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  1. Text on the card says, " Before you act, each character at this location must succeed at a Constitution or Fortitude 12 check, or the difficulty of that character's checks is increased by 4."


    However, when I failed the Constitution check, I received damage, and all the cards in the character's hands were lost.


    I'm positive I did not just misread what the check is for -- I am now looking at the screen for combat, and the required number to beat has correctly been increased from 20 to 24... but all my cards are gone.

  2. I do think overall though that the end of deck 1 and the start of deck 2 is the peak of difficulty for the game. The good news is this scenario specifically is pretty much the end of that run, once you get through it the next two are quite a bit easier,

     Yeah, I needed a good break to win that one, but got it a couple goes later, and I agree that the rest of deck 2 was much easier.


    I think I am just surprised by the unevenness of the difficulty level, and this led me to believe I must be overlooking something obvious.  But I really wasn't. 


    And this is not meant as a complaint about the game, nowhere is it written in marble that the difficulty level needs to flow up evenly.   I'm enjoying the game a lot, with only the slight quibble being that an awful lot rides on how deep in the deck the henchmen and villain are.   And even that really doesn't affect the enjoyability of the game much.


    First card game, computer or otherwise, that I have really gotten a lot of fun out of.

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  3. Thanks.


    Unfortunately, I have not seen Aldern (or Crown of Charisma) but I will certainly be on the lookout for both.


    Finding Skinsawman first and closing everything else presents some practical problems, of course.  Limited control over who you find first.  And spreading out the characters means adding 1d4 to this villain's already formidable combat 14, then combat 16 strength... but it is true that even then he is more defeatable than Lesha.


    About half my available armor can be banished to reduce damage to zero, but nowhere near all characters have this available all the time... and unless you are very fortunate, the situation will arise over and over.


    As to the rogue evading, yes, if she happens to be the one who encounters Lesha each time, all is cool.


    I guess what I am gathering from this is that no high probability strategy exists -- which is fine.  It's just that pretty much all the scenarios up to this point, if you go about it correctly, there is a high probability way of succeeding.  This one, it looks like without the right characters and the right cards and a fair amount of good fortune (or at least two out of three) you are probably going to lose.   So I will quit feeling dense like I am overlooking something, and just figure it may take a few goes.  :)

  4. I am mystified as to a strategy to deal with Lesha Foxglove in The Skinsaw Murders -- Foul Misgivings.  You have to find Haunts pretty quickly to close locations, but each time you do, you are increasingly likely to get Lesha with her charisma/diplomacy/divine 13 check (with magic, no less), which is going to so overwhelm most characters as to wipe out their hands.   First time, you might win by using a fistful of blessings, but over and over?  It's not like I am just unlucky and have the wrong cards available, as best as I can see, no combination of my cards would work.    I've got to be missing something here.

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  5. Playing through Steam on a PC
    Permadeath not on. not sure what pass&play is

    Black Fang at normal difficulty
    Party of fighter, rogue, wizard, ranger... if it matters, the cleric and druid are sitting this one out; the rogue, wizard, and ranger have all completed Black Fang previously

    Twice now I have had a character defeat an Ancient Skelteton. Then I get some side things to roll for, this second time it was to recharge the spell that killed the skeleton... and then the Ancient Skeleton returns to be fought again, by the same character.

    It is not that I have two characters at that location, but I think there is a bug here that makes the game think I have two characters present.


    (Posting purely to be helpful.  I'll probably win the scenario anyway, and even if I don't I'll just restart it with a different combo of characters.  I've had no technical problems the other times I played Black Fang.)

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