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  1. I say have i.e. [Wisdom] in front of your arguement to indicate the tone when your character is speaking from experience. Sometimes in RPG dialouges, I read them, and then I think: "Oh. This is the most logical one. I will say this." and then I get a response that goes something along the line of: "Don'tchu take that tone with me, mistah." And then I'm like: "Uh, that was a sarcastic thing?" Also, in Fallout New Vegas, you can chime in about something scientific, medical, or share a fact about explosives in conversations. But without proper indicatication of where my character is getting his knowledge from or what check I have to roll, it will kill the spontanuity of the gameplay. And sometimes, a high intelligence alone can compensate for a lack of medical/science roll too. It's sort of confusing to know intuitively a lot of times, and I would constantly wonder where the hell my character's confidence stems from. But if I see: "Oh, this is a test about intelligence, and my character has 3 in intelligence, I might just make my character come clean in admitting that he doesn't understand this problem. He might not be very bright, but he's an honest good guy." From a personal perspective, I will never know with certainty what will be too smart for my 3 int-character, so it's nice to have an indicator.


    I think not having that [indicator] is just pretentious, and it's not being considerate to the majority of gamers who is going to play that game. Now if there's a switch to turn it on/off, fine, but for me to not have an indication of where my character get his confidence/knowledge from, is just an utter retarded big bang kamehameha x100.

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  2. I don't think PE is created to spite Dragon Age II. Truth be told, DA 2 committed too many errors in general to have been great on its' own.


    - Companions were boring, disgusting, whiney, unloyal, too weird... (For example: Isabela isn't the kind of person you build a solid friendship with. She's the kind of person you meet in a brothel and have a random threesome-foursome with before never talking to her again, which was her exact role in Dragon Age Origins. Also, she's a terrible human being who takes no responsibility for her own actions, and she's a boring character to boot. She also acts like a dude! And the dudes act like women! My favorite quote from Anders: "Maybe you should just run to your precious Fenris! Perhaps he can tame your wild heart!" From there I just went: "I'm not even bi-curious!" So you lied to me!" "I only said things that wasn't supposed to upset you!")

    - You stuck around in an unlikable city that was hell-bent on destroying itself. You can't save a city like that and you felt more like a victim of circumstance. It's like watching your idiot-friend poke a bear with a stick. You can tell him not to do it, but eventually, you'll let him out of your sight and he's gonna run to that bear and poke it anyway.

    - Too little happened for the most part, and the huge time-gaps were too sudden. Years pass and suddenly you get approached by people you met over the years. They go: "'eeeey! How's it going ol' pal?" And you're like: "Um.. I don't know you?"

    - You explore the same 5-6 caves about 3-4 times each in one play-through. In fact, you can sum up dragon age II like this: It's a cave simulator. Over the span of 8 years, you play a character named Hawke who lives in a cave. You spend much time ridding monters from said cave and keep it tidy. :/

    - Dialouges were meh, as mentioned in OP's post. And the voice acting from Hawke wasn't very good. In Dragon Age Origins you spent hours with a pleasant imaginary voice in your head, and now you're watching an unfunny american pretending to be a boring british person.

    - ... The combat was probably the best I've seen in RPG though. :)

    - I actually wanted to play the Hero of Ferelden from Dragon Age 1. The best moments of Dragon Age 2 for me, was hear the very few lines mentioning my old hero and about his wife :)


    Ah well..

  3. Here's my modded Dragon Age Origins experience. With pleasing visuals I could now lean back and enjoy the story :)


    From left to right: Leiliana, my charname, Alistair and Wynne.




    Mild spoiler: His romance was the queen, who will not be shown. Her modded outfit was so scandelous that your genitelia will drop if you saw her :p

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  4. Who here have played the PnP game, original SNES title, or any other installment from the franchiese? And who is looking forward to the new singleplayer campaign most likely coming out in January 2013?


