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  1. Not everyone has the excatly same computer as the next fella...  :lol:


    Ok, if that was meant to be a shot at me, please re-read my first post. thanks.


    Why do people, who should all have the same CD, wind up getting differnt bugs or errors than others, shouldnt everyone who has the same game get the exact same problems?


    You play games with your computer, right? So of course it affects the game what kind of computer you have.


    Yes, but why? There are thousands of types of CD players in the world but if you were to listen to a track on a CD that has a squelch or some other type of imperfection in it, odds are all cd players sound would output the same way.



    Equating a computer to a CD player. Wow...just wow...c'mon man, just because you aren't a programmer doesn't mean you shouldn't have some clue about how a computer works. :huh:

  2. LOL, and here I thought it was the chopping off heads and all the blood that gave JE the M rating! LOL


    The Gay aspect didnt even occur to me.

    Well homosexual relationship is what gave JE a M rating...


    What a society we live in that views love between two members of the same sex more abhorrent than the taking of a life. Yippie! :)"

  3. Oh..I see..I haven't destroy the Ravager..so mebe you're right, but then again I'm having NPCs tell me Revan is a darksider..


    Thx again anyway..

    bastla /carth subplots?what are those anyway?i've never heard of them.an answer would be a wise choice at this particular time


    After you destroy the Ravager, you get a message that Admiral Onasi wishes to speak with you. Then you go through some dialogue with him and leave. Then Bastila walks up to Carth in the cutscene and asks him why Revan hasn't come back for them or something along those lines...


    I just saw that on my second playthrough as a DS character but I can't remember what I said about Revan on Peragus. I doubt it was nice though...

  4. So you link us to a forum with a mention of people wanting KoToRIII?  Thats is not even a rumor, it is someones wish...


    Yeah, I was looking for the part where someone with some sort of authority was making a statement. I guess there wasn't one.


    Anyways, the fact that nobody is in development on this game yet means that it will at least be a year before we even see KOTOR III, assuming it gets made. Does this bum anyone else out or just me? :thumbsup:

  5. Those of us who have an XBOX shouldn't bitch about the patch.  I take some small comfort that I did get to play the game a lot earlier than the PC people and that it basically runs on an XBOX without having to download a bunch of drivers.  Besides, was the Yavin station level that good?


    Damn straight but you forgot the part where they neutered the ending and cut loads out just so the lovely Xbox users could play the game earlier.


    THANK YOU XBOX! :):(

  6. The major addition to this game, and the one that drove the story along, was the fact that you had an extreme influence on those around you. By cutting out all the end-game companion actions and dialogue the whole heart of the game was torn out.


    Forget stuff like the Droid Factory, not having influence shape how the story ended was what made it unsatisfying. Having Kreia do a "where are they now" future-sight wrap up was way lame.


    See? You were an exile, but now that you have this cobbled together family of friends/tools surrounding you, you're not an exile anymore. Way better. Speculating, you could have KOTOR3 focus on a recruit to The Exile's newly founded order with orders to help Revan out.

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