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  1. I definitely prefer the devs invest time and $$$ in making a good plot and story line than on making this game multiplayer. I would never buy it if it was a multiplayer game.


    Indeed. I already love the combat system, so all I really wanted was a fresh (and great!) story, characters, and voice-acting (c'mon now, it adds so much, especially since it's done really well, imho).


    Jolee was my favorite from the last game, simply cuz he cracked me up the most. I still feel bad for what I did to him in my DS game......but I couldn't help but laugh when I told him, "I hate you, old man." :thumbsup:

  2. co-op might be nice, but I love all the tweaks they did to the game as well! I only wish there was more opportunities to converse with your party members. It feels more organic now, in that you never know when you can influence them, etc., but I kinda liked that when they wanted to talk to you, they'd tell you so.....but I always check anyway, after certain events.


    I adore this game, obviously, and the only thing I'd change about it is the loading......

  3. so , was the game alot harder on difficult ? i played on medium and it was good . i was thinking about going the hard way .


    well, If you know what you're doing, I'd say it's about right on Difficult. I figured since I played the last game that way, I'd start-off this one accordingly. There was only one part I died multiple times, and all I did to pass this part was to switch from dual-wielding (almost zero defense) to a single vibroblade, then proceeded to close-in for the kills.

  4. I'd much rather have Yuthura around than T3. Of course, they would have to explain how she survived my lightsaber through her head. I always sided with Uthar.



    I always said I CHOOSE ME! :(


    But seriously, Yuthura was cool and all, but T3 makes more sense to bring back, imho -- no real lines of dialogue or characteristics -- but yet his presence in your party ties it to the first. Honestly, I'm happy with the party members I've found so far, and the cameos/in-jokes kick ass.




    "Pulling a Bindo"

  5. "like Yuthura Ban, who is in all likelyhood dead, and wasn't even a primary point of interest in the game she was originally in."


    Yet, she's a pretty popular character. Imagine that, a sequel drawing from an apparant strength (to many) of the original. WOWSERS! Instead they bring back a 1 bit tin can that had less to say than Yuthura and it was a aprty member! Hahaha. There is no logic in that.


    Have you played KOTOR2?








    *Mandalore = Canderous (it's so obvious)

    *HK-47 lives (build him again









    I dunno if there are others, but those I know for sure. :("

  6. it really depends on your own pace, as to when the lightsaber is obtained -- some got it in 10 hours, I got mine in 20. I talk to every party member, try to do all quests/sidequests, and tweak with my characters a fair amount. Adding in the ability to use the workbench to create/modify stuff is very nice = more tweaking


    I'm playing on Difficult, and have been pleasantly surprised by the challenge at times, although I'm still kickin serious ass. And back on-topic, NO WAY IN HELL would I return this game!

  7. What is the point of this post?

    To rebut your wish for a freeform open KOTOR. Not everyone wants a 100-200 hour game. I think both KOTOR games are a good length. There is lots to do and plenty of areas to explore.


    Agreed. If you want something larger, why not go with that SW MMORPG?


    I like KOTOR's length, and that it's character/story-driven. However, I do want things more interactive and open, and although I love KOTOR2, a change in presentation would be nice, not to mention a better engine, for the must-be-made KOTOR3. :devil:

  8. I'm far from a Star Wars fanatic, but KOTOR made me a fan again! Sure, not enough to sit through Episode II, or compell me to pay $10 to see Episode III in theaters, but I have to say I am utterly hooked on KOTOR2, and can't think about playing (and replaying) any other game for atleast the next 100 hours. I can't thank Obsidian enough for doing the job they did, and under pressure from all sides, no less.

  9. I don't understand why u people keep complaining about these bugs, i played through this game with out a bug or a glitch ever happening to mw. Actually i had more than a couple glitches happen to me in KOTOR 1.

    Agreed. I ran into a couple of mission quest bugs, but no serious show stoppers. I wonder how many people with show stopping bugs have modified their xboxes. :-"


    In my experience, most of the glitchy behavior was at the end of a long day of play. It can probably be explained by the heat generated by the Xbox.


    that'd make sense to me -- I only get to play about 3 to 4 hours at the most in a gaming-session, and the only glitches I have encountered (none of them game-breaking) are:


    1. NPCs walk in circles on occasion (during in-game cutscenes)

    2. Last night on Nar Shaddaa, I was asked for 5 credits twice, once normally, the second time the same guy asked immediately after, but it was followed by commentary from Kreia (so it was almost like an instant replay of the guy asking me for $)

    3. the Exile can wear female robes (according to its description -- haven't tried it), but I'm male.