    Personally, I've only heard/seen some from the SNES game. The rest is just own research from interviews/articles. I'm very excited about what I've heard from the setting, and that the newest installment is available for mac/pc/ipad (Not sure if also android tablet) so yay! :) I'm definetly getting it, even though I'm upset I missed the kickstarter for this game :( I'm not sure if there's dialouge options, but I hope there are! :D




    For those who are completely clueless about Shadowrun here's introduction to the setting/upcoming game! Watch the first video on their finished kickstarter. :) It's definetly worth a look if you like the standard human/elf/dwarf/orcs/-fantasy genre because this one has an awesome twist! Mainly that it's taking place in a modern, blade-runner setting ;)


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  5. Well, honestly, I think you're not the only one who has requested a fantasy game where you take up a way more passive role to a giant conflict.


    I read on the Fable forums a lot of times, that many people wish they could do menial chores like carrying crates from the delivery ship to the local taverns, play a regular farmer tending to his farm, and occasionally having to hire heroes to fend off bandits from him farm, or just being a travelling merchant.. But it's definetly not a game I would want one of the greatest RPGs makers to make. I'm very happy with the standard RPG formula improved each time it's made, thank you very much :p


    For instance.. Fable The Journey for kinnect actually took this idea to mind. You play a travelling gypsy riding a horse cart through a pleasant scenery. You spend most of your time looking at a horse's bum as you steer your caravan-wagon. :p There are some small periods where you leave the cart to do some fighting, but mostly, you just ride a horse-wagon This part was reported to be boring as sin however. Also, in Fable 2-3 you could get more normal jobs as a black-smith, bard, bartender, wood-cutter, or a baker to earn cash... but it's just repetetive and is a hated feature. But it's necessary to do it, or at least for a LITTLE bit until you can start doing some very smart investments/trading. But most people won't know about the money in trading because few are gonna play the game more than once, and they'll intuitively think in the first play-through that grinding-work is the best way to earn money. After the first play-through most people are most likely to think: "God. That was awful. I think I can live my life having never ever to play that game again (unless you like achievements like me). The main reason you want to do normal work in fable is because being a hero alone doesn't pay you very well. But I find that to be very flawed logic in game-design. I think that heroes travelling to ancient ruins and selling the relics should make you a lot of profit, but Fable 2-3 says: "Nah. If you earned too much gold from that 'boring' questing-business, then there would be no point to our way more boring job-mechanic." And that's the thing.. the jobs are boring as sin. You just put on your iPod and just look blankly at the screen as you earn money SLOOOOWLY... At some point, it's just better to buy some shops, set high income leave your xbox on for the night and let the income from rent slowly build up, but at least you don't have to play the game.. Then when you're playing again and want more purity level, you just lower the prices and have it like that from then on. You already got the money so and people will forgive you eventually..


    Point is.. there are already some games out there that are mildly to what you want, but I rather just worry about saving/destroying the kingdom and somehow let the financial aspect sort of taking care of itself. Obsidian makes great stories and conflicts and I don't want too much boring normal stuff getting in the way of that.

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  6. Ivan... Having a lot of gold isn't a class restricting trait :p I can't even count the games where I've broken the economy by just playing as a hero. (In games like PE, heroes/villains are usually effortlessly famous and are important enough to naturally attract the attention of other wealthy people without thinking about it anyway) "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the citadel." Blammo. Instant store discount.


    If the player can purchase property, then it would just be easier to have that option available for all classes. I mean, take Fable 2. You essentially earn a few thousand in the start, then buy the first black-smith stall. You then set the taxes to super low, and then you buy out all the weapons from it before switching the store to max tax/profit while you're out travelling. As you travel to a new town, you sell your cheap weapons for normal prices to other shops not owned by you. You can even look at the quest log to see which towns currently have highest tax rates and will offer more for your weapons. After selling all the 'cheaply bought' weapons for a higher price, you now sit with a high income. Repeat the process until you have so much money you don't need to earn anymore. Now, you can buy all the shops and houses, and if you're a good guy, you lower the tax on everything as much as possible. The public now loves you and you're as rich as Scrooge McDuck!


