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Status Updates posted by Krookie

  1. I guess Lou Gutman really isn't trying anymore.

  2. Remember when you were funny? Me neither.

  3. you totally stole the spot deadlynightshade wanted LOLOLOL

  4. since when the hell are you a mod? i'm so confused

  5. everyone who was funny is gone from this place. by everyone i mean you nick and llyranor.

  6. hey, so um. I don't come here much either anymore. i don't think this place is fun anymore.

  7. : (


  8. back to the old school avatar?

  9. every little thing i do

    never seems enough for you

  10. maybe this weekend we can hoard or something

  11. Hey

    **** you!

  12. we don't play games anymore :(

  13. meh. more of the same really. only picked it up because i had $60 to gamestop, not a horrible investment but whatever

  14. if it makes you less sad

    I'll move out of the state

    you can keep to yourself

    i'll keep out of your way


  15. will you help me build it ,dad?

  16. Yeah I might buy a nuke as soon as I get my tax refund.

  17. If you're ever near Charlottesville, feel free to contact me in anyway.

  18. Do you do roleplay?

  19. i'll kill you...with fire!

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