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  1. I finished Chernobyl last night. Probably my favorite miniseries since Band of Brothers or The Pacific. I legitimately felt like I was getting radiation poisoning just by watching it. Woke up after watching the first 3 episodes with a weird sense of dread and realized I was just still reeling from watching it the night before.

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  2. Every summer in NYC I think 'I cannot live in this hellhole anymore' 


    Every winter in NYC I think 'I cannot live in this hellhole anymore' 


    and then there's one week in the Spring and one week in the Fall where I really love this city.

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  3. Decided to drive down to DC on Thursday on the off chance the Caps won. Totally worth the 4.5 hour drive. Watched the game outside the arena with some buddies who live down there. The city-wide celebration afterwards was awesome. 


    We went to the Nationals game the next day and Ovi threw out the first pitch (twice, because he airmailed it the first time hahaha). 


    Super happy for him and Backstrom. Great moment, and it figures that he finally wound up winning the season after everyone seemed to pick against them. 



    @Hurlshot - how was your trip out to Vegas?


    I had to cancel because we moved. :(


    I actually made a pretty good profit on the tickets though. Vegas is just killing it on tickets this season. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Sharks will have a good showing. It will be a physical series.



    Congrats on the move, at least! 


    I'm rooting for 7 games and a ton of OT because this has been a great series already! 

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  5. Super fun season.


    Highlights were definitely seeing Elias' retirement ceremony, the 8-3 victory over the Knights, and Taylor Hall's insane point streak. 


    1st time since 1994 that a Devils goalie not named Marty Brodeur will start in net for the Devils in the playoffs ... And who would have guessed it would be Keith Kinkaid and not Schneider? I doubt the Devils take the series, but wouldn't be surprised if we steal a game or two. 


    My money is on Nashville to win the Cup. 



    @Hurlshot - how was your trip out to Vegas?

  6. Got out to Vegas for the Devils game last week. 


    Holy hell, what an unbelievable thing they have going on out there. The arena is beautiful, the area around it is incredible. We went to a place called BeerHaus and played cornhole/shuffleboard outside in 70 degree weather for about two hours before the game. 


    Chico Resch showed up, and we grabbed a picture with him. Super nice dude. Devils won 8(!!!) - 3 which was the icing on the cake, but even if they had lost I'd say it was far and away my favorite arena experience. Vegas fans were super friendly too.


    @Hurlshot, you get out for the Sharks game yet or is that at the end of the month?  

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    Yeah, that whole situation was really strange.


    In other news, I'll be in Vegas for the Devils first game there this March with a couple of buddies.

    Awesome, I will be at the Sharks game in Vegas at the end of March.





    I'm really excited - We originally thought that we would grab tickets for super cheap given the assumption that the Knights would be trash by March. But I'm not even upset that we'll probably wind up spending $100 a ticket or so, the atmosphere in their arena looks phenomenal. Who knows, maybe it'll be a SCF preview ;)

  8. I didn't re-new my NHL Center Ice package this year. But I have been following the Panther's on SiriusXM. Losing Luongo was devastating, particularly for a team that s giving up way too many SOG

    Panthers seem like they still have a pretty strong foundation of young players but yeah, I don't know if they make the cut this season.


    I'm happily surprised that Vancouver is playing well, I'd like to see the Sedins make the playoffs one last time. 

  9. Started a new job a couple months ago! Not sure if I mentioned that here. Same industry, but a nice salary bump and some added [stress] responsibility. 


    Been in NYC for 4 years now, but think I'm gonna move back to Jersey for a couple months and try and [save up to buy a fancy new computer] bank some money. 

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  10. Anyone else feel like this entire season of Game of Thrones is just one really long 'Last time on Game of Thrones...'? So many cutaways and the pace of the show has like quadrupled compared to previous seasons.

    Not necessarily complaining because it was slow as hell for a while there, but it just feels a little weird. 

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