    I know that's Fable 2, but I think that's how you would make an economic system work. I wouldn't mind if there was a system like that, but I did wish Fable 2 would have a better story/better written characters with dialouge exchange. Now this is Obsidian, so I doubt there will be a problem there and they can have a similar system if they so want it, but I outright reject the premise of a class specific trait to mastering the economical situation of a fantasy setting. Needlessly restricting and it sounds like an entirely different game. :p


    EDIT: Also, if you found this post fun/enjoyable to read, then I think you should just stop fighting it and work at the stockmarket already and leave this game alone. :p I tried to read what I just wrote and I'm already bored.

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  7. Newco is Bane, bringing badges back to the people of Gotham and the Obsidian forum!




    "Courts will be conveined. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be spilled out of this GAME companyyyYYYY! Well, enjoy... the badges! Gotham, and Obsidian Forum-members, the badges, are yours!"


    Can't you see? Newco wants the badges right now for no explained reason other than to just have it! In case the nazis attack.. and they want to see our Obsidian forum badges like.. right now?


    Not really sure what's going on here either.. ^^

  8. What's the matter with you, foo's? Didn't yo mama teach you to play sum NWN, yo?


    Because project infinity should do it like that, word on tha street! Default is light jogging, but if you enter 'detect' mode, you enter walking speed, but on the plus side, your character/characters will be more aware to their surrounding, increasing Search/Spot/Listen/Detect traps.




    Edit: You're not really foo's. I just enjoy talkin' like a middle-class white gangsta

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  9. So they hit the 4 million mark, which means we're getting live orchestal music with what I am sure is going to be an awesome game that I am very pumped for. In all honesty, the only other game I've been more pumped for is Skyrim. I think Obsidian and Bethesda have a good relationship so I don't feel bad mentioning a competitor.


    Speaking of Skyrim, remember Malukah? She put out a great . . no . . amazing cover of "Dragonborn Comes". Remember how much the internet flipped over that? They loved it.


    Would it not be great for not only Malulah, whose voice I think it at the very least if I'm being pessimistic is good enough to warrant appearing in a game, but also publicity for Obsidian, if they hired her to do some sort of work for Project Eternity? I'm not impling it needs to be a fully companion character (though I wouldn't be opposed to it, depending on her acting skills) but even if they had her sing to a single track the internet would spread that word around and bring even more popularity to Project Eternity, and Maluka would benefit from the exposure.


    To me, it's a win\win. What do you think?



    Dude. Her version was just OKAY..


    Offspring could have made a cover and it would be good. The original text and beat was the GREAT thing. Malukah did an average performance


    *Wiee! Honest drunk posts are fun! I should do more!*

  10. Eh.. sorry, PsychoBlonde. While I appreciate the thought you're presenting, I don't feel it's a good idea. In my opinion, the writing of even fictional books in a video game isn't something that should be written by random people. It should be written by professional writers who work closely with the game, and knows what narrative elements works with it.


    If they accepted random people to write for them, Obsidian would have to hire a staff of professional writers familiar with the established lore. This staff would have to look at a ton of novels they'll have to read reject/accept/edit/reply to.. and those that are accepted needs to receive a contract, and their work will require further writing/correcting... But I mean.. if Obsidian is gonna hire any professional writers who are familiar with the lore then.. they should use those writers to write the lore to create a more consistent universe. :p


    Writing smart and good is hard work, and it would be too much effort looking at random submissions from people all over the world. So to quote Jaesun: "Dear gawd no. Keep the general public out of this game as much as possible." I agree lol, but I think it could be said nicer.


    Now, who the hell am I to tell you all this, and why am I so opinionated? Well.. You don't have to listen, but my father does work in the book industry and it's a pain receiving book submissions/poetry submissions. 95% of the submissions are just headaches with lack of proper writing skills. The remaining percentage may know how to write professionally, but their work still needs a lot of correcting/editting. My father has sometimes taken on people who aren't professionals, but that hasn't worked out well so far. So yes.. Calling writing volunteer work is a no-no, and I don't want to see it in a high quality game. :p I rather there be a lack of books, rather than have a vast sea filled with a confusing amount of books with highly varied level of qualities to them. I'm guessing PE's world won't have internet where you can look up ratings for them either. Quality over quantity is what I'm trying to get at.

