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    Misunderstanding via lanuage barrier, okay, that's understandable. Though, I don't understand how Ydwins portrait looks more the same, or rather, I'm not sure what you think a portrait of a woman that isn't a "strong woman" character should look like. Seems like Ydwin would be a more Fun type, but unfortunately she's a sidekick and sidekicks are pretty much gutted of personality.


    Probably the closest in PoE1 would be Sagani and Grieving Mother, except that GM is all dark, moody, and gothic. Sagani is a bit athletic due to being a hunter in her tribe.

    Because in my mind it gives of the same vibe, more or less, as other female characters in Deadfire. Dark and moody. Where's her original concept art looked playeful and cheeky. Although i know people have varying opinions about this one. Saw someone in this thread, i think, describe her new portrait as cheeky, and was like "really? you call that cheeky, a barely noticeable smile?". :)


    He didn't say all women were boyish, just said that "there are enough tomboys" without specifying which ones, or saying all specifcally.


    Pallegina may seem a bit tomboy because she is in a paladin order that doesn't allow women, but in no way was her personality ever 'tomboyish', and she was taking advantage of the opportunity given by her 'godlikeness' and Vailian law to get into something that would otherwise be barred because of her physical female appearance.

    Maybe tomboy wasn't the right choice of word there. English is not my first language, so maybe i misunderstand what it means. But basically i just want a female character that isn't a "strong woman" type of character. I know, i know, that's the current trend right now and all that, but i just find them to be very dull. I want a character that is fun and Ydwin's concept looked fun. Now her portrait, even the new one, looks like more of the same, which for me is disappointing. :)


    Planescape Torment. The best CRPG ever. Black Isle masterpiece. Annah was a half fielon (what is it called in english?). She was cute, had a tail, a bad, childish temper, and was pretty hard to handle. And i grew attached to her more than i would have ever thought at first. She really is etched in me, along with Deionarra (tragic character).


    The sort of desperate romance you could have with her was really well written. And i have fond memories of it. This kind of character somewhat lacks in pillars where i could never really grow attached to any character even half as much. And yes, her cuteness was one of her good points.

    Yes, pretty much that. Fun.  :yes:

  3. I don’t think I can agree with you though you did raise an interesting point. Is consuming any kind of media fulfilling a fantasy? That would assume you only watch, read, play only works related to things you desired first. And that you know in advance what you want. An extreme example: I have no fantasy of living through world war 2 and especially ghetto. And yet I watched The Pianist, Schindler’s list and many more. Calling those films fantasies is absurd. They are compelling but for different reasons than fantasy fulfilment.

    I see games in similar way. Yes, there are games which do cater to fantasies -I play Elite, city builders, Batman for that very reason. I didn’t see PoE as a fullfiler of my fantasies. It was way to uncomfortable for it. Companions weren’t people I would like to have around (Durance) but they were engaging for different reasons. For the similar reason I didn’t like KOTOR2 on my first playthrough. Because instead of giving me what I want like KOTOR1 did it attepted to shake up my viewpoint of good&bad in SW universe. These st at least my thoughts on the subject.


    I should clarify that by fantasies i don't mean purely positive, pleasurable experiences. More that every experience that we seek meant to supplement something that is missing within ourselves, and these experiences are not necesserily positive or negative in and of themselves. So it's not always as straightforward as dreaming about dating a beautiful woman or something along those lines.  :) In fact, most of the time, i would say, the psychology behind why we choose to experience certain things and not the other is quite complicated. But the bottom line is that we like things that we for whatever reason need. Not to say that our "like" detectors are perfect and we never make mistakes, we absolutely do, but that is, i feel, the general idea behind why we choose to engage with the things that we do. 



    It's not about being more enlightened, and it's not a competition. It's simply narrower-minded (as an objective measurement, and not an insult) to restrict oneself to such a small chunk of the spectrum of fiction, to want all characters in an imagined world to be designed a certain way. Why NOT have variety in your fantasy world? That's all.

    That's silly. Would you say it's narrow minded to prefer one genre of games over the other? Or one genre of music over the other. Or movies, or books, or whatever else. And i never said that i want ALL characters to be designed a certain way, did i? I only commented about Ydwin, that's it.  

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  4. The point Sedrefilos was making was to not mistake fantasy as a genre:



    With fantasy as a psychological phenomenon:



    Fantasy RPG is not a game which fulfills your fantasies (though it can if that’s what devs are going for) but allows you to role play in a fictional world, often (but not necessary) drawing inspirations from folklore.


