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  1. Yes.  The Mandalorians made it clear that they wanted a fight, and if the Republic had done nothing, they would have kept on slaughtering millions and destroying worlds, confident that eventually that they would provoke a response.  Pacifism could not have worked, because the Mandalorians would never truly have believed that the Republic would not eventually respond to their provocation.  Fighting back would have been the least worst option.


    Unless, of course, the Jedi Council had sent you off to find the legendary Artifact of War-Stopping, probably involving collecting four parts of a key from across the galaxy, and so on, because that always works better.



    It's allllll for the wookies. :cool:

  2. I was thinking the same thing,Flatus,wookies are just as intelligent as a human,well,most of them are anyway,the only difference is that they are less of technology and more of nature,whereas we are more technology than nature.and besides,I'd be using a lightsaber with that wookie strength whether I was a jedi r not. :ph34r: (w00t) :p" :blink:

  3. Fair enough then


    I appreciate all who have suppressed their gaming superiority complex :p


    Only reason I posted really was because not too long ago I remember a topic where someone was raving about how they saw Kreia's eyes or something...


    I am ever so sorry for all the inconvience and horror I have brough on you all, please dont spank me :p:blink:


    - Dan



    I wasn't raving,I was just pointing out something I didn't notice before. :p

  4. I don't think Nihilius would be real content with you just nuking his ass from Telos To Tattooine,he wants a good ol kickin,same with Sion,now with Kreia,this gimped old hag is fighting in the middle of a bottomless pit,one good force wave would do the trick,and if Sion did it to her when she was the big dog of the sith and I just beat Sion,I'd bet you could force wave her off the edge...just like palpsy. :ph34r:

  5. Hm, yeah control thingy... but the Sky Ramp... God I love that level... or portion of a level...



    urban warfare,lots of tiny soldiers,dual lightsabers...four words: "Hail To The King."



    I could just picture a DS exile going up the hill to the guys sticking the flag in the hill(cannot remember what they named that event) and shoving a lightsaber through his gut right before he plants the flag.

  6. But thats just it jedi are the centre of the SW universe around which everything else revolves. If it has the Star Wars brand then jedi must be included.


    If you want to play as a bounty hunter or whatever request something like:


    Space Pirates: The hunt for the lost power converter


    Battle Front

    Republic Commando

    Bounty Hunter

    Dark Forces(ok,so there are some jedi but you use blasters,so nyah nyah.)

  7. Wookies just aren't force sensitive :-

    There's only 3 jedi in your party in K1. OK -> 4 if you count yourself aswell.

    In the second Kotor you don't have to train anyone to become a Jedi. If you think there's too many jedi then leave only Visas and Kreia (the ones who start as Jedi).

    So you got 2 plus yourself only as Jedi and the rest as warriors/mechanics :lol:



    I still think that wookies could be jedi.



    There have indeed been wookie jedi,there was actually one on the jedi council pre-exar kun wars(bindo's lookin pretty young now,huh?)

  8. I believe Thrawn held superior tactical expertise,because many many times he can very closely predict what his enemy will do,Revan was good at adaptation,while Thrawn was used to preparing for the most logical strategy to be used against him,and yes,all the Revan votes are not for his tactitians mind,they are all for the mask(it was hard not to vote for him myself)

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