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  1. Get back in my life, you fool.

  2. Hai. You stalked me in September. I love you too.

  3. My loony bun is fine, Benny Lava!

  4. Where have you been crappypants? We might start a PnP game soon and I need your complete lack of humor to dramatically foil my comic genius.

  5. Mind if I use your quote as my signature? It's an awesomely entertaining story in a couple sentences.

  6. Glad you're out of jail, but I'm wondering how this changes the business deals established earlier. You know, inflation hasn't stopped since you were in the slammer.

  7. I've got a way of knowing when something is right

    I feel like I must have known you in another life

    Cause I felt this deep connection when you looked in my eyes

    Now I can't wait to see you again

  8. You know how after you eat Captain Crunch and there is this nasty film on the top of your mouth that doesn't come off until you brush your teeth? Then you forget to brush your teeth and go to work, and then I feel this nasty film all day on my upper palate. I hate my life.

  9. Do you have the swine flu? Because my mom says then I can't come over and play.

  10. Yo, dawg. You poop funny as a pass-time.

  11. The Ultimate Lurkerâ„¢

  12. Remember when Alan cheated on you after proposing to you in the nebula clouds of Kyushu? And I flew over to save you when you were sobbing in disbelief at the Bretonian spaceport? Then I took you to the bar near the landing pad and after a few drinks we decided you could do much better than him. Oh Don Jags, we'll always have the bar at the Bretonian spaceport landing pad!

  13. How can you not remember? It was back when you proposed to DonJags in the nebula clouds of Kyushu! Oh Alan, you and he will always have Kyushu!

  14. I like that you put your heart into your work. Aliens will be the shiznit.

  15. I get really annoyed watching Ruroini Kenshin in Japanese with English subtitles because Kenshin sounds so incredibly feminine. I think that's because a female acts his voice. The English dubs are thus much better.

  16. Pixies lied. You're a four.

  17. Hawt pix dawg. All the girlz you meet online are probaly drooling. I know I am.

  18. You need to write a fanfic for the competition, man. You'll win.

  19. But just kidding.

  20. I'll let you in on a secret. As soon as you say you want to be a mod, you're off the list.

  21. Happy Birthday in two days, dawg. I'm saying it now because I don't want to forget and appear later like I am only saying it because everyone else is saying it.

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