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  1. The 3.00.9xx (latest one via Steam) is making a tremendous difference in the game!  Can't wait for 8 more days to pick up the PTII expansion!  OK, this game is truly going to be a contender, I hope, for the 2016 RPG awards--it seems like the game is finally homogenizing, if you know what I mean!


    I think it's fairly important, too, to start the game over with the patch/expansion.  The game has always seemed more like a collection of disparate pieces than a unified whole, until now--I think that when the last patch for PTII is done--this game will move into legendary status!


    I have to admit that even in combat--it was fun from the start--I do enjoy not having to micromanage every character through every turn,,,the automatic scripting seems to work really well in the latest 3.xx patch!  Very happy with it--because I can still pause the action at any time and direct individual characters! 


    Good job, Obsidian...!  This is what comes of not walking away from a game the minute it's published--or six months later, etc.  You hang in there until you get it right--get it like you want it.  I am very happy with the game...!

    Good to hear when I saw all the changes coming after release I decided to delay playing this game so I had a more complete version.  With every major addition it seems it was worth waiting for.

  2. DAO suffers from trying to have 2 combat styles in 1.

    It wants to be either:
      more of an action game where you mainly control 1 party member in 3rd person mode 


      more of a strategic game you go in overhead view and micromanage party members


    Since its split between 2 different styles of play this brings a challenge. Where Action players want lots of combat and lots of abilities spammed per party member per fight.  Strategic players want fights and abilities to be more meaningful and strategic. So less fights but harder meaningful and interesting fights, and less ability spam but abilities with more strategic value.

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  3. Apparently in the 1.05 beta notes nothing yet :( . i was hoping for something but not yet.
    Maybe the devs can answer if its somewhere in their road map?


    It would be nice if they allowed druids to specialize in either being a better spiritshifter or spellcaster through making choices on which talents you take.

    That way neither needs to be nerfed, you pick a play style or combination.

  4. This is the third thread I've said this in. Oh well.


    Limiting camping supplies isn't enough to actually stop players from resting whenever they want. The game needs to limit camping supplies AND prevent players from leaving areas until quests/tasks are complete.


    Some examples from act 1


    * if you leave the temple of Eothas to rest at the inn, you return to find Raedric's guards sealing it back up. If you talk to them, it seems Wirtan has been slain.

    * if you climb up the vines to gain access to the sanctuary in Raedric's Keep, then go back to Gilded Vale, you find on your return the vines have been cut, and you need to find another way in. Also, the high priest only grants you one rest - he's not that generous to allow another.



    This would work best with optional quests, giving your party a chance to fail them if they retreat. However, that's fine; properly limiting camping for the main storyline isn't vital, so long as the system has a place to shine.

    Exactly people are exploiting the rest system by back tracking to the inn. So the devs need to prevent people from exploiting.  This could either be by stopping them from going back, respawning the enemies if the player leaves the area incomplete or spawn enemies at the player on the way out for not completing the area.

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  5. I'm kinda wondering the same thing. I'd like to know what they plan on fixing because I stopped playing for more patches.  I know theirs some broken things, things that could be better, balance changes and the xp progression needs to be slowed.


    So I wish they would atleast state what they plan on fixing so I can plan on playing lol.

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    Its unrealistic that 8 hours of rest heals all your wounds. How come no ones complaining about that?


    You should have to visit an in game hospital and spend 3-6 months in recovery every time you want your health refilled.


    This ties into a point I want to make;


    If rest is unlimited, why bother with the mechanic at all? It's just a button you press after every fight to get everything back up. Random encounters? Only encourage you to rest compulsively if you don't want to be caught at 1/3 health with no spells. 


    I just don't see the point of resting at all, if it is not limited in some way. I mean, cripes, it's not about realism surely.


    Exactly.  Their has to be a limit somewhere.

    How does resting for 5 minutes restore characters to full health after being near death with no supplies no food, meds nothing. 


    Although I am in favor of limiting rest I do think the system could be improved or changed. 

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