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  1. Lol didn't noticed you linked my bug report.


    Anyone think that the rogue have some overpriced ability past tier 1?


    - Ring the bell, for ranged you get 5pen +20% dmg for 2guile and spending 2 ability point. Fighter get an attack that do +4pen, +25% dmg for 1 discipline and 1 ability point. the One-handed dot feel less potent than an upgraded cripplestrike. I think at some point the selling ability of the ability was to interrupt, but now all abilities do it?


    -smoke cloud : 2pts for 1 infliction? 2pts for the upgrades ok, but 2 for the base ability? Don't know how it was during the beta, but the tree let me think it was supposed to be a smoke veil upgrade?


    - shadowstep : same price as shadow beyond for a single target paralyse vs 10 sec of invisibility.


    - whittered strike at 3pts. I find 2pts for the base skill better.


    I get the feeling that you pay the price of the upgrade (in guile cost) even if you don't upgrade the skill.

  2. hum, not all of the upgrades are great depending of the class. Wizard getting only +10% corrode with Bblightheart instead of a weapon skill ?

    Since poe 1 I hate how soulbound weapons are a gamble, and now with multiclassing you can level up your weapon and made the worst choice (depending your build/personal preference). As a ranger/wizard both options are interesting but it's blind choice (random/blind choices aren't interesting). As a wizard (multiclassed or not), getting a weapon skill could be more interesting than a 'boring' lash.


    I would prefer if you could choose the bonus with soulbound weapon, depending of your class you get some unique choice. For Blighheart, Any class get the option for the corrode lash and the weapon skill, but only chanter (solo or multiclass) can choose the phrase bonus.

  3. Heya everyone,


    This is actually working as designed. Using the Level Scale feature disables the difficulty skulls. I asked our design team about it, and it's because the skull system relies on quests and monsters having a "difficulty" level set manually for the skulls to pull from. With the level scaling feature enabled these manual entries don't adjust, making the skulls inaccurate.


    Hope that clears things up.


    It make sens when you scale both up & down, but when choosing to scale only up, having the skulls would give people an indication on the overall difficulty of the quest. The problem is you don't have anyindication on high difficult zone.

  4. Invisibility (All form of invisibility & rogue) : DOT break invisibility. That make lot of rogue abilities mutual exclusives.

    Pernicious cloud : Don't apply the corrod dot. tested on dummies & teammates. I only see 1 tick of dmg, and even if tooltip say there is a dot there is no dmg.


    Are you sure blast rod is bugged with stunning blow? I assumed that all weapons with innate AOE apply skill effects on hit targets. It's how it work with minor's blights (wizard), handmortar blunderbuss and any weapon that have an AOE. I think it's the advantage of AOE weapons.

  5. +1

    really frustationg to manage to injury most enemy crew and when you board you have a full group of enemis waiting for you. And number of enemies have no relation with size of the ship or size of the crew. I boarded a ship with less crew than me and I'm outnumber  / 3!


    Another problem, game don't use you're formation when spawning your group. At least, don't put our MC in front. Everytime I tried to board a ship my character got wrecked by an alpha strike of gunners.

  6. I was full of hope with the cipher because of multiclassing but I have hard time to like this class. Multiclassing with a martial class offset the big let down for me of the cipher : no weapons skills that help you to generate focus. But I still have hard time to enjoy a mindstalker because of 3 problems :


    - the recovery time of cipher spells : With crippling strike (two pistols) at level 4-5 (soulblade cipher) I'm often at max focus, then come the problem to spend it. Even using only fast cast spells I loose 4 sec (+ with armor penalty) where I can do nothing after each spell, for a rogue it's really painfull. The class don't have any fast recovery spells like wizard self buffs which is bad for a martial oriented caster.

    That why I took soulblade so at least I can switch to melee and use it with annihilation and do something with my focus when I don't have any use of my spells (but because you can't access any talents that reduce the switching time outside the fighter it feel less optimal).


    - The cipher is the only caster class that get no bonus spells as you level up (well with the chanter) That mean when you multiclass that really reduce your spell list. With priest, druid and wizard you can take no spells and still have something to cast at each tier. Often you only need to spend few points to get some key spells to complement the free ones. With a limited spell list, it's harder to spend your focus (outside of spamming same spell over & over, which isn't fun and don't fit a rogue archetype in my opinion).


    - For the cipher, they really put all the best spells behind the tier 8 gate. The tier 7 isn't interesting for any offensive cipher.


    I feel like the cipher need free spells, a better selection at mid level, and some fast cast/recovery debuf/self buff spells like pain block and the other one that give you +20accuracy/defense. I understand the recovery is here to limit the spell spam, but a limit like all debuf/self buf spell etablish a link to the target, so you can keep only one at once. Like pain block : you can only debuf 1 target, if you recast it on someone else it remove the debuf from previous target. You create a link to a target and ransack it's spirit to buff yourself.


    I would love to see more spells that use all your focus, like a defense spell that unleash a shockwave around you pushing foes and doing dmg based on the amount of focus. Or a self buff (inspiration) where the duration/level of the inspiration depend of the amount of focus.

