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  1. I told you he was sucking up to you. Evil's afoot!

  2. right on, Robin!

  3. I mailed it last saturday but it hasnt gotten to MS yet, if UPS lost it, I swear to god I'll slice up everyone at MS until they give me afree 360

  4. this sucks! I mailed it yesterday, so I should have it back in a week or two

  5. btw i was kidding about wanting you to get a 360. no body loves you!

  6. tale get a 360 and game with us, well, them for now. cause my 360 is broken. and i just bought that mic too. life sucks bro. life sucks.

  7. do you have Live?

  8. lol, I just thought you were a girl for some reason. Nothing personal, I've just known some other Nightshades who were girls.

  9. are you a dude or a chick

  10. hi get a 360 and game with us thanks.

  11. good news! my dad got me a mic for christmas, a few days and you will hear my hefty battlecry!

  12. to answer your question, I find that obsidian has a solid fanbase and reputation, and I'm looking forward o playing their future console games, I would have gotten NWN if it was for 360.



  15. yeah. yeah it did.

    but we'll still game.

  16. hows cal of duty treating you?

  17. nobody loves you either.

  18. whats your gamertag? I don't know if I've been playing with you or not, but you arent on my friends list.

  19. I'll tell you whatever I want.

  20. More like he's a Wizard noob and isn't an Arch mage yet!!!!!

  21. You don't need drugs when you have no friends to do them with.

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