    I am not mistaking this at all. What exactly does role playing do? Why do people want to play any role other than their own in the first place? To fulfil a fantasie. As simple as that. Or to be more precise to fulfil some psychological need that is lacking from their daily life. So to berate someone for having fantasies when you're no different is hypocritical at best. 

  5. Games are fantastic stories in a fantasy (as the genre) setting. Fantasies (as in sexual fantasies) are thougts of one's doings that he or she can't do in reality.

    Very convinient the word is the same huh? But the meaning is different.

    You want to have fantasies with you and a portrait? Good, do that. But making a fuss about Ydwin all this time is fanservice demand.

    And with your post you pretty much confirm my initial argument: the fuss is all about weirdos want to fap.

    Right, so you're saying in your daily life you regularly save the world? Help every random stranger (or kill them), fight terrible monsters, boldy go where no man has gone before etc? Are you saying that you are exactly as daring, witty and handsome as Commander Shepard and every other PC in existence? If so, then accept my apologies. You are clearly an enlightened being that plays games for their philosophical and speritual value rather than anything else. But something tells me you're none of those things. :) So, i hate to break it to you, but you play games for the very same reason us filthy "fappers" do. 


    And i'm not making a fuss at all. I simply said that i would've preferred a different character. No more, no less. It is you who seems to triggered here. :)

  6. "I'd like her to be more feminine" = "I'd like to fakk her in game" or "I'd like to fap looking at her" or "fap while fakking her in game". Else what do you care what she looks like?

    This. Thread. Is. Freaking. Weird.

    It's all about fapping from the start. There's no thread for any other sidekick/companion. Specific weirdboys making a fuss about Ydwin because of their fantasies.

    Fakk them and fakk this shyt.

    Games are fantasies by their very own nature. Everything in them, everyt single aspect is a fantasy. It's all wish fulfilment from start to finish. So what i personally find weird is people blaming others for preferring one fantasy over the other. As if fantasies that they prefer are somehow better, more "enlightened". Just ridiculous. 

  7. I like Bonteru and Radora's a lot, Ydwin's is very well drawn but I don't really like it, not sure how I feel about Rekke's.

    Have to agree on Ydwin. In the concept she looks cheeky and playful, but in the portrait she looks bitter and angry. It kinda reminds me of that guy actually. http://criticalrole.wikia.com/wiki/File:Percy2.png And i absolutely hate him. :)

  8. So i guess Kicking People out of jobs for their opinions is okay with you ?.  I mean this might just be Sign Obsidian is moving More Mainstream. and we all know what Mainstream means.

    There's no evidence that he even left, let alone got kicked. For all we know he's still working on the game. And stop with the strawman and trying to create drama where there isn't. 

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  9. Wait which one is it If its not him ? It seems to me its Definitely Eric

    Anyways If you are right(Im not sure about that)that actually confirms the rest with writer being  resigned because of his views.

    What evidence is there that it's Eric exactly? Because i see none. Judging by his bio the guy in question lives in Texas and, if i'm understanding his signature correctly, a writer for Battle Brothers. 

  10. Gamerghazi trying to ster up controversy, eh? What else is new. If this is indeed Eric, then some of what he said i agree with, some don't, but there's really nothing all that criminal. So, in short, outrage warriors can go to hell. Also, Obsidian handled the limerick pretty much the best way they could, considering the circumstances.

  11. See, that bit I bolded is a perfect example of why it is as profound as I say it is in you too, as even as you deny noticing it there are qualities you immediately associate with the feminine and the masculine. The strength and awareness of these matters varies from culture to culture and individual to individual but it is there, in every society there is a determined role and assumed behaviour for both male and female that is indoctrinated to us from a young age. I cannot speak for your childhood experiences but in my case all of the following seemed pretty true, if not to me then to others: if you spend too much time with another guy, being close friends and so on, the rest of the kids assume intimacy and start calling you gay; if you show any tendencies that might be described as soft or feminine, you are assumed to be gay; 'gay' is itself the ickiest thing a boy of a young age can be accused of because it also implies a loss of virility, you like boys like girls do. But boys are meant to be strong, boys don't cry, boys stand up and are tough and so on. We learn from a young age thanks to peer pressure that masculinity is represented best by a particular set of characteristics, and feminity by the opposite characteristics as well. Girls like Barbie dolls, boys don't. Boys like video games, girls don't. If a boy likes girl pop, something is wrong with him, he's less of a man for it. If a woman likes boxing, she is more of a tomboy and less of a woman for it. As brother of a professional boxer I've seen countless times where women were less appealing to the men in the room because they happened to box.


