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  1. The office he is supposed to be in is just empty except for some random no name NPCs. This is my third playthrough of this game and I have never had this problem before. He is just flat out not here.
  2. I disagree because games that do this tend to be thematically heavy. Some of them approach didactic and I'm just not interested in polemics as game. I personally found the tendency in the first game for *everybody's* shtick to center around a crisis of faith (because the central plot was about belief/disbelief in the gods) to get really old, really fast. It comes off like "we know this is a role-playing game but we [the writers] mostly are only interested in questions about X and thus will allow you meaningful role-playing in regards X only." DA2 is another example of an egregious offender in this category. You can have choices, sure, so long as those choices are about mages & templars and once in a while Qunari.
  3. Racial stigmas that have nothing to do with reproduction of themselves would certainly have impact on interracial pairings, whether those pairings are sterile or not and regardless if they are straight or homosexual pairings. Somebody who thinks orlans are animals is unlikely to think a human/orlan pairing is just neutral. We know haemneg can be fraught.
  4. Sure, and inasmuch as it is just bugs and it gets fixed, it's no longer an issue. I'm more responding to the argument that "people in Eora just don't care about race/gender/physical appearance/morals/etc in their partners" which we know isn't true.
  5. But we've overt evidence that this isn't the case. Widespread stigma against orlans and godlike is a thing. Gender roles are rigid and matter in some areas (consider how the only reason Pallegina could join her order was because she wasn't "really" a woman in the Valian Republics. In Massuk, women hunt and men stay home with kids. Sagani exclusively refers to hunters as female). Tensions exist in Aedyre between elves and humans hence the institution of haemneg. We also know that elven/human pairings are sterile which would impact how people view them. Same with the godlike. And that's without even getting into the fact that even pansexual people care about their perspective partners morals, personality, temperament and so on. Either the LIs really are playersexual or they are aggressively without discrimination in regards partnerships to the utter ends of probability (and self-respect).
  6. Nice find! Any chance you can post a screenshot of it here? :3 Well it took 27 screenshots (all convo, but 1 path) so I'm not sure how to post them xD Dropped it here in an archive http://dropmefiles.com/378Vd so if it's not against the rules to post external unprotected links you are welcome to check If it is then I apologize and will delete it. The convo should take place in act 3 I suppose but I just triggered it via nexus mod... Er, maybe I'm just a doofus but when I go to that link, I just get a generic exhortation to drop my files in, but no actual files to download. *Edit* Nvm. The correct answer is that I'm a doofus.
  7. In college a quarter of my class were openly and legitimately LGBT. And I was studying Psychology, not queer studies or something. And as us gays all know, there are also TONS of bi or curious people on the down low. Tons. Y’all really have no idea. For me the issue is less having everybody be bisexual, but more because of the mutability of the PC, this ends up making everybody pansexual in reality. Whatever the actual stats are on the number of LGBT people around, the percentage of people who would go for literally *anybody* regardless of their race, appearance, temperament, morals, & personality is exceedingly low to nonexistent. It would be better if they were all bisexual but still said "no" under certain conditions.
  8. But I'm playing a syphilitic wild orlan with mange and fleas and an Intellect of 3 who insists on giving overly long hugs to everyone in the party upon a quest completion.
  9. Okay, I am in no hurry to finish replaying POE1 then. Hopefully they get that patched by the time I'm done. If not I may just do a second character through POE1 to have for import until that is fixed. Bugged out companions are intolerable.
  10. Well, they had to choose... They choose right :v While I don't really like the "everybody's pansexual" strategy and much prefer the DAI methodology, I have to agree here. I had rather the devs take the "everybody's pan" approach than the game have no romances at all.
  11. Yea, this. Durance, Aloth, and Eder were the only characters who had detailed arcs paced over the whole game. Everybody else was basically like "I have 1 problem. Please fix it." And then they proceed to stop talking to you once it's fixed.
  12. That would have been ok if they flirted first, but here they want to get in your pants straight away skipping all the flirting and sense. This is almost certainly a bug. This has been stated like 50 times already. People have also reported instances of conversations triggering that make references to other conversations that haven't yet triggered. Aloth is also perpetually stuck at 0 percent approval/disapproval for some people apparently, which prevents his conversations from triggering correctly. The whole companion conversation system appears to be wonky at the moment. (Though for some characters wanting to jump you immediately would totally be in character. It is for Tekehu).
  13. For what it's worth, I mostly approve of flirty companions if the game is going to have romances. I don't like the Bioware model they put in place after DAO which is basically that the player has to make 100% of the moves. I think some should be flirty and some you should have to make a move on yourself (Aloth in this case) as that is how such things go in RL.
  14. I wonder if it's "suppressed Iselmyr *and* leader of the Leaden Key" that makes him traditionalist? Can anybody confirm that "traditionalist" Aloth even actually exists in Deadfire?
  15. I have him suppressing her so I guess we'll see where it goes. I'm still replaying POE1.
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