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  1. i'm pretty much shocked to learn that you left Obsidian. If you're reading this i wanted to say Thank you for your art and everything you did for the pillars games. I love your illustrations for the Obsidian games! I wish you success and happiness at your new company.
  2. when Obsidian announced that the localisations wouldn't be voiced, that pretty much killed any interest for me. I'm not going to play a game listening to English dialogue and reading German text. Also, i believe that only if the lines are voiced will the effort be made for the text to make sense since an actor has to make sense when he speaks the lines. Localised versions of today are no selling point to me, i don't bother trying them out, just glad i had english back in school.
  3. Obsidian has great artists. My personal favourite are the illustrations in the scripted interactions. Exploring the narrows was great fun and reminded me very much of the fantasy gamebooks from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone i used to play. (I wish i could post some screenshots of those illustrations from deadfire but am not currently playing the game as i've no access to my gaming pc these days)
  4. no i don't remember that because that was not the case. I guess the answer was already somewhere in there. I never played a BG in per/encounter. Would be plain boring anyway. not just boring but also completely unnecessary. You don't rest after you just fought a group of hobgoblins in BG2.
  5. i’d like it if Obsidian would return to gameplay that doesn’t completely evolve around using abilities. In the old ie games i would search through my inventory like scroll cases or potions or think of moving my units around and using terrain. The rts gameplay to me worked wonderfully with the per-rest system, it encouraged me to find different ways of handling encounters. I think it’s a pity that Obsidian invested a great amount of effort in creating loads of potions and other consumables and also terrain design but because of my abilities fully replenishing automatically after battles i’m not encouraged to use the a.m. Now the modern games are kind of ‘load the player with abilities and load the opposition with numbers’. That, together with countering not being as much of a factor as in BG2 makes deadfire combat ok in a Dragon Age-kind of way which is good if you like DA combat, i definitely prefer BG2 though. Isometric party-rpg has more potential than providing ability-centered gameplay. Re. penalties, i’m not a fan of them since i’m not that masochistic. Also if an ability shall be a tactical consideration it needs to be available for me immediately - otherwise it’s not worth using and IMO hints at gameplay that doesn’t involve tactics during combat.
  6. The way to do this shoud be with options in the game, not by allowing the players to select which patch they want. There can be only one latest game version, not several. What you want will probably be achievable with mods. This is the most realistic possibility. i like the idea of potd having options. I‘m not a fan of adding even more enemies but i‘m all for reducing the impact of empower and abilities, so it would be cool to have toggles for that.
  7. @Slotharingia in BG2 - a game that doesn‘t have complicated approval systems of later games - there‘s a char who betrays the player to the villain so he leaves the party (which IMO is really the only narrative reason for someone leaving that works for me), then there‘s a char who if you screw up the romance you can get it going again by doing a miniquest dialogue. And you can get rid of your chars whenever you want to.
  8. that e.g. Xoti tells you that you shouldn‘t tell the guard in the gullet of the sick roparu shows where she‘s coming from and if you like her you‘ll listen to her. It‘s good to show that the chars are no robots, but ultimately they need to do what you want them to do. There‘s no ‚i don‘t want to move there‘ or ‚i don‘t want to perform that action‘. An approval system doesn‘t and shouldn‘t have gameplay value but be just flavour so investing serious development time like we‘re playing some dating sim, what‘s the point? If Aloth doesn‘t like Serafen or chars disagree that‘s all fine but should i care about that? Everyone has their personal reason to follow you, your helping them so in the end they pull themselves together for a more important cause. If there‘s a great disapproval of your actions then that should be resolved in a game ending slide IMO, but definately not when you levelled up a char and progressed with him through the game and then just as you‘re about to face that big enemy boss the char decides to leave the party.
  9. i‘d prefer if the patch 1.2 would deal with quest bugs and technical issues while the ‚difficulty tuning patch‘ would be separate. In addition, i‘d really like it if i could decide which changes i‘d take, e.g. ‚Increase enemy number – yes/no‘ - ‚Weaker empower – yes/no‘ - ‚Ability xyz change – yes/no‘… so kind of finetune it yourself, decide in which way you want difficulty be adjusted. Ideally you could also revert a change later, if you find that e.g. you want to go back to how many enemies you faced before.
