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  1. I hope I didn't confuse what I wanted of PoE in my OP.  I agree that PoE is a solid game on its own, but the question I ask is will I come back and replay the original in a few years?  I don't think so.  The big draw each time I return to the IE games is the D&D license for me.  I suppose I could be alone in that sentiment.  PoE's class system feels flat to me, perhaps I just have to spend more time with it.

  2. I wonder, now that PoE has been a success and we are starting to learn the world a bit more, could it be adapted to be a D&D game system?  I love the game and it does feel like Baldur's Gate 2015 at it's core.  What is missing for me is the Forgotten Realms lore and systems.  


    The reason I continue to go back and play IWD and BG is largely due to the D&D lore, combat,  and character systems.  


    What do you guys think?

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