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  11. Meh, fancy artsy non-practical armors are fun.







    I say go for those, BUT ALSO have realistic armors. If you got both, the over-the-top ones will stand out more. I'm not a fan of armors, though I am a fan of Great Swords. The thing is.. This is a fantasy game. It should look fun and interesting, and sometimes just break realistic rules completely. From a personal preference, I thought Dragon Age Origins had the suckiest visuals on armies that I had seen in a long time, and I couldn't really enjoy that game until my second play-through 3 years later with visual mods. So yeah.. Have both styles I think, but tone down the extreme armors/swords by a lot. Make them rare. If I had to wear the suggested armors from this thread, I'd puke. I suspect you guys would puke from my suggestions likewise. It's just that I find all the pictures here so seriously bland and not imaginative that I would probably regret my donation if the game stuck with such ordinary boring visuals.


    So yep, that's my suggestion for a compromise on the armor discussion

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  12. Actually, I got a buddy who likes playing evil. He just wants to see the virtual world burn. He'll go the extra mile to make sure no one comes out happy.. Even at the cost of himself. He likes to be evil, and he doesn't mind a good challenge.


    Like, yes.. you got people willing to sell out others to come out better themselves.. that's "Lawful" evil. Methodical.. Tactical.


    However, then you have evil people like Sauron (chaotic evil) who shows no restraint once he has the power. He just wants to kill people and make people suffer. Are you not a minion of his creation? Well, it sucks to be you.. Are you a minion of his own creation? Well, you're not safe either. :p Sometimes, he doesn't want to kill.. He just wants to inflict prologoned torture before that person dies.


    Now my friend is nice in actual life, but in video games, he has a preference to make things as miserable as possible for everyone. He doesn't tend to like when evil people get the 'easy route'.


    I personally prefer to play a good guy, but I can see his point. It's not fun or challenging taking the easy route. Commiting to evil and leave a long-lasting devstating impact, and becoming the vessel of destruction should be just as hard and challenging as becoming a good-standing Paragon.


    However.. I think there should be a few cases of: "Dude. Take this cash and don't tell people we run a slavery-operation, yeah?" And sometimes, doing the good thing only takes a small amount of effort from your end. So have a little of both, but I do think OP's point is a serious misrepresentation of what would make a game fun for evil players. No disrespect meant of course. I'm just making a counter-arguement :)

  13. Dragon Age isn't perfect, but it had many right elements to an epic story. You do a lot of stuff, working towards one greater goal. There are side-quests, but they don't overshadow the main goal. In fact, the main quest has a lot of optional things you can do or ignore entirely, but if you ignore it, you probably won't feel as satisfied in the end. If you invest into the companions, the characters, and the story, then you'll get emotional and intellectual value from the game. It's satisfying seeing all the work you have done play out in a rewarding outcome you've been working towards. It's because of you that the Kingdom now thrives.. or is in shatters.. But you did that. And you worked for it.


    After Skyrim was completed I didn't feel there was much to be done. I had completed EVERYTHING before the main quest... Not that I had to. The side-quests had nothing to do with the main-quest, and I often forgot about the main-quest because it didn't feel that important... Neither did the side-quests. It was all just... stuff.. Well congratulations Skyrim. You managed to make a dragon threat seem dull and forgettable.


    To quote Egoraptor: Think of it as comparing a high class desert to a bag of chips. The high class desert being a well-told story that tugged a little on your heart strings, versus the bag of chips that is just designed to go on forever even though you don't want/need more. In the end, you'd value a high class desert because even though what you had was shorter, it had greater complexity and made you notice the finer details. You felt different after tasting it. Or you could just be a ****ing pig and eat it all.. :p Om nom nom nom :D


    But for me: Have an ending. Pick it up where you left in the expansion or the sequel. In the sequel I would like it to be the same character too.

