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  1. Sorry for the delay answering but I just returned from short holiday trip Ok, I love the concept of the marauder, I don't mind the micro... I guess I have just try for myself how squishy he would really be... So, steel carrot sounds very interesting and I am definitely consindering a Holy Slayer with Last Word for a potd solo run. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on attribute spread and skills/talents. I've read FoD is nerfed and not really necessary. Any input would be mucho appreciated. Edit: I'd still like to know about the viability of sin tee's shadowdancer build just in case I decide to go this road because Waski's numbers are so very appealing to me
  2. Hm thats interesting. I created a human zerker/streetfighter yesterday during the Forum downtime for testing purposes with mig 8 but maxed con and res. My impression was that it is nigh impossible to guess the current hp during frenzy and sometimes when frenzy was over i was sitting at like 7hp or so, which would indicate I only survived because I was lucky not having received a crit on last enemy hit... I like the high risk play and having the health conceiled is fun for the moment but I am not sure if the upsides of frenzy make up for its downsides.... edit: also, exactly what you said, enemies tried on focusing down on ne because of low def.... maybe I just need to practise on when to activate frenzy.
  3. Ok, thanks a dozen for your insight Max. I am settled on Marauder now, with party at first anyway. I don't mind micro heavier playstyle at all, on the contrary I like it. Right now I am pondering getting the Mod you mentioned. I also found one that alters the berserker in a way so that health is not concealed... but then again I want to keep it as vanilla as possible. Ok thanks for sharing your knowledge, but man that's a bummer... Is the raw damage really that bad? Even if I'd use Voidward? Even if, for example I keep might at 10 and put the the points in con/per/res? I plan on doing all the DLC stuff and pretty much 100%ing the game.
  4. Thanks a lot, I'd prefer the rapier route going with Rännig's I reckon. How common are those Wael's Wind beverages? Are they craftable? The confused status looks really terrible espc. with the fr I would probably use DoC breastplate over Miscreants because of the regen, not sure. atm I don't plan to solo yet, but I cheesed my way through the BG-Trilogy back in the days and loved it to death. Thus, it would be nice if I could already gain some insights while playing a same or similar build in a party based run to the build I'll be using in a future solo run. So bottom line is: Marauder would dish out good damage but would be way squishier than Shadowdancer, let alone Swashbuckler? Marauder is hardly soloable i guess, espc. in DLC content? Somewhere I've read Shadowdancer runs into some issues soloing dlc and thus Swashbuckler is more viable? Regarding the Black Jacket, I think weapon switching is not how I like to play the game but ofc I never tried, so... Holy numbers, that does really make me think twice about the shadowdancer! I am really on the edge after seeing this :D Would a build like this be also viable for potd solo? EDIT: Ok, I've given it some thought and am now deciding between shadowdancer (nalpazca/streetfighter) and marauder (berserker/streetfighter) although I'd favor the latter for flavor. If someone could convince me of it's soloability I'm all sold and ready to go. :D
  5. It depends on difficulty and the build.On PotD enemies have +15 to all defenses. Also, if you go for streetfighter who triggers his recovery bonus via blunderbuss modal, Distracted is an additional -5 perception; not to mention extra-squishiness (-10 deflection and -1 AR from flanked). The main problem here is quickly running out of resources if you don't crit, or crit with only one hand. This could be partially alleviated by going for Debonaire; and attacking enemies charmed by your party Beguiler. Or going for Assassin; mixing Gambit with Vanishing Strike perhaps? and staying close to a party wayfarer/skald who would [...] Ok, difficulty would def be PotD. What I take from your answer is the following (plz correct if I misunderstood): - SC rogue is too squishy and burns out too quickly, needs heavy support from party to surviv being on the front line - Barb/Rogue is too inaccurate for crit build on PotD Is there a way at all to create a pukestabber build without monk who can reliably survive,take a few hits on the front line and still be able to optimize dps? If the answer is no I fear I have to reconsider using monk nonetheless :/
  6. I've read that Swashbuckler is better with sabres but I have no exp. whatsoever so I just have to trust more knowledgeable people What is your opinion on single class streetfighter?
  7. Oops. Initially was writing that for a Streetfighter/Nalpazka, whom switched for Devout/Nalpazka; and forgot to take Marux out) Thanks for your expertise Max, but I'd definitely want to be a rogue, be it sc or mc.
  8. Yes I came across your updated version just yesterday and as an edh player boy do I like the flavor! However I'd like to avoid classes that don't have a piratey vibe to it like paladin, monk, priest etc. Barb sounds far more appealing. I have read somewhere that there might be accuracy problems which again would hinder my "crit-ability"... does this stand true at all? Then again I'd love to make use of gambit, which ofc would mean SC rogue but then MC would be to sqishy, wouldn't she? Thanks for your expertise and time in helping me out
  9. Well, plz read OP. I pointed out that I know of this popular build ofc but want to know if it is possible to build something similar without monk. Also, the build is from June last year. I specifically asked about viability in 4.x...
  10. Hey y'all, the past few days I've been searching the forums but am yet to find what I am looking for, so I'd be thankful if someone with the proper knowledge could help me out. My predicament is the following: 1) I want to play pukestabber. Period. 2) I want the build to be lightning fast at killing stuff, high risk high reward. 3) I didn't play since release basically so I have no clue if Teesinz Mirke build on youtube is still up to the task. Also, I don't like the monk-class very much. I find them to be gimmicky and immersion breaking (like in the old BG days), especially for an always drunk pirate type of character. 4) Don't care if single or multi class build Thanks a dozen in advance for any kind of help
  11. Yes, I am very well aware of that thread and if you take a look at it you find zero TCS, let alone Ultimate, builds for gun ciphers. Regarding the majority of the builds for all classes there it reads "solo: untested", so I don't know how you pointing me to this would be of any help, but thank you anyways, I guess...
  12. Yes that is exactly what I have in mind but ofc I'll still abuse the figurines. That's an excellent idea. I always forget about the respec possibility. ____ Ok, so now I am set on Wood Elf and using ranged weaponry while using summons and charmed enemies as "tanks". I understand that there are strong arguments for using bows but I would very much prefer wielding a gun. Not sure if this is viable... I wonder if it is still possible at all to pull off the Ultimate with this obviously sub-optimal set-up due to my longing for at least light RPing and character consistency/immersion (I plan to turn her into a Trickster/Beguiler in Deadfire)...
  13. So picking up Greater Focus asap would be mandatory, right? Ok, I like that because I intend to transfer the char to Deadfire and fancy the pirate vibe the saber provides.
  14. Interesting, i thought Wood Elf would be a decent pick because of the extra accuracy it provides so that I can open fights with a blunderbuss for focus gain but it seems that's maybe a little outdated, right? Also I've read somewhere that they nerfed sabers into oblivion. It is really confusing for a returning player because while reading older posts it is nigh impossible for me to tell if the claims made there still stand to the current build of the game.... Thank you for pointing me to Victor Creed, I wasn't aware that he also did an Ultimate Run with Cipher, always thought he was more of a paladin expert guy...
  15. Edit: Thank you for your insight ofc. Regarding better defences would it be worth it to choose Moon Godlike for the healing over my preferred wood elf? From my understanding of watching Wodjee's rogue run on yt every single advantage matters but I can't stand the looks of the godlike races. Secondly, is Whisper of Treason also that viable on PotD?
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