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  1. I had the same problem, and could not fix it. I had (at the time) a nearly new computer, and I found the answer by hauling out a 3 year old dell and it worked without a hitch. I know that's not much help, but you now know that others have had the same problem!

  2. Bao-Dur and Disciple made the poll, but Carth didn't? I mean, say what you will about his whining, but the man had some zingers.


    Probably would've been better to not have a poll since there's so many options.

    Although I think HK-47 would win easily even with Carth on the list!


    Hk-47 vs C3-PO is like "the mighty robots of Battlestar Galactica versus the gay robots from Star Wars" - Simpsons Bi-Mon-Fi-Sci-con

    That's fitting, considering that the actor for CP3O is gay. :thumbsup: gross!

  3. ok thanks


    i was nly wondering cos im kotor 1 on the last level thing ive forgoten the name of the place you can find his robes and mask witch was pritty cool lol


    Hmmm I just though u got star forge robes, not revan's robes and mask. I know there are lots of pc mods for the mask and robes on www.pcgamemods.com.

  4. Too much "Hot Coffee" the latest day...


    Maybe you should tell her that games are not as dangerous as Mr. Thompson make them sound...


    I seriously doubt that's the reason. He's probably getting D's. Here's a tip: Having an education makes games BETTER.


    D's Huh? Well, for your information, I have a 3.79 average in school right now. I have been accepted to three colleges: Embry-Riddle, Va Poly Tech, Georga Tech. I walked into my room one day and found the place gutted. I had a lot of games I was going to sell, but wanted to keep the KOTORS. Mom threw them all away. I just want a copy of TSL if any one has a spare or if they don't use it any more. And no, they were not pirated!

  5. Very nice pics. But I think the male reven should look more like this: Long, narrow face, very sharp features, black hair, I think long, almost like the Evin style. That is what I envision Revan as. Unfortunantly, I cannot draw to save my life! Could some one here draw that?


  6. Darth Nihilus takes the cake. He embodied what it means to be Sith, to the point where his selfishness would consume the very order he was affiliated to.


    As for Revan: he isn't even a Sith in the true sense of the word. His lame idea that if he could put the Republic under his thumb through war*(which would only weaken an already weakened Republic) makes be wonder, as to how brilliant he really  was (as his supposed brilliance is only hear-say at the moment).


    I can see why Obsidian fit this idea in their story as they were trying to seperate Revan from his vain, generic apprentice Malak, but it only makes Revan seem like a confused, self-inflated mad-man (not bad qualities for a Sith, but the wrong qualities for a saviour).


    Revan the "dark lord of the sith" is a hoax. He failed, and is far from the best at anything. At least his compatriot the Exile had good reason to go dark side: revenge against the arrogant Jedi who cast him out, and led the galaxy to ruin through their inaction during the mando wars.

    Nihilus was a wimp and a moron! I was soo dissappointed because Visas had hyped him all up as this great threat and a monster of terrible power. In fact, he was a cheap basta*d who I killed in 2 minutes! I mean, the storm beast was harder!

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