  14. I actually feel Obsidian makes great romances.


    I was disappointed when they were not included in Fallout New Vegas though. Just remember to include them and I'm happy.


    EDIT: Actually, I would like to see more romances like the one you can have with Queen Anora from Dragon Age Origins. Most wouldn't consider it a real romance because you don't see much of Anora in the game, and she is very sneaky and dishonest if she felt you were crossing her. I actually get why people dislike her, but I liked her because I could relate more to her than Morrigan and Leiliana. Morrigan is a witch from the woods who doesn't know what she wants., and Leilana is off her trolly thinking the Maker talks through her and that's why she doesn't have to make sense. Right, well, at least I understand Anora. Also, hot queen? Yes please.


    But here's the things I liked about that romance.


    She wasn't a party member, but she was an important character non the less. My dude was a great warrior, but the squabbles of politics didn't interest him. Anora loved it however, and it was fitting that she handled the majority of it. At the same time, I felt that as her husband, my guy could say: "You know sweetie, I would like if this other thing happened, but not so much the thing that's happening now." And she would listen to it and take it into consideration. In fact, you get some opportunities to work together with her at the end of the game, and in Awakening. She is queen, but she asks for your input and actually backs your up decision. My character even gott banter options when he was alone with her to show that my character and Anora did care for each other. I thought that was nice.


    So I would definetly like to see more like that, but maybe get more private time with that NPC? If the game takes place over a longer span of years, and if you met a noble woman/man, you could get into a relationship, and it could blossom over time. Marriage. Kids. But also that the character helped you in meaningful ways, with certain quest problems you have. That character might help you even if you're not in a relationship with that NPC, but just include some extra dialouges if you're in a relationship. Mmm, of course, I don't mind helping out the romancable NPC. I mean, there's a certain amount of team-work in good relationships I think.


    Well, this certainly got ambitious. :p Anyway, just a thought.

  15. I want an ending that does not directly continue in a sequel. Don't get me wrong; sequels are good, but when our main-character have been the hero of the day once, that's enough. That character's story is over and their time in the limelight is over. New characters will "take up the torch" so to speak in sequels to come


    All I did in Dragon Age 2 was being bored of Hawke, and just desparetly trying to listen to gossip about my old character from Dragon Age 1. He married the Queen and became a prince when I left him. He became a king over the years and was said to be a 'good ruler' along with his wife. I giggled with glee before I glanced back to Hawke and the current party he was with and I sighed. Hawke's a tool and I don't like his voice. Isabela is a terrible person who takes no responsibility and she's not someone you'd stick around with for ten years. She is someone you meet at a brothel and include in a threesome/foursome before you ditch her. Oh wait that happened in the Origins. But that was the perfect role for her. She isn't 'friend material'. However, you don't get that many other likable party members so you let her stick around. On that note, Merril and Fenris are about as exciting as a doorknob. Varric is.. actually, he's okay. Anders and Sebastian are such catty people. The men act like sh*tty girls. The girls act like sh*tty men. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! It's frustrating. I didn't really like that many from the old party except for Alistair, Shale, and Oghren, but the others were also my peeps.


    But I say: Let the main character continue in the second game, and have some of the old popular party members be in it, like in Mass Effect 2. If you don't like the new crew, then at least you got something to fall back upon.

  16. Hadije Tajik has become Norway’s new Minister of Culture.




    She has already made public her programme for the next few months and pointed out that cultural diversity should become an inalienable part of Norway’s everyday life.


    And, how much does she really know about Norwegian culture?


    Even without a background that is incompatible with Norwegian culture, how much knowledge and feeling can she bring to the post at 29 years of age? Isn't the position about heritage and history? Wouldn't it help to have lived some first?



    Norwegians hate their own country that much?


    Self-guilting and self-loathing behaviors are destructive.




    I feel OP is just an ignorant racist, and a coward for not saying where he is from. Even in your 'profile quote' you slander Russians. Must be safe hiding behind anonymity and spew useless negativity at other countries, hm? A little insecure about yourself and must yell at other people to feel validated? :) Who knows? You might be a Norwegian, but it doesn't matter, because what you say is absurd. How can you point to an article and not have read it before opening your mouth?


