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  1. Personally, I prefer loads of content and a deep story with complex characters and don't give a hoot whether it's 2D/3D or what (still love Fallout series/BG series), but I think that having high-end graphics is a must for drawing in those who aren't RPG fans and may be a more casual gamers or FPS players (which is why I voted for graphics). As a RPG fan, I was happy enough with the current engine except for some of the cinematics, which really did look pretty low-res... I mean, even I've got my limits, hehe. If you've seen screen shots for Oblivion, Bethesda might pull it off and combine the best of both worlds, pretty pictures + deep RPG action <crosses fingers & hopes for the best>. At any rate, I just hope KoTOR 3 will run on my machine whenever it comes out (and darn it, I want to know what happened to Jolee! :blink:).


    Jolee has a complete backstory mate, google on it, find a reliable source and you will have all the story you need :)

  2. I am just interensted in the opinions people have on this topic. The question is not Kotor specific but more open to all games.


    I myself think that a RPG should have graphics that are stunning and leave you in aww.  :ph34r:




    Is this poll meant to be "THAT" ignorant... or are you being genuinly serious and merely laughing at all the people that vote? :blink:


    I wish there was a way to describe why RPG's / CRPG's do not have the same graphical "wow" as modern FPS's... But if you dont know, then i would be wasting my time, and if you do know, then there is no need for an explanation :)

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