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    I feel like Eothas has traded in the upstanding parts of his portfolio for those more vengeful in nature.





    'cause let's face it, once you cast this firebug (fck, IF you cast it, interrupts hello !! ) , you still need to hit AND overcome the enemy's resistance.



    Useless AF.


    Maybe it because of Gaun? As he is more protective than Eothas and Xoti worshipps him (I am sure she will have Protection spells).


    Well, class is not so bad if you find tactics (but forget about protection your party like Berath cleric). When I was playing I was usually healing and (de)buffing everyone. For now offensive spells worth of using are Divine Mark, Interdiction and Shining Beacon as they can hit often. Barbs of Condemnation are awesome too.


    I think that loss of protection spells is too much as you cannot cast Watchful Presence or Supress Afflictions. Same with no passive talents. 

    Woah, woah, woah, woah!


    ...No Suppress Afflictions? It was like... One of my favorite Priest spells at lower levels!

    Losing that spell is just.... Dumb... I'm beginning to dislike the changes from PoE 1 more and more.  :getlost:


    Let me guess.... No Withdraw either?  :unsure:


    Yeah, no Withdraw. Is Eothas god of death now?  ;(


    You can only kick asses with offensive spells, heal allies, sometime buff allies, debuff enemies but you cannot protect your party from death. I have hard time with understanding Inspiration spells and Protection one because they seem to be similar sometimes. In general this subclass looks more offensive than Berath.

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  3. Played priest of Eothas a lot in beta. Single class and multi (with druid, paladin and monk). Shattered Pillar combo is insane (two weapons style + priestly buff), same with Fury druid (I am electric god!). Paladin was fine (Kind Wayfarers).


    If you plan to cast a lot you HAVE TO max Dexterity as it shortens action time. Tried more offensive build with high perception and I noticed that some  spells like Divine Mark, Interdiction and Shining Beacon hit more often than Repulsing Seal or Pillar of Faith because they attack enemy will - their weakest defense :)


    I think that loss of protection spells is too much as you cannot cast Watchful Presence or Supress Afflictions. Same with no passive talents. Fire druid spells are fine, maybe Firebrand not (miss, miss, miss :0) but Sunbeam and Firebug at power level V are nice touch.


    I wanted to see what outcomes other beta players have had with the main beta questline.


    Is there any way to get the tribe to turn against the chief? He's basically selling them to the Vailians to be butchered...

    Question: What is that 7-point MC-exclusive Religion check right at the *very* end?!


     I passed it with 7 point religion (only the Watcher) and nothing happened. Maybe it has effects in non-beta game parts?


    Or it effects somehow if you give papers to Nairi or Chieftain? Haven't checked it yet.

  5. I think it is a matter of nostalgia than immersion breaking. I usually don't play with Polish VO if there is one (with few exepctions) as I like more reading than listening. 


    Numenera has Polish sounds because of very very little VO. If it had been like Pillars of Eternity or even White March it wouldn't have had any Polish sounds, I am sure. Pillars and other neoclassics are too niche for Polish market as they cannot sell in AAA numbers. Mass Effect 3 had no Polish voices unlike ME1 and ME2 despite huge fanbase. Similar things happened to Risen series, first game with no VO, Risen 2 with VO and Risen 3 same as Risen 1. It really shows that publishers see only money and profit, nothing more.

  6. I dislike returning companions portraits (except Aloth) and wish to use old ones from POE1 :)


    My favourite are Xoti and Takehu -- really beautiful and matching their personality.


    Maia Rua -- not too bad except for her blue eyes


    Aloth -- the best of returning companions, gives some Elrond/Sand vibe.


    Pallegina, Serafen -- I just don't like en face look. 


    Eder -- just awful! 


    I am not a fun of watercolor portraits at all. I would like to use 'normal' in conversations with companions.

  7. How old is Eder meant to be?  He looks alot older than he did in PoE where he looked to be late twenties, but then I always did question his age as he fought in the Saint's War which was supposed to have happened about 20 years previously.  Assuming he was 18 during the war, I guess he was supposed to be about 38 in the first game, 43 in Deadfire, which makes him quite old for a bachelor type.

    He was 32 during first game according to Strategy Guide. So he is 38 years old in Deadfire.

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  8. Don't kill Vela if she already exists, please.


    Look for Rhin from Torment: Tides of Numenera as she is one of the most likeable characters in the game. There is huge potential for exploring such themes as motherhood and fatherhood, especially if Vela has something in common with Eothas. Just don't kill her at beginning. Don't waste potential for good story, please.

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  9. You have to reinforce Eder 's brother actions or Waidwen's actions. You do not have to lie to Eder about vision (I told him I didn't know and it worked fine). Also dialogs telling him that it is worthy to follow Eothas' faith rules regardless of circumstances.


    Also I think the final decision is made in the last location in the game. It shows Eder's quest effects on him (his attitude) as final dialogues appear and determine Eder's ending. You have to have him in the party.

  10. How do we transfer from PoE to PoE2? For me at least the game saves right after the final fight but before a huge decision that would seemingly shape much of Deadfire.


    How much time passes in the first game? Weeks? Months? Time is an illusion? A year? More???

    Time is a flat circle, we've always been in the Deadfire.


    There is hidden save called gamecomplete. You can find it in saves folder.


    It has been confirmed by Josh that taking the baby will have consequences, and a big one.


    He mentioned it in one his Dev Stream, I think it was Deadfire Q&A with Josh Sawyer and Bobby Null, but I'm not quite sure.


    Carrie Patel also slipped that Eder names the baby.


    Hmn. Maybe he might also have fostered it in Dyrford if certain endings align.


    But isn't her name Vela? Or Eder gives her second name?

  12. That picture  :w00t:


    If there are some kind of "romances" take a look:


    Eder and Aloth -- a lot of fan fiction contain them as a love interest (mostly for female Watcher) so no doubt there will be something. They both have Valentine in update.

    Pallegina -- I see her only for Godlike Watcher but some people wanted her regardless of it. She has Valentine in update.

    Xoti - I think she has good chance for some kind of love theme because of "normal boring human". In case of Pallegina not being available her chances would be higher.

    Maia Rua -- well, big yellow sister with a bird could not be interested in "romance" with non-aumaua. Or at all. 

    Serafen -- wild orlan pirate and slave. No, I do not suggest BDSM theme here  :shifty:.

    Tekehu -- Godlike aumaua, probably Ondra's one. Well, he has his Valentine in update and looks like male Asari  :p Perfect for some (tragic) love theme.

  13. People who played slave characters, when you meet the slave trader in WM, is there any extra dialogue options?

    Yes, there is :) Same for Skaen priests.


    As for reactivity I doubt they will put background quest (even if only for Deadfire origin). In some stream there was a question about quests for priests and paladins and Josh said it would be very expensive to make them. So I think some characters will react if you are from Archipelago but with no specific background.

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