    "Oh, Norway must hate themselves for letting a non-caucasian be in Norwegian politics." So? America was built by imigrants, which is one of the most influential countries in the world. There are a ton of blacks and asian people in politics in The Great Britain and Canada too.. So lots of countries are doing it. Norway isn't doing anything different than them.


    The article also states that: "She(Hadia Tajik) was born in Strand, Rogaland (Norway). She studied human rights at Kingston University in England, and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Stavanger University College (Norway) and studied law at the University of Oslo (Norway)."


    She has an educational foundation in human rights (Social understanding, which she learned while travelling to a respected University), she has bachelor in journalism (understanding in how Norwegian media and the people thinks), and she has studied our laws, while being in Norway. She was also born and raised in Norway. She has good educational background. You'd be an idiot not hire her. So what if she has a different personal religion that she practices at home, or has a different skin color than most people there? Only racists care about that stuff.

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  17. I think good endings celebrate the things you've been through and embrace the messages you've been told through the whole experience.


    (Mass Effect 3 did none of this, but did the exact opposite. The ending felt like it was written by someone who didn't capture the over-all feel of the series. I'm not opposed to tragic endings, but just have them be coherent.)


    Point is: Learn from Dragon Age Origin's ending, and the Baldur's Gate 2 ending. Hell, even something as basic as Dragon Ball Z had a great ending. You may like or dislike the premise for that anime, but it was executed great for the most part for people who liked that sort of thing. The final battle had people from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z coming together to fight the main villain, thus making the last battle epic. They even used the Dragon Balls in a fight. Seriously, that was awesome! Afterwards, Dragon Ball Z covered what happened shortly after the main villain was defeated, and what the future beheld in the long run. It took its time and had a fitting epilouge that lasted 2-3 episodes and reflected all the things that had happened. Then GT came along and sort of ruined it a bit, but even DB:GT did the ending right, even if it was shorter. They played the iconic theme song (Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, anyone?) and had the hero do a bad ass walk while they just showed the highlights from the entire serie, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, to Dragon Ball GT.


    I like both mentioned Dragon Ball endings because they work in their own way, but what they both managed to do, was to acknowledge what happened through-out the entire experience. The world is effectively different now than it was before they showed up because the main characters had a powerful presence.


    Anyway, I'll stop babbling. Not like anyone will remember this in a day from now on ^^

  18. Wow.. This isn't a question of realism. I think the expression you're looking for is: "How edgy can this game be?"

    That's how sleazy marketting-agents think. They try to find what kids like and then exploit it. And kids often like

    things that should appeal to those older than them. That's what's usually 'cool', or 'edgy'.


    So, edgy has very little to do with realism or maturity, especially maturity. Those are two powerful, seperate terms

    that can enhance a story. Violence, rape, child killings, are mature themes, but those things alone don't make a good story.

    Anyone using those tools in a story should have a good reason to do so, and not for a casual wow-factor.


    Do I think these violent things can be included to the story? Yes, if it serves the story, genre, and themes, sure.


    However, if people are generally bothered that these things aren't in a game, then I say that Obsidian shouldn't include them.

    That would be entirely for the wrong reasons, and it's not really important in a good story.


    Additional question: Do I think this is a stupid poll for even having to ask this question? Yes. I feel embarrassed. Almost to the

    point where I don't want any violence in this game until some of you grow up. Real people have been raped. They play games

    to chill out, and to relax after a hard day at work. The word 'rape' alone is a powerful phrase to make many victims instantly

    and uncontrollably feel extremely bad. I don't know any victims personally, but I've read some papers here, some articles written by victims there,

    and there is no reason that this fun, fantasy strategy game needs the things mentioned in the poll here, especially the way they are formulated here..

    If you are one who REALLY want to see stuff like this, I don't think Obsidian should include it, because some of you have some growing up to do.


    "Well, you strategically kill people in this game. That's wrong too!"


