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  1. Description:


    As stated in the title, I believe when creating a playable character (or an NPC you can hire in an inn) choosing a Culture does not give you +1 to any stat. The first choice (Aedyr) is already highlighted and the game recognizes this as you having entered that portion of character creation with one less point in Resolve than you actually chose, and when you choose another culture than Aedyr it will deduct the point in Resolve it believes it gave to you and place it elsewhere, leaving you 1 Resolve point short.


    Steps to Reproduce the Issue:


    1. Choose Hard difficulty & enter character creation.

    2. Create any combination of gender/race/subrace/class.

    3. Choose attributes as you'd like them and enter the Culture menu.

    4. Note that Aedyr is selected and your Resolve did not increase from the previous screen.

    4. Choose an option other than Aedyr and watch your Resolve drop by one.


    Important Files:


    I created a 1 min video of what I described above in case you cannot create a character immediately after having read this post but you don't need any of my save game files. Just start up the game and begin a brand new one.



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