    4. Framerate drops


    This is at ~30 hours in, first playthrough, on Difficult.....I imagine if I had the time to game for much longer, I would.

  10. Didn't you save they save the galaxy in both "A New Hope'

    "Return of the Jedi"  :rolleyes:


    KOTOR are different stories but also the same.  I liked the ending for the most part. You learned whats going to happen to everyone in your party. Which you had no clue in KOTOR. Maybe adding a scene droping off your crew would have been good idea. Or jumping on another ship to travel alone.


    Seriously! And there are those who probably killed Bastilla, and yet, she would appear in the LS ending regardless. But to digress from the topic title even further, I thought that playing through the LS, then DS made for one of the best RPG experiences I've had in recent memory. the Dark Side felt especially evil, having already experienced the goodness of going Light.....especially for the endgame decision.

  11. Uh...having read that you put Fable at 10 leaves me to believe you are simply mad.  :)



    lawlz -- AGREED! :rolleyes:


    KOTOR is a 9.5 for me, due to lack of polish and graphical mind-melting, but no game is perfect, imho. And FABLE? As much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't give it more than an 8.5....I happen to love the dialogue in this game, as well as the story so far. Not to mention the characters and cameos! It's my personal RPG GotY.....runner-up being SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: Nocturne.

  12. I don't understand why u people keep complaining about these bugs, i played through this game with out a bug or a glitch ever happening to mw. Actually i had more than a couple glitches happen to me in KOTOR 1.



    Well..let me help you out then. We, the people complaining about bugs, are the people who experience the bugs..hence why we're complaining about them and you are not. :rolleyes:


    I consider myself damn lucky it's working perfectly on mine so far......but I don't doubt others are having issues with it. The real question is whether or not it's the Xbox, or the game, or both.....! This is my second Xbox, as the first one's HDD died within 4 months, taking a MORROWIND save-file with it (meaning I wasted 200+ hours of my life). My new one has had zero issues, even with such mammoths like MORROWIND (another 200+ hours were then clocked in, with a character that woulda been identical to my last, but once he got a goatee for facial hair, things turned out much differently!).....but I digress.

  13. Well most modders don't use xbox HDD. I played the game off my HDD it worked great.

    Does the DVD drive matter I know the thomas drive is crap with alot of games. Halo 2 comes to mind. I can barely load that game on my virgin box.


    WTF......izzit the Xbox or what?


    I didn't have single issue with HALO 2, besides graphical pop-up during in-game cutscenes (in 480P, the textures would overlay at the last second)....no problems yet with KOTOR2. Well, besides rough-edges and loading screens....

  14. I understand that Obsidian has done an excellent job with the materials they had to work with, but what about us that HAVE experienced a game breaking glitch, like when my game froze 40 hours into the story on Dantooine, and no matter which save I go to, the game still freezes at this point.  I probably have 20 different save files for one character, and no matter what I do, the game freezes at this point.  It does the same on a friend's Xbox, so it's not a matter of my Xbox or disk being bad, it's the game itself. 


    What explination does Obsidian offer to those of us who can't even finish the game due to these bugs?



    damn. now THAT is a game-breakin bug. Your friend didn't encounter this same one, but this problem persists on both y'allz Xboxs? hmmm......I'd ask for the setup to the bug, but since I've only completed Onderon past Telos (and am now on Nar Shaddar), I can't be of much help here. :thumbsup:

  15. I have to agree.  I just finished the game, and I have to say that there was obviously a lot of love for this game on behalf of the dev team.  It's rare when I finish a game and think to myself, "I need to know more...when's the next installment coming out?"


    Well played, sirrahs.

    My thoughts exactly. People have been bashing the ending but in my opinion it was almost perfect....


    Atleast somebody likes it here! :rolleyes:


    I can't wait to play and replay it......my first time through has Revan as a female darksider, which is what made the last game my absolute favorite. She was so wicked....! :rolleyes:



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