    Yes, but most of the time, games framed those kills in a way that is justified and be pondered if they truly were the most ethical option at the time. If they're not, well, those who are killed in real life aren't here anymore to complain that they find it offensive.


    Raping people however is always wrong. And people who have been raped are still here, and they aren't threatening us not to talk about it, but that's exactly why I think we can tone it down by just not saying stuff like: "I want to see rape."


    I'm not coming back to look at this thread. Take it for what it is. Feel free to redicule or argue against this, but this is one poll I'm not voting on.

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  19. The problem isn't that people show Muhammed.


    The problem is that some people live their life in belief that their belief is superior to others, and that they can threaten others from speaking their mind.


    It's called facism and it's an obsolete way of thinking. 'If we give into being bullied then we just believe in free speech, but we don't defend it.' - Loosely quoted from South Park


    One thing is to be respectful for others, but if they threaten/kill us then they're not being very respectful themselves. They are the ones who need to learn tollerance much more than some people drawing cartoons. I'm not saying the answer is to respond with violence, but with facts, organising, open debates, and politics. In the mean time, while they work on getting their respect back, they need to learn to ignore 'trolling' just like the entire internet has to.

  20. No romance option like Isabella from DA2 plxz.


    She was a terrible human being and had a sh*tty personality to boot.


    There's no reason she sticks by you for years other than that she's bored, and Hawke just sucks at meeting competent people. How exciting.. She caused a riot in Act II. She wasted many years to a group of people and got good men murdered. When you tell her that you expect her to attone for what she did, she becomes shocked and angry. :/ She is all in all, generally inconsistent/unreliable. In ACT I she says she's against slavery. In the third act, she is for it. She also just likes to sleep around with anyone and completely disregard the need of the group she travels with, which is fine, but she doesn't strike me as a person I would have in my life for 10 years, let alone romance. She served best as that random person you can have a foursome with in a brothel, like in dragon age 1. My biggest issue with Isabela is that there isn't that many others girls to romance in DA2. Too much of the game was devoted to this character, so it would be a waste to not recruit her. So I say, don't waste resources giving characters like that a huge role to begin with. Instead, focus on people who you could realistically bond with. However, a woman I thought was excellent who was similar to Isabela but much better, was Sie from Alpha Protocol. That bond could blossom into a 1-time thing, and there were other awesome girls to choose from. Sie was the right amount of free-spirit combined with strong loyalty, fitted into a nice un-permanent timeframe. She was consistent and fun.


    Now what would I like to see in a real romance option.. are strong written women like Handmaiden and Mira from KOTOR 2, Silk Fox from Jade Empire, and Tali/Kelly from Mass Effect 2. They don't have to be very complex, but give them a cool background that influences their actions/dialouges. Also, you just need to show them that they can count on you, and they will naturally want to return the favor without you having to ask. (Of course, there should be an option to disagree with them, or screw them over)


    Also, have the options aid the story. And a good romance character shouldn't be a direct reason for why the main story has a problem that needs to be solved, like with Isabela. It just builds resentment in my opinion. Other people can feel differently, of course, but that's my two cents.

  21. ... I don't think so.


    First off, I love the non-lethal approach, but your party members are probably people with weapons and fireballs. And there's probably going to be tactics involved as it is, so I doubt including non-lethal combat is going to be a serious thing. It's hard to tell someone not to use their weapon of stabbing if that's what they're trained to do.


    However, if there were to be a 'pacifist' thing, wouldn't we need classes like monks/martial artists/lots of non-lethal spells that still damages?


    ... I don't know, that sounds like a stretch and not something that is essential to fantasy setting.


    It would be easier if you could kill non-essential enemies, include a cutscene when the boss is low on HP, and then have an option to spare him/arrest him/execute him/let him go for moneyz.


    I'm not against non-lethal take downs by any means, and if they include it, awesome. But realistically speaking, it's just not that important enough for a setting such as this. In Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, KOTOR, KOTOR 2.. They worked fine without the pacifist thing, but you got your moments where you could warn people to back off, and spare others. I feel that's enough for games like these.

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