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  1. It's just too bad that we can't 'Try before we buy' in the movie and game industry.  We get to test drive our vehicles before purchasing them and we get to examine a house before buying one.  We can indeed see if our furniture has been finished or not and we can tell if our food we ordered is indeed what we wanted.




    We also can't make exact copies of homes and furniture and then return them after we have tested them out or looked them over.




    As far as the game and the posted article goes, I am tired of reading the same old reasons for why people don't like the game. Most of this comes from over analyzing. If you really thought about what happened in the game you would see that yes it seemed unfinished, but the story had the strength to make The Sith Lords a good game and well worth my 50 bucks. I really don't know what everyone was expecting.

  2. Exile: Double bladed violet. I like violet. 


    Visas: Double bladed silver. It went well with her red and black outfit.


    Mira: Double bladed orange. Replaced the orange crystal with a bronze one later in the game.  The bronze matches her hair and her personality.


    Kreia: Single bladed green. No particular reason.


    The reason I have them all sporting double bladed lightsabers is that I didn't find any single bladed ones until my last planet.  :lol:


    I didn't manage to convert any other NPCs my first time through. Oh well, perhaps in my next time through.


    I have the abundance of double bladed sabers too. And I usually give my non soldier, non guardian party members dualing feats, so they are at a disadvantage. I don't really have a set color list, but this is what I have right now.


    Exile: Silver, double

    Mira: Green

    Atton: Yellow

    Visas: Violet

    Everyone else is lame or not a Jedi.

  3. Howdy...


    1. I have done everything except the smuggling side-quest and new energy source side quest. Although I have the hold-out blaster, once I find out the shopkeeper is the smuggler, I cannot get a dialogue option from the Lt. to tell him and complete the quest. I have tried every dialogue option, and even did all the smuggling missions, checking with the Lt. each time inbetween. He won't give me any dialogue options concerning the smuggling (since the one where he asked me to look into it).


    Please help!


    I have only done this lightside.


    You need to get the shopkeeper to tell you what items he needs for his next shipment. To do this you need to agree to help with the smuggling. From there you can either tell the Lt. and he will give you the items. After you have the items, talk to the shopkeeper and you will escort him to the dock where the Lt. will meet you with some troops to make the arrest.

  4. They could release the patch on cd instead of over the Live network. Technically its not a problem its just a matter of LA funding such a patch  :thumbsup:


    Yeah, and imagine what the cost of something like that would be. The only reasonable way to do the CD distrobution would be to include it on a Demo Disc that comes free with a gaming magazine or something like that. Either way it would most likely cost LA way too much to be an economical solution to a customer service problem.

  5. Shoot, I think it deserves it.  This game is effin cool.  The second playthrough is much better than the first.  It is kind of like Napoleon Dynamite.  You wonder what the hell is going on the first view, but when you watch it again, you fall in love with everything about it.


    if youre trying to compliment kotor2, please dont use napoleon dynamite as an analogy. i hated that movie. :p


    Maybe you should watch it again. :ermm:

  6. Shoot, I think it deserves it. This game is effin cool. The second playthrough is much better than the first. It is kind of like Napoleon Dynamite. You wonder what the hell is going on the first view, but when you watch it again, you fall in love with everything about it.

  7. Just a quick message to let you all know that I am reading the posts.  And no I didn't just jump to the end and post this Hades. :devil:


    Oh, and I will come out and say the one thing that iritates Obsidian employees the most is when we are referred to as BioJr, Bioboys, Bioleftovers, Biobitches or whatever fun little moniker has been thought up for the day.  That's not a reason for us to close the board down, it's just one of the things that doesn't help get us pumped up about reading the forums every day. 


    Another random thought of mine (I'm pretty much dealing wtih sleep deprivation right now) is that it seems perfectly acceptable for people to call us names, but if we ever respond in kind then we would be the ones being childish or poor sports.  Half the time I want to post "Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but why don't I just shove my fist down your throat."




    If we were to keep the forums up, I would probably have the moderators become more strict about posts from trolls and give them more liberty in banning people.



    Thanks for responding. These forums belong to OE and you are the Big Cheese, so you can do what you choose and if you feel it is a good thing for your company (which definately ranks above the wasted time so many people spend bickering here) then I say do it. BUT, I think you should also take a look at the number of people who joined the forums before and after you announced your projects. Also look how fast this community has grown. So many people have made this their main forum for discussion and whether or not they will admit it, they are loyal customers and will buy pretty much anything you guys develop.


    ps. Shake the haters off.

  8. That Jedi Master on Nar shadda basicaly said I was a better Jedi than he as I was out trying to help people and all he did was hide away. And yet he and my friend Jedi Master along with Vrook later try to tear the force away from me again. unbelievable. The way people treated me/talked to me throughout the game made me almost want to go darkside. egad.




    Just my thoughts anyhow...





    I think this is an excellent part of the game. It really shows that to be a Jedi is a selfless act and isn't easy. I had the same feeling while playing the game. It was extremely frustrating. In previous games being a Jedi was saving the Galaxy by waving your lightsaber around while everyone loved you for it. In this game everyone (or at least it seems so) is out to get you and good deeds aren't done for reward because there aren't any rewards. Everyone still hates you.

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