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  1. Vegetable if we load your save and save again, it just further bloats and we will all have this load time with your save ;)


    But if you are bored and want to test my save that for me has around 23 seconds area change time in act 3 you are welcome



    My MobileObjects.Save inside that savegame is a mere 7mb so transition times remain SANE (but for me way out of what I consider acceptable)


    I want to note that I have a lot of open quests though and didn't explore everything 100% because of these load times ;)


    Ps.: And of course I would welcome a "no autosave on map transition" as well as a "autosave on REST" option...


    do you have many items? did you update your keep often? did you craft anything out of your crafting material?


    I just want to make sure what you did differently. maybe I should check out your save, too ;)


    edit: okay just checked. I cannot see much of a difference. you have a ton of items, many buildings, hired companions, same as me. But my mobileobjects is way larger :(

  2. For me, the most game breaking bugs are these:


    - saving takes more and more time the more you progress

    - stats increasing cause of loading

    - ranger pet


    you can avoid ranger pet bug, just dont play ranger. but if you got the bug, it can bug your game totally, the others are less worse in terms of buggyness. you just have to wait longer or game becomes to easy ;) 


    still I think these NEED do be the main focus for the upcoming patch.

  3. As mentioned before, I think it is connected to the mobileobject file in the savegame (you can open it with winrar/7zip).

    Mobileobject is getting bigger and bigger (file on the top). The save file itself is 5mb. Maybe the compression need a lot of time.




    Please fix this or at least give us a workaround! (removing autosave, removing companions, whatever)

  4. Okay it is connected to the ranger pet bug. I checked all my savegames (thanks god I make a lot) and the bug with the fake characters and companions bugged is all related to the ranger pet. As the devs says: DO NOT continue with game if the ranger pets gets white picture screen and no name! It will bug your whole game! quit the client and load old savegame.


    maybe dont use rangers at all. there are a few bugs with them....


    Temporal solution that work it for me.
    We will need 7zip or some program for open the savefiles.
    1. Open 7zip and go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity in 7zip
    2. Open your savefile inside 7zip, in my case 49c623f3-dc4c-4eb7-be78-4e5f14755a5c quicksave.savegame, and delete all the files with Raedric in its name.
    3. Open Pillars of Eternity and enjoy.
    The only problem with this is that you lose all your progress with this zone, you will have all the fog of war....Maybe this is a exploit to discover the maps over and over again to get the exp? I didn't try this yet.



    worked for me.

    I had a savegame outside of the keep. If you know how to do the keep, you can do it in a couple of minutes. So I reset my savegame and did the whole keep again. Worked perfectly for me.

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  6. Hi,


    I have problems with my companions. As you can see on the screenshots, I have many bugged companions in my party menu. They do not exist. I can add them to group, but they cannot do anything.


    Furthermore, if I add customed build companions from inns. What should happen if I dismiss them? Should they be in my keep? I dont find them there if not in group. However, I can add them from the party menu (but they are at the end of this white boxes list...)


    Anyone else got this problem? I can live with it for the moment, but I dont want to bug my whole process because of this.





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