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  1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    find out what it means to me!!

  2. you cut me open and I keep bleeding love, keep, keep, keep bleeding love. You cut me open.

  3. last night that song in your personal statement came on the radio in my friends car and I realized I had been here to long when I knew the lyrics simply from readying it so many times on your profile.

  4. she's exploring new options =[

  5. she's a lesbian now.

  6. you're so dependent on him

  7. so you gonna get NHL or what?

  8. Eevee? More like Queeree!

  9. what? you chose Flareon! Charizard is awesome. And he would be a Charmander at first, who is the cutest pokemon ever.

  10. when's L4D come out?

  11. and i would have CHARIZARD so i could FLY AND fire them.

  12. those aren't very logical. they may rape other pokes but i would choose STEELIX cause it's a ****ing giant snake made of STEEL.

  13. if there was a zombie outbreak and you could choose 3 pokemon to take with you, who would they be?

  14. just make sure its the weekend cause if i have school the next day i'll have to crash early.

    Get it? Crash early?

  15. hey. let's play castle crashers soon.

  16. Yeah - Batman roleplay, I call Joker!

  17. omg ur a girl wanna roleplay

  18. Let's do this marines!

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