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  1. So im playing the game right now on easy obviously I have no use for sneaking playing with 3 fighters ((tanks)) and 3 ranged ((rangers using bears)) so basically 6 tanks
    ive come to the realisation I don't need to sneak around at all so as a suggestion is it possible to have traps discoverable without needing to sneak around maybe if we can get survival high enough ? its just a thought

  2. Hey,


    Could you provide us with save games and output logs?



    Try to include a save file from right before as well as during the issue you are reporting

    Windows Location: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\Saves

    Mac Location: Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games

    Linux Location: Home/.local/share/PillarsOfEternity/SavedGames


    Output Log

    When the issue occurs, close the game client, find this file, then attach it to your post

    Windows Steam Location: \Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\output_log.txt

    Mac Location: Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

    Linux Location: Home/.config/unity3d/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity/Player.log

    have the files ready on my desktop now im just trying to figure out how to upload it im guessing ill need to sighn up to drop box or something and upload it there then give a link right ?

  3. I want to thank everyone for the additional info and files.


    We've narrowed down the issue, which involves getting Winds of Steel from the Crucible Knights while having been already "committed" to help either the Dozens or Doemenels, and we'll include the fix for this soon (likely going into the next patch).


    This issue was unrelated to what affected eRe4s3r's game (resolved already in the upcoming patch), but this thread alerted us to the additional problem.


    Thank you again for your help and patience, folks.



    that's amazing and you guys are doing amazing work I just hope you can notice my thread and tell me if there is a way to ever save my file I have already started a new game but I lost 33 hours and the game broke on me

  4. Has anyone even bothered to read my opening post ?
    I explain the bug
    I explain the f5 quick save was corrupted due to auto save saving over my quick save in the first place that's supposed to be two different slots
    I explained I will wait for a patch
    I do not scream rant rave insult or carry on about it I took it as it is a bug I know these things shouldn't happen but they do end of the day I cant do anything about it but report it and hope they fix it
    I have since started a new character and a new game in all honesty its not that big a deal this game is awesome and I just hope they see the bug and stop someone else from having it happen


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  5. No game ever made has been bug free. That is why you always keep at least three different saves. Yes, this is me saying, it was partly your fault.

    yes its my foult I entered a building hit a bug and it auto saved on the bug itself and that I should keep three saves becaouse the developers screwed up ? so ur ok with paying whatever you paid for your game and keeping three saves each time you save just because the developers decided to release a buggy game ? well im not I work hard for my money and I just lost 33 hours to this


    sparklecat my save is like 10 hours back I have not needed to save and relied on the auto save if I knew I paid 50$ for a game that would bug out then Id be quicksaving every second ive done fine with auto saves till now

    @Ashlane how do I teleport my party to another area ?




    Open the console with the tilde key, type Enter and then iroll20s (THIS WILL DISABLE ACHIEVEMENTS!).


    Then type AreaTransition AR_0705_Gilded_Vale North1


    This will bring you back to Gilded Vale. You can use other area code, I found a list here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/poe-areas.txt


    guess the game just hates me I teleported and the same thing still happened http://i1011.photobucket.com/albums/af231/MortivoreDK/brrr_zpslioedzet.png

  7. I don't want to start a negative spiral... Your right that every game these days due to complexity has game bugs.

    But there are some really severe bugs in this game that should definitely have been caught in testing, I really wonder what the beta-testers have done because there are issues

    everyone is having now (serious bugs) that should definitely have been caught in beta or other testing. 


    1. Save game bug with characters gaining perma stats for example

    2. Stronghold bug with mobs perma spawning

    3. bug where saving and loading takes longer over time. Apparently its already noticeable people being 20-30 hours into the game (Act2).


    There are a few more serious issues where I wonder how this was not caught before.

    I love the game, but because of some bugs I have no choice right now but to continue when the bugs are fixed. This is not what I paid hero edition for :(

    if I knew these were the issues I would not have bought the game and I would not have convinced my partner and my 3 other friends to get the game as well now I am embarraced for my friends and for this game in general this is not a high intense game like say far cry 4 or something god its a 2d static background this should not be happening especially on a game that's not intense and not triple A high end

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