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Status Updates posted by Krookie

  1. everyone here is like 5 years older than me though

  2. are your exams over yet?

  3. i miss the blend of colors you left in my black and white feel.

  4. did you ever buy nhl 08? if you get it, me you and kor could do some serious damage on Live!

  5. i want your lava lamp.

  6. get a 360 so I can murder you. virtually, of course.

  7. PC gaming is dead, jsut to let you know

  8. hey jerk, whens your vegas 2 gonna get here?

  9. get rainbow6, your ranking officer COMMANDS IT!

  10. you don't even know nick

  11. zoidburg! what a guy!

  12. now I have you right where I want you to be right now!

  13. Ace Combat has gotten a lot more fun since I figured out how to play. I'm gonna download the third co-op mission if you wanna get your friend MOKKORI on again for 4 player goodness

  14. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrocket rrrrrrrrrrrrrace

  15. yeah, I rememeber the black kid in Mighty Ducks doing that

  16. it's not so much that I want to "kill" nick, I just want to make him not alive anymore.

  17. we were 12-6-2 and made the State Tournament. The first game is this Monday

  18. no waaaaay, I gotta start playing domination to get it back up. You just cant go on killstreaks in search and destroy


  20. he couldn't have been with you because he was with ME. unless

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