cowardly and offensive as censorship. [...]


    So you're saying you're offended by this alleged censorship, while at the same time saying becoming offended is bull****. Seems a tad contradictory to me.


    Edit: Ohh, look at this instance of ACTUAL censorship of the word '****' being made unreadable.

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    I see a few people saying that the original limerick had nothing to do with transgender people. Just thought I'd throw in my two cents to try and explain how the other camp sees it.
    For male-to-female transgender people in particular, being "found out" can have really dangerous consequences, and many, many of them have been killed because men find out they're transgender and fly off the handle. Not because the women led them on or "tricked" them, just because the men felt insecure or embarrassed about having displayed interest toward or had sex with someone they now perceive as male. Google Gwen Araujo, Nireah Johnson, Angie Zapata, Dee Dee Pierson... it's a legit concern in many transgender women's day-to-day lives and something they have to think about whenever a man shows sexual or romantic interest in them.
    Jokes like "a man found out the woman he slept with was actually male and freaked out, har har" perpetuate the idea that it's reasonable to freak out after mistaking a man for a woman, or a transgender woman for a "biological" woman.
    I agree that the limerick could refer to something else in the game world -- hell, maybe a man just put on a magical Girdle of Femininity or something, no transgender people need to be involved for it to make sense -- but to the people who were offended, the limerick perpetuates the idea that "gay panic" or "trans panic" is something funny/acceptable, and I think that's what many were objecting to.
    As a transgender man, the limerick made me roll my eyes, because it's the kind of stupid **** I had to hear over and over again when I was younger. I wouldn't write to the devs about it, but I can see how others would be disappointed to see it, and I'm impressed both by the devs for taking action and by the backer who wrote the limericks for reacting with humor to the situation.



    Nice to see someone make a calm and reasonable contribution to this mess.

  6. Just finished the game and I have to agree, the ending was somewhat unfulfilling. But I largely blame myself for this, as for example I didn't finish any of the companion arcs.


    I think part of the problem may be that this game has a somewhat narrow scope. You're really only dealing with one country, and don't have that "save the world" feeling that we've grown accustomed too.

    But from what I've learned about Obsidian, they always seem to put more focus on personal stories than the grand, epic ones.


    Of course the presentation is also somewhat reserved.

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