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  1. Was thinking about Arcane Knight after i finish game with Battlemage. Will test this, Slayer's Claw (On scoring kill: Suspend hostile effects for 8.0 sec) teamed with Sacred Immolation and Virtuous Triumph
  2. I wonder. The Shieldbearers of St.Elcga has LoH which prevent death. Not sure if it work on self, but wonder if it can somehow replace BDD
  3. Great. But there is definitely something wrong with those pulls of whole area. 99% when you pull first pack whole place will come after you. Most of the time it save you time and you can aoe things down. Still it is not right behavior
  4. Goona try sage again. Droped it a while ago for pure wizard op. Will try 6/16/18/18/16/4 masohist melee hellwalker/blood mage. Not sure if it will be as fun as pure wizard madness
  5. Agreed. Battle mage has 2 passive hp recovery skills. The only problem is oneshot hits, but there are not that many enemies who can deliver that. My last playthrough i was pure mage with same stats with dual s&m and favor. Only few times i felt danger.
  6. I started 2handed tactition/bloodmage. Went usual18/3/18/18/18/3 since it is not solo. 2handed since i plan to use BoEP and SL for tactitian procs. May be ChS in late game. Eder, Xoti, Ydwin, Rekke. Early game was easy as f. Would go pure BM, but i never actually used high tier spells that much. So decided to hold on spell progression, but get benifits from tactitian.
  7. Not gonna finish any soon, because idk but somehow i lost all my saves. No idea was it beta or was it DLC which broke it :D
  8. That Blood Mage's Blood Sacrifice restores random spell level of known spells or just random? I mean if for example i multi BM and just pick spells from leveling without using spellbook. Will i narrow changes to restore spell level to the one i really need. For example melee wizard. It doent need many spells to buff up and you can probaly pick those with levels.
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106846-plea-dear-obsidian-please-tell-us-the-new-subclasses/?p=2118289
  10. Funny. In build subforum ppl complain that most of the builds are around 20 level. Endgame. Here ppl complain that when they hit 20 there is still half of the game ahead )) Imho it is good that there still is so e of content left for your max level character. You can fully enjoy your class and build.
  11. PoTD with scaling was fine. Only 2 times i had to take over companions AI. First was battle with Ghosts where only 1 is not immune to damage. And second with druid and mage bosses where i had to manually flank one of em from side not to be destroyed by debuff. Rest of fights were easy. Still didn't manage to kill MegaBoss. Party composition was wizard, eder (f/r), xoti (p/m), rekke (b/f), ydwin ©. PS The main issue with this DLC is that it is all about combat. Becomes quite boring after few fights. Also it was a pain to sail for all those talismans to activate arena. I dont know if it is
  12. I dont know it is intended, but when i select upscale difficulty, then quest's difficulty markers are dissapearing. It would be ok if i wouldnt be able to run into 3 red skull mobs. Please can u bring back markers in upscale for quests that are suicidal for player's level? Thanks
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