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  1. I don't think models are ugly, but animations could do some work. Also character creation models are weird, but in game, if you hold still, it looks OK.

    I agree it has some potentials, but it delivers same experience as BG1 that made sense in late 90s, but not today, in 20s of 21st century.


    God it's already twenties today? I feel awfully old.

  2. This feels like BG1 made with exact same resources like BG - or at least with skills of BG1 developer. Baldur's Gate is fine game - for something 25-30 years old, this isn't up the standard brand new. I'm not talking about graphics, or budget - it feels more depressed than skillful.

  3. So, my experience with Genshin Impact has been rather positive, but so positive I decided to burn money into it, which I usually never do in multiplayer/online service games.

    Genshin is a weird beast. It's singleplayer, it's free to play and it's a gatcha game. Gatcha games relies on luck and rolls with "wishes" or currency to obtain new characters. Although rates where you can get 5* characters are pretty low, you can basically farm wishes in daily tasks and there is pity system, both of which is lacking in most of other gatchas.

    Now, how is gameplay?

    Gameplay is action game with pretty unique twist on party mechanics, you basically apply elemental reactions on surrounding area/monsters that persist to apply another element to same place with different character.  It's big elemental game. Combat is pretty much fast paced, bit easy, but very much fun.

    Graphics are anime like, and I would say they are well done... and so is the music.


    When I started this game I couldn't believe I would play this so persistently, but I did. I feel like my worries from before this game launched weren't that justified.

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  4. So, Nvidia capture worked fine, recorded game audio just fine. Then I plugged in mic.

    Now, Nvidia videos behave like I didn't turn on game audio at all. Just recorded mic. I believe issue is in my sounds settings, but I don't know what I did wrong.

    I set up listen to this device in sound panel, and have done mumbo jumbo to record my voice. Sure I record my voice now, but I got no game audio. Windows 10 here.

    Any help?

  5. 6 hours ago, 213374U said:

    Live service generally entails a server-based architecture where your progress isn't stored locally. You must connect to the network to have access not only to the regular new contents and updates that are supposedly the upside of a live service, but simply to access your stuff and play the game.

    yeah, that sounds like total crap.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Chilloutman said:

    well for me its easy. I like to own what I pay for. I don't want some EA CEO decide that game I paid for is not making enough money and deny my access to it


    isn't that what denuvo is? what's live service in that?

  7. 12 hours ago, Lexx said:

    Is anyone still caring about game journalism? I haven't checked out game reviews in years.

    I think many of us care about game reviews, but loathe on misusing politics in these reviews. Some of us, gamers, prefer video reviews, but I got to say, as non native English speaker, I prefer English text over English sound, because I don't hear much - on youtube I need subtitles.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, Wormerine said:

    Epic ain't slowing down on exclusives:

    Epic helps me to save so much money. It seems it ain't going to change. I just hope they won't grab something I REALLY want to play on day1.

    I'm trying to avoid purchasing anything on Epic. Thing is, I don't mind purchasing timed exclusives, but only when it comes to steam. I only want to avoid epic,  not cripple myself. Truth to be told, games epic is after I'm mostly disinterested, although there were few of them I actually had to wait and once exclusivity was over I did bought them.

  9. On 2/3/2021 at 3:59 PM, KaineParker said:

    Initial party is the PC, Paladin, a melee specd Shaman, and the ranged Monk. Paladin is pretty straightforward and built to tank, Shaman is built away from spells and towards finesse melee which is more than a little odd, and the Monk has high scores in all big stats and does good damage. Noticeably, all of the first companions you pick up are from classes that didn't have representatives in Kingmaker.

    Her archetype is similar to Magus class. And last sentence I didn't notice that at all.

  10. I stopped playing before second expansion, but after the first expansion all I do was infinitely restarting.

    Now I left Neketaka to go to temple of Woedicca, and I'm level 7, completing few questlines in Neketaka. Spoilers are of no issue. Is there any advice to me, as returning player (I'm past the point of usual restart, and will likely not restart the game)

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