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  1. My only problem so far from what I have heard about 4th edition is the use of objects by the Wizards. From what I read, they have the use of Orbs, Wands, Staffs and Tomes as objects that are pretty much essential to always have. I read about this from this article: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/d...;authentic=true. You'll have to join D&D Insider to read it. I don't have a problem with some changes to Wizards like lower level spells being per encounter or at will but this seems like too much and seems like an attempt to make Wizards more like LOTR or Harry Potter or even Dresden Files.


    What sets wizards apart from others who attempt to wield arcane magic are wizards
  2. Exactly... This season was mostly crap, so was a good chunk of the last one.


    The next and last season will be only half the lenght of a normal one. This means that we waded through a season and a half of crap waiting for a half season of good stuff(hopefully).


    Yes they spent alot of their budget in the first four episodes so alot of the episodes when they came back in January seemed to be fillers. :)

  3. It's the music right? Only Tigh and Anders could hear the music.


    Since Tori can't sleep, I think she can hear it too.

    Plus the previews for next week revealed them all I think. Just before Anders says: "Face it guys, we're all Cylons".


    From people who have seen the next episode, the Cylons are



    Tyrol, Tori, Tigh, Anders



    My issue is it doesn't ring true.



    After all, Tigh was friends with Adama for 30 years so obviously he aged.


  4. My feeling is it's not the real tomb of Jesus. Without definitive proof, we'll never be able to say and that's where my opinions lie. There was enough evidence discussed during the special I think that points to it not being Jesus' tomb.

  5. I agree about Throne of Bhaal feeling rushed. That really should have been a full fledged sequel. I regret that I didn't know about the Ascension add on when I played it because that from what I heard would have made the game much better

  6. I feel the same way. You really can't compare a game to a movie and to be honest I didn't find the stories in either KOTOR all that great nor do I feel they would translate well to be movies. Of course, the stories were what I expected of them and doesn't make them bad games for it but I don't think they'd work as movies. Am I the only one who saw the Revan twist in KOTOR1 from a long ways away?

  7. Try this


    On Dantooine or in smoky areas, the game can slow to a crawl. This can be

        fixed by adding the line


        Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


        Under the [Graphics Options] section in the swkotor2.ini file. This

        restores performance to normal levels and once again makes Dantooine



    I got it from this walkthrough http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/file/s..._kotor_ii_a.txt


    I don't have this problem with the patch but I know someone for whom it did fix the issue.

  8. Considering that we're not using the full bandwidth/thoroughput of AGP technology, I don't know why people insist on PCI-E.

    Yeah, that might be true. What's also true is that mighty Bill Gates once predicted that PC's would never need more than 640KB RAM and therefore designed his world dominating OS after that prediction. That's only been annoying and development stopping until Windows XP came out a couple of years ago..


    I'm not so sure about this bandwidth thing either. I've read it's become a bottle-neck already..


    Actually, I think IBM set that limit with Microsoft. The 384KB between 640KB and 1MB was reserved for BIOS and other hardware.


    And the limit was eliminated in 93 with NT and earlier with Linux I think. Windows 2000 ran games just fine that I could tell.

  9. Didn't people get really ticked at Bioware for their own variations that were no where near what the 3rd Edition rules actually were?  Especially in terms of spells (IIRC)?


    yes I was more ticked off at BioWare's variations than I ever was with Black Isle's variations. Anything that Black Isle seemed to deviate with still seemed to keep the spirit of the game.

  10. No, actually it has more to do with Atari purchasing the exclusive rights to D&D and Atari having a lot more money than Interplay.  BioWare never had the D&D rights themselves.  Their publishers did (first Interplay, then Atari).


    AFAIK, Bioware only had the Forgotten Realms license, not a "D&D" license (although the point is moot now that WoTC have released D&D under an open license). This was what Atari acquired (once again, AFAIK). Although troika's Temple of Elemental Evil suggests Atari may have acquired a licence for Greyhawk too (or perhaps that was a once off).


    Course, I could be wrong :)





    Atari has the electronic rights to all D&D campaign settings (of which only three currently are supported by WotC). BioWare technically never did have the D&D rights or FR rights themselves.

  11. No, actually it has more to do with Atari purchasing the exclusive rights to D&D and Atari having a lot more money than Interplay. BioWare never had the D&D rights themselves. Their publishers did (first Interplay, then Atari).

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