  10. haven‘t read the whole thread, just wanted to say that as i‘m playing on the potd difficulty it‘s hilarious how many opponents my 5 guys (i have just an imp figurine and no ranger or chanter) are fighting sometimes. As i‘m exploring the old city now i was greeted by something like 20 rothgasts/duls/darghuls or however they‘re called. I‘d rather have fewer enemies with abilities i need to counter. In Bg2 i fail a saving throw and am paralyzed by net, here i simply walk through it. I know people are saying how once you figure out how to beat Kangaxx in BG2 it‘s easy, but he‘s just one guy, if Bioware added a couple gauths things would be different.
  11. you'll be able to change eyecolor and put your hat on without going bald thanks to Dimitri Berman and Brian MacIntosh! https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/1001619322245132288
  12. i‘d welcome a change in the main UI for making it easier to change and decide. Now it is that when i hover over the rucksack the quick slot grimoires appear and when i hover over them a window pops up telling me more or less just the name‘s grimoire with a right-click for further info. Instead of that window popping up i‘d like a bar to appear on the right side next to the quick slot grimoires. On that bar all spells from that grimoire would be shown (greyed out icons with e.g. a red border) which are different from the spells that i have available to cast now (so not all spells from that grimoire are shown but just the ones that are different to the currently usable). When i click on one of those spells to use them, the game automatically changes the grimoire for me (with all spells from that grimoire now appearing as my available spells). This is just a suggestion, i‘d like the changing to be more convenient in usage.
  13. - no rest/injuries (as currently implemented) would work - but I'd still like the option (tie it to 'wait' as it is now - it's only the animation that's different) - resurrection might go against the lore a bit - but having characters stay KO'd until 'revived' might be kosher (and mechanically the same) (though possibly leading to a character being unconscious for weeks depending on how you play LOL) - interesting tying it to CON - I assume we can still heal (but maybe only in combat?) - would probably annoy some gamers but place an interesting challenge for others. -how would empowers replenish in this system? (no resting so...?) - from your next point it'd be per game-hour/day? Again, I'd find that interesting (akin to my earlier comment about health+endurance making for interesting choices on ability use for any given fight). Some people would no doubt hate it because they want all their spells/abilities for every fight. you‘re right, it should be revive lorewise and perhaps then would be a watcher ability getting guys back from the in-between, tied to empower (so you used it up, you need to have empower to get the ability back). When you‘re revived you get also full health back and you heal also outside of combat through spells, potions for example. Empower could also replenish like gaining xp. You solve quests, you win battles and your empower refills, once it‘s full again you can replenish and revive.
  14. i‘ll throw out something (as a thought for an eventual pillars 3), before you go off on me, i‘m aware that i‘m likely overlooking things: - no rest, no injuries, no food (supplies) - dying as in BG2 (resurrection possible) - how much a character's health regenerates after battle depends on constitution - no per-encounter, but ‚per-empower‘ to replenish abilities - how often you are allowed to empower depends on e.g. difficulty level or as an option to choose thoughts?
  15. we‘ve had this discussion many times before. I still stand firmly on my opnion that per-rest is better because the best balance is the balance and difficulty the player sets for himself since we all play different. An rtwp videogame is not a chess game where there‘s firm rules and both sides start at same odds. Rather, the player is always at an advantage. The player will always make better use of crowd control, pause the game, have better initial positioning and move better around, do surprising things like retreat which enemy AI doesn‘t understand. If on top you give the player per-encounter + empower then it‘s clear that the enemy can‘t go against it. The only way is to up the enemy numbers which boarding battles have but i don‘t consider that interesting. A good example is the pyramide dungeon (sanctum it‘s called i think) where in one room the player fights against three waves of ghosts/spirits which i don‘t find interesting because it‘s exhausting. Yet in one of the other rooms nearby i‘m against spores who charmed Aloth so i had to charm him back which is much more interesting. Now, in per-rest if i didn‘t have charm i would have had to think of something else, i‘d have like e.g. cast withdraw on Aloth. You‘re doing things different you see. It‘s a pity that they went away from long-term fatigueness and per-rest IMO. Perhaps, there was a chance to go per-rest in this game if there were less islands but bigger and with more content so that they were like dungeons and anchoring points the entrance to them, dunno...
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