  7. the ranger have some cool passives but me too I hate how perhaps half the actives/passives are devoted to the pets. And I find the ranger got the worse active set of actives abilities (personnal taste). On paper I like the rogue but right now it have lot of issues, like invisibility broken by dots, overpriced abilities like the upgraded escape that pass from 1 cost to 3, or cloud smoke at 2pt, same as the invisible skill. I think it should be a veil upgrade not an independant skill. (sap too, 2pt for confuse 1 target??).


    About the gunner skill (-20% reload), it's really usefull for arquebuse/crossbow, if you dual weild pistols it's less usefull if you take two weapons fighting (with a 15 dex character, you go from 2.8 reload to 2.3, 0.5sec).

  8. I'v done a quick test with console commands and playing with some level 20 builds vs dummies :


    There is good, bad and ugly with the rogue right now.

    Ugly, the dot bug is still here, that make any invisible ability useless if you use dot which is a big problem since a big part of rogue tree is about invisibility & Dot.

    The pernicious cloug is bugged too, look like there is no DOT (with dummy I only see 1 tick of dot then nothing.)


    Bad, the class have too much identical skills that do pretty much the same thing : DMG + affliction + DOT, 3 different smokes very similars and lot of teleports. As a solo class you can have lot of skills but they all feel very similar.

    Lot of abilities could be merged and replaced by modals/self buff that the class completly lack. You want some corrode DOT? add a poison weapon self buff ability that make all your attacks deal a DOT instead of a new attack skill (that work with affliction, a modal that add a poison that weakness for exemple). A stance/modal that allow you to switch from an offensive fighting still (reckless assault) to a defensive highter deflection one (combo with ripost).

    The rogue can't use inspiration (or need a level 8 ability). A rogue that can't buff his dex/perception? feel really strange.


    Good, look like gambit can be devastating and with high critic rate, you can just spam hit. Take not that with a blunderbuss, only the first hit count for the extra guile I think.

    The tier 9 ability have a special invisibility that don't break when you attack (or with the dot). So for the duration you can continue to attack and benefit from backstab.




    The teleport that do dmg (knife throw) at t8, feel bad in my opinion for a t8, 3 guile ability. Visualy it's poor and it only hit people at melee range (was expecting a better aoe). The charge (t5 fighter) and flagellant (t6 monk) are just far better for only 2 resources since they do full attack on every one in their path.


    the sap skill : the upgrade could be interesting, but since I tested the trickster, the AOE confuse spell (t5) feel just far better. For other rogue I don't know if it's worth to be a lvl 7-8 ability.

  9. There are many potentially interesting, non magic skills fitting a rogue, caltops, poisons, choking gasses as you disappear, acid vial etc.

    The thing is... I think now you have all these abilities as quick items. That mean it should be easy to implement, quick items don't replace class abilities (you have scrolls and potions and they don't replace the class spells). Rogue already have a smoke grenade, they could get their own unique poison / grenade / caltrop as class abilities.

  10. The problem imo isn't mundanity, it's that all the abilities are the same. No modals, no temporary self buffs, very little flavored abilities. It's all just afflictions. Fighter and Barbarian are just fine in both variety and flavor, and they're just as mundane.

    You need to wait tier 8 to get a swift inspiration, when a monk level 1 can get quick + action speed, a fighter at tier 2-3 get a good critical hit conversion etc... Why remove the reckless modal? They could have introduced a switch between reckless assault and cautious defense. I find a modal more active/interesting than a passive, and it don't compet with other active abilities for your resources.

    No throwing knife? (outside of a shadow step upgrade). Ability to hit/interrupt at distance without switching weapon fit the rogue I find. A fan knife attack like the wizard ghost blade could fit too. A backstab that actualy work while dual daggers.


    Even if you consider the 'classic' rogue/assassin it miss lot of features. At least we have proper poisons now (I hope they're usefull) but the rogue could have got a passive to increase duration/potency of the poisons, or an active ability that give you a guile based 'basic' poison so you always have access to poison.


    A single class character unlocks PL7 six (!) levels earlier, PL6 five levels earlier, PL5 four levels earlier and PL4 three levels earlier than a multiclass character. Those are some big differences. Throughout your entire playthrough, single class characters will be casting much higher level abilities.



    I will add that when you multiclasses, you'll get only 2/1 abilities points for tier 7. Even if you don't consider tier 8-9 abilities, a MC will have most of their points at tier 1-5(6?) when a single class character can have more abilities around tier 5-7. Overall a single class will have more powerfull abilities/passives and a highter power level.


    The question is does increased abilities cost justify them? My concern is that spamming low level abilities could be perhaps more effective?


    But I think everyone agree rangers are the big loosers when it come to solo class (and rogues after?).

  12. Monk is the class that make me rethink about multiclassing. Just miss the bell strike and you have pretty much all the abilities from Diablo 3 monk. I'm curious of which unique items/soulbounds you can find for monk.


    But i'm really confused about resonance touch, how does it work? the AOE is tagged 5m from caster, so you apply it to all enemies around you? or when you trigger it it deal dmg to all enemies around the enemy that have the charges? (or both?)


    Beoroer : from what I saw in the beta streams, just how they changed abilities with jump to be able to target same character or jump forth and back between 2 target make lot of spells far more interesting. Perhaps they improved the resonance mark ability too.

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