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  1. Would love more information about Rymgard's "Burden of Memory" curse, in particular.  I've read in a few places that it is potentially time-based and randomly disappeared after just playing with it for a spell, but that could also be a bug.  


    RE: Berath's Wrath, the kill counter are last hits by your character only, I believe.  Party kills do not count toward the counter, which makes it considerably more of a slog and micro-managey.

  2. I've talked to Azo after speaking with Gram but before talking with Uscgrim, which allowed me to confront him with his experiments. I said I'd turn him in, he attacked and died, after which I went to Ethelmoer and told him about Azo and his death.


    Then I went down again, did the whole flesh golem possession thing and fought my way out. Talking to Ethelmoer again was weird. I could report what happened, but then he asked "And what about Azo?". There was nothing to select except "Close Dialogue".


    The quest is marked as finished, but I'm not sure if something else was supposed to happen. Should I reload (3 hours lost...) or will this cause no problems?

    I've killed the golems, wichts and some patients, but no sign of Uscgrim. Is this how things are supposed to be?


    My impression is that Uscgrim, for all intents and purposes, dies when he vacates his body to dominate the flesh constructs and to turn loose the patients in that ward.  Once the flesh golems are down, he is effectively subdued.  Whether the quest shows that clearly is another matter.

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  3. I can confirm what others have said -- you can pull and kill the first Sanitarium guard closest to the downstairs entrance, then easily stealth the rest of your party out and trigger the next part of the main quest.  If I had been smarter about my leveling generally and put more into stealth, since lore and athletics are protagonist attributes principally, and mechanics just needs to be for one character (Durance for me), the rest of your companions should get stealth out the ass.  This makes me think you can stealth past the first guard entirely, avoiding bloodshed.  I also confirmed with a friend who has beaten the game with obsessive completionist disorder (OCD) that after this quest, Aloth's, and Moedred (catacombs), you are done with the Sanitarium.  The only other quest involves a student who is outside the building and will not be hostile.


    You do get a minor hit to your Defiance Bay reputation for killing him, but at least you can continue onward.  Needless to say, I'm vigilant now about making excessive saves, double-clicking, hunter's mark greying out, and any other bugs.  Harddrive space and memory be damned!

  4. I have found a working savegame fix the will load savegames and create new working non corrupt savegames

    This has been tested and working on 3 different machines with 5 different save files myself and have had 2 other friends fix their savegames with this method.

    First delete the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment

    Then delete the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment

    If you have any saves in C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Pillars of Eternity 

    Copy them to C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity

    Run the game as admin and load the most recent save

    Move your char and save a new save.  

    Without exiting the game reload that new save.

    Save again in the same save.

    Exit the game.

    That should work and create new files in LocalLow and Local\Temp

    Though its probably unnecessary before i exit i save then i load my save and resave the same save everytime before i exit the game now.  I have my 60+ hour save now to 85 hours without an issue on multiple machines.

    Please dont ask questions or expect me to explain this again if it works great if it doesnt or you cant figure it out good luck.


    I'm guessing there's zero ways to recover an earlier save from the AppData area with no file history / shadow copy going, right?  Have looked meticulously.  Can only find the most recent, quite unusable saves.  Which, while they load just fine, contain a broken Sanitarium questline...

  5. I also had this bug happened with no save game anywhere remotely close to this area.  I went downstairs, had the encounter, killed all of the golems.  I did notice a golem attacking one of the guards so i killed it.  Now when I go upstairs everyone is agro.  Meanwhile downstairs nobody is agro'd on me.  I do notice however that the guard the golem attacks if I mouse over him the default state is for my party to attack him.  So it seems as though the golem attacking this guard causes this issue.  I am pretty much screwed now until this is fixed... I have attached a screenshot of the broken guard.  Also of note, if you kill this guard, another one just spawns in it's place that is friendly




    Exact same guard for me!  Sorry you have to go through this too, bromodon.  When I kill him, he doesn't get replaced, the model just stays there altogether and cannot be interacted with.

  6. I think for the sake of good PR...

    *It would be nice if Obsideon would pin a patch notice, if at all possible, or at the very least a post indicating that "We are getting this and woriking on it."

    *An official list of defects that are being tracked and pin it to this list, so the boards don't get too crowded with repeat issues. A quick place for us to see if the problem we are experiencing is already noted. This way (hopefully) the new posts are new problems, not repeats. It is really hard right now to search the posts to see if the problem you are having has already been posted.


