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  1. Have you played the game Qistina? That usually happens when the dragon is quite a few levels above the party and the party is usually under geared. The game gives you ample chance to run away and reattempt it. I also remember the High dragon at Haven and flemeth one shot some of my squishies when I first tried to fight it years ago with the grab attack so this ain't anything new really. The encounters at equal level or even a few levels above seem quite fair.  

  2. I picked up barrier and the elegant defense passive on spirit tree and then worked my way down to clean burn on inferno. Fade step in the frost tree is also an amazing ability because of its absurd cooldown. Honestly theres a ton of ways you can build a knight enchanter I was think about going down more of frost to get the defense from frozen enemies or the lightning tree to get the passive that powers up spells based on mana missing. Mind blast and rejuvenating barrier also seems really good now that you mentioned the spirit tree tho...

  3. so the knight enchanter can basically keep his barrier up forever if played right. Basically what you do it run in and use your spirit blade/ light saber to smack your enemies and the blade has an impressive arc to it so you can catch multiple enemies if grouped together. Even though the spirit blade looks like an auto attack it functions as a spell so it procs clean burn from the fire mage tree lowering the cooldown of all your spells by one everytime you hit things with it. They have have a passive that converts 30 percent of the damage you do with any spells into a barrier (the crazy thing is that you don't need a barrier up it creates one for you or strengthens your current one) and one that lowers barrier decay by 35 percent. Knight enchanters want to be in the face of the enemy most of the time - be wary of templars tho with dispel abilities.

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  4. Been lurking here for a few days now I think this forum has a pretty balanced view on the game (believe it or not). The loot gathering stuff honestly reminds me a little of Monster Hunter which I enjoy. The Fighter/Mage spec the Knight Enchanter honestly feels more fun to play than the regular melees (been like that for me since baldurs gate). Combat picked up for me around lvl 12 when I started to get more points to work with. I do feel how however that the lvl gating of certain areas is a bit too harsh at times and the tac cam should zoom out farther. Graphics wise some of the anti aliasing options REALLY tank the performance going from 35 to 65ish as soon as I turn them off. Some interesting easter eggs peppered around the place too - gave me a bit of a chuckle.

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