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  1. Some of that trailer made me think....


    I'm sure this has been discussed amongst people before, but when Obi Wan says "you were the chosen one!" in the trailer, it made me think this over. ... was Anakin ever REALLY the chosen jedi? I think he's really more of a red herring than anything else. The chosen one is the one who brought "balance to the force"... and I have the stubborn belief that it was Luke who was chosen, not Anakin. Anakin may be way more powerful, but he fell so damn easily to the dark side, and would never have risen against Palpatine in ROTJ if it wasn't for Luke getting through to him. Luke had also been tempted by the dark side but refused it, and it was clear from the beginnings of his training that he had a stronger will than Anakin.

    I have a feeling the council had it completely wrong thinking Anakin was the one (well obviously they paid for that mistake, but still), and it would be interesting if, at the end of Episode III, they allude to the fact that the REAL person who'll bring balance to the force is still to come.



    I dunno if this has been answered but here goes nothing:


    The Chosen One prophecy said that 'He would bring balance to the force'.


    Did it state what side of the force was underbalanced?


    It seems to me that the Lightside of the force was overbalanced at the time of the preludes. It only seems fitting that if he were to bring balance it would be to the darkside :devil:

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