    I think the rest of us posting here need to take a step back and realize that it takes a significant amount of time to reproduce the issues being presented so that they can fix it in the code. Without understanding what the real underlying issue is, how can any programmer make a fix in code? And, once you have a fix, that fix needs to be tested as broadly as possible to verify that you did not break anything. Patience everyone. I'm sure Obsideon is working on this. Also, keep in mind that some of these issues may be realted to the Unity Engine. Obsideon didn't develop Unity, they use Unity. Any Unity issues need to be fixed by the Unity team. And they have to go through the same development/test itterations to validate fixes.


    My .002 (Speaking as a QA guy)



    Well said, although I'm dying to learn about this Obsideon developer that you made multiple references to.  Are they also a maker of isometric RPGs?  :p

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  7. My experience was gaining access to the north wing, fighting the inmates and constructs, leaving the north wing and killing the rest of the constructs. The constructs also attacked one of the guards, who wasn't aggressive with me. The common area inmates were not aggressive. The wichts were all standing upright with their arms outstretched. I went back to Azo, confronted him and killed him.


    When I went upstairs, the guards, nobles and others were all aggressive. I killed a number of them and the soul in the statue would only tell me to leave. I left and suffered no other ill effects that I could see.



    This is exactly what happened to me, except that I killed Azo before seeing the wichts.  They are now completely gone.  I haven't killed anyone and saved that would otherwise not be hostile, but I still trigger the old Cipher lady invitation on exiting the building (experimented by killing one guard, then stealthing out).  The main reason I'm not willing to move on is that it's clear that animancy plays an important role in Defiance Bay and in the game, esp. with the trials that I still haven't interacted with.  I don't want to miss out on any content whatsoever.  Plus, the quest that brought us here is part of the main questline in the first place.

  8. I disagree about pinning the topic, because most of these bugs are not game breaking. "Game breaking" means "makes it impossible to play the game". Making characters stronger, wiping a few active abilities, or making it impossible to complete some optional content is not game breaking.


    We'll get a patch later this week that will likely balance some of these issues, but it's completely possible to play the game start to finish without a hotfix.


    This reads like an up-in-arms, white knight post to me.  I think if a bug materially alters, limits, hinders, or diminishes central gameplay elements, including major questlines, equipment, and so on, that qualifies as "game-breaking," since it derails you from the planned trajectory of the game.

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  9. Most games are shaky when the first release comes out, but often this becomes more evident in kickstarter games. I have the feeling quite more resources should have been invested on testing. =(


    Does anybody know when the first patch release is expected?


    Best regards!


    They are hoping for this week, or the week that includes 3/30/2015.  I have a very big problem with my game that I'm seriously crossing my fingers about for that patch.  In the meantime, I'm going to counsel my friends to pay rigorous attention to the technical support forum, the steam community, reddit, and to save mercilessly so they don't end up in the same position as me.

  10. I was an idiot and relied on just the quicksave and autosave, thinking to myself, "Well, after Fall Out: New Vegas and KotOR 2, and 3 years of development, and a beta, there's no way Obsidian waltzes into a release date with the same game-breaking issues as have derailed their games in the semi-recent past..."  The really amazing thing is that even with the freezes and bugs that were the malaise of the aforesaid games, I was still able to complete both relatively smoothly without ever losing my game.  Now, with this issue, I think I'm pretty much screwed unless a patch retroactively fixes it.  How very naive and silly of me.  All my fault.


    My situation: as another poster noted, the flesh construct whacked a Sanitarium Guard before I could get to it, turning the rest of the building hostile against me.  I also killed Azo on my way to that construct, forcing a confrontation by telling him I'd turn him in regardless.  Is there no cluaconsole equivalent in this game to reset NPCs in a zone?  Again, this is entirely my fault for being so careless, but I wish there were a workaround by using a console, charming a hostile enemy, something.  I've looked at every possible file, hidden and not, and unfortunately I don't have a file history archive going to retrieve another save.  


    Oh well.  Guess I'm done until there's a way to get past this without breaking questlines.  I'll be monitoring the thread diligently to see if any additional solutions crop up that are applicable to my situation in particular.  


    Game remains beautiful and wonderful, and everything we waited for.

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