    None of this means that because a boy likes dolls he does not identify as male or because a girl boxes she does not identify as female, of course, but the societal prejudices and pressures towards members of either sex still exist and whenever you go against them you are bound to create friction with someone or other. Again, nowadays this is opening up, the societal norms for how men and women must be is no longer as strict or clear-cut, and are growing more evident in light of growing awareness of sexism, feminism, patriachial structures, homophobia, queer culture and so on. Amidst it all more people are feeling like what they know to be "male" or "female" and what they feel society asks of them as such is not who they are and want to be. Perhaps the pressure of adhering to the gender expectations is something you never felt, I'd be inclined to believe that it's a pressure you are unaware or don't want to acknowledge you ever felt, but if you indeed haven't then it still doesn't preclude that many others have.


    While i do not at all subscribe to the idea that everything about us is determined by society, this is not really relevant here. The point is that what you're describing is supposed to be some massive effect that shapes us at every step we take. Veer slightly to the left or to the right, and society immidiatly tries to put you back in your place. And that is something i simply do not see. Neither in my own experience, nor anywhere else. And to clarify, i'm not oblivious to the fact there are stereotypes, and some expectations and so on. But any of that is hardly enough to start inventing new genders. 

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  12. Gender is one of the main pillars of a person's identity, it sets on everyone a series of expectations both from themselves and from others onto themselves, and already conditions one's growth, education, relationships, social circles and more. In a time where we're more open to questioning these roles and expectations and our personal fulfillment of each, it's no wonder that now's a time in which people do not wish to be associated with all the baggage that comes with the gender assigned to them by their sex.

    See, that's the problem. If this gender thing is as profound as you say it is, how come i never noticed it? If it is as big as you say, why i never felt any of it? And i am, being a straight man, have a much stronger feminine side than an average male would. So, if there were these big expectations, you'd think i would've noticed them, but i didn't. Never really felt like i had to conform to any kind of expectation.

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  13. Which is why I said that the choice should be relabelled as 'sex' and not 'gender', because the latter refers to something that, while related to your sex, isn't your sex and thus shouldn't dictate your model. When it comes to gender, giving two options for it and immediately associating each to a male and female character model is indeed limiting gender to a binary choice.

    This is incredibly confusing. In russian there isn't even an equivalent for "gender", there's just "sex". So i'm having a big difficulty understanding what gender even supposed to mean in the first place, let alone when it's non-binary. And judging by the answers i'm getting, it's not that much clearer for other people as well.

  14. This, pretty much. If you understand gender as a spectrum more so than a binary set of male/female then anything that isn't just "male" or "female" would fall into the "non-binary" category.

    But there is no binary, that's the point. Saying that there is implies that there's some kind of a strict definition of these terms, which there isn't. When you click on male or female when creating a character, all you do is select your character model. Your personality, who you are is entirely up to you, and is not determined by the choice of that model at all. 

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    I think I need to clarify. What I said before that goes both ways.


    There are many people who think "political correctness" from our world should be implanted in a game setting one-by-one.

    And then there are also many people who think "political uncorrectness" from our world should be implanted in a game setting one-by-one.


    Just as you shouldn't assume that all citizen across Eora adhere to the "political correctness" of our world and strive to treat everyone equally, you should also not assume that LBGT characters are mistreated and stigmatized as in some parts and societies of our world.


    So once again, I would ask the developers to explore this topic in alignment with Eora's lore.


    Until we don't know more, we are bound to discuss this based on assumptions. And most of the time those assumptions will be based on our experiences here in our world.

    And then there is danger that we disregard the lore and story of Eora too easily of which we don't have yet enough information which is my point...

    Yeah, i know what you meant and agree completely with what you're saying. Just that in the current context, both with PoE and other games, i don't see too many people protesting LGBT or whatever else if it's done right. Sure, there are some fringe arseholes, but most don't seem to care, from what i've seen anyway. But there does seem to be a big push from the PC crowd, that's why i focused specifically on them. And to clarify, i personally have nothing against including these kind of things per se. I just hate it when they are being forced in with no concern for any kind of logic. 

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  16. Non-Binary in gender is - as I understand it - an individual who identifies as and/or is either both male and female or neither male nor female.

    That is a very vague definition, you have to admit. What does it actually means in practical terms? And more to the point, does male/female (both irl and in the context of the game) actually imply some kind of pattern of behavior or something like that? Something so profound that someone would feel the need to be called something else. Because as far as i can see, you're a he if you have a ****, and you're a she if you have a vagina. And that's really about it. Although there are transgender people of course, but that is not relevant here, since those people would play as the gender they indentify with. 


    Edit: lol, p enis is bad word, but vagina isn't?

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