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  1. Now, let's solve world hunger. ...  :rolleyes:

    I think "we" [read: Global Community] already have the means to...if we could somhow co-operate. There are always going to be countries like North Korea that will happily starve their population and sped money on weapons...until the US decides they are a threat to US Security and forcibly makes democracies out of them.


    How about you all? Would you support your country going to war against any government that was butchering its own people, or pretend it didn't happen, like everybody did during the Khimer Rouge in Cambodia? (I'm not suggesting the reason behind the war on Iraq was at all noble, merely asking if you'd support going to war to stop local/national genocide).

    It is a tough call.


    Generally local communities loath interference from any outsiders, and will actively oppose them in spite of the local political situation -- except in rare, extreme cases, when most of them would probably be more involved dealing with the more pressing issue of staying alive, such as Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge dictatorship, from the revolution in 1975, till he fled the Vietnamese in 1979.


    The thorny issue is who decides when to intervene? When does a government become an unwelcome / unrepresented / indefensible organisation?


    The UN decides? With the existing Security Council vetoes? China is particularly wary of any interventionist actions (can you say "Tibet", boys and girls?) and specifically blocks all such debate: the only reason they are onboard with the North Korean disarmament talks is because they share a border with these poor people with the nutters still running the asylum.


    The only security action ever passed before the first Gulf War, to push the Iraq forces out of Kuwait, was the Korean "police action", and that was passed when Moscow had temporarily boycotted the UN. The Balkan crisis of 1999 was not sanctioned by the UN; it was a NATO conflict operating outside UN durisdiction.


    So there you have the dilemma defined: try sorting out Northern Island or Somalia by wading in with a peace-keeping force, or preventing China from annexing territory it belives to be sovereign without starting WWIII.


    All excellent points...I guess the best option would be to create as free a society as possible and then find a way to allow mass immigration of Assylam seekers without overcrowding the job/housing market. To be honest, with Russia's vast land and resources and falling population, I don't see why we couldn't pull it off if our leaders would stop living in a vodka induced stupor...that way oppressed people could find refuge, our hypothetical "bastion of liberty" would grow stronger and stronger, and we wouldn't have to wade into blood-baths on the other side of the world, and try to create minatures of ourselves.



  2. Now, let's solve world hunger. ...  :thumbsup:


    I think "we" [read: Global Community] already have the means to...if we could somhow co-operate. There are always going to be countries like North Korea that will happily starve their population and sped money on weapons...until the US decides they are a threat to US Security and forcibly makes democracies out of them.


    How about you all? Would you support your country going to war against any government that was butchering its own people, or pretend it didn't happen, like everybody did during the Khimer Rouge in Cambodia? (I'm not suggesting the reason behind the war on Iraq was at all noble, merely asking if you'd support going to war to stop local/national genocide).

  3. -I am not.


    Ok, if that wasn't your intention, then so be it. Call it a misunderstanding.


    Which is vocally more popular?


    In my opinion, pro-abortion is far more vocally popular than an anti-abortion stance, especially here in Russia.


    Ibut to clear up your question as bluntly as possible - I meant live biologically self-sufficient and not live a happy abandoned care free life.


    A baby is not self-sufficient. It is helpless. The court of law illustration was in slight mockery of your implied statement that babies are self-sufficient and unborn infants are not. In my mind, they are both helpless, and very much alive.


    A - Ok so...


    I think that live is sacred, and that society should treasure it more than anything. Society should take better care of orphans, for sure.


    B) I was adressing the posts not the side.




    C) I did not say abortion was the answer to any of those problems, but the illegality of it would, without doubt or question in anyone's mind, increase all of the above. (some not as much as others)


    I didn't say you did, I just said that those reasons were not justification for abortion.


    My daughter was unexpected and my wife took pills for three years without ever missing one.  Never the less my daughter was conceived.  Now we chose to keep her because of our circumstances, but I was in a loving relationship with my wife and I had the money to afford a child.  If we would have been on the edge of divorce, if I would have been laid off like everyone else in my industry at the time, if I would have been unable to afford diapers or provide my wife adequate health care (and don't even mention free clinics and health centers because I have been to a few for help with my sister and I honestly feel I could give better medical attention in the kitchen of a Taco Bell.)


    Once again, I think the sanctity of life is more important than personal convenience, but we could argue this forever.


    no woman should be forced to risk her life, especially if she thought she was protected.


    I actually mentioned this earlier. While I would advise against abortion, the right must remain with the woman. In this case, no one has the right to force a woman to do anything.


    and yet I am being judgemental right?  You are all but calling these mothers harlets and basically telling them to suffer for their sins.  That's frelled up man, on so many levels.


    Well, sin is a religious issue, so lets not go there, because no religion should be forced on anyone, imo. I will say that thay have to suffer the consequences of their actions, and not try and erase it.


    No ... and I didn't.  I am not condemning EVERYONE who has a difference of opinion.  In fact I respect several people personally and academically who view it as morally wrong.  My post was directed specifically at a certain type of argunment JUST the, as you put it, "immature Nazi's".


    Again, if that is the case, very well. I just didn't think you came across that clearly as to who was your target.


    As a side note, you only have a limited number of quotes per post, so you can split you post in two and the quote boxs wll appear - didn't know this myself until recently.

  4. Hey, FaramirK, it is obvious by now that you think very highly of yourself (to the point that you think you can 'review' other posts and judge them somehow),


    It's called debate. My quoting of his post and answering it is a part of debate - it is called rebuttal.


    Yeah, stating-the-obvious to make the other part in a discussion seem stupid is also "a popular but flawed debate technique"


    I was over-emphasising the stupidity of his illustration - and its not a flawed debating technique...it correctly invalidates one of his points.


    Is a sperm a human being?




    Is the simple combination of the female egg and the male sperm a human? Then nature is a cruel murderer, because lots of those combinations fail at first too.


    Yes, it is. Yes, nature seems cruel to us emotive beings. No, nature is not capable of morality. Yes, your point is, like Jayque's, redundant.


    By the time we're able to save a prematurely born child from dying is, in my opinion, a good way of drawing the line between a fetus and a human being, and that is, obviously, what Jayque was referring to in the first place.


    No, that wasn't his point. His point was "if you think abortion is murder, your a cold, uncaring, immature villian."


    But this isn't just a thread about abortion...would any of you be willing to sacrifce some modern conveniences if a green governemt came to power and suggested it, like better public transport and cutting down on multiple cars per family?

  5. One day, one day.


    Seems to be getting more common now, anyhow. Jade Empire of course. Could you have gay relationships in the Sims? I never really played it.


    I inquired with my better half, and yes, you can have two men/women kiss etc in the Sims, but I'd hardly herald the Sims series as a groundbreaking treatse on portraying serious relationships in videogames... :D


    But look on the bright side, now I can spend $50 on a video game instead of thousands on real home improvements/shopping sprees etc. :)

  6. hm, i've never played alpha centauri... :">


    You should. It really is supercoolmegawhoppingubertotallyawesome.


    I can't find that word in my english dictionary, and yet it seems so perfect for describing AC...

  7. Perhaps we could try to remain focused on the topic at hand, please?


    So how 'bout them homosexual video game characters?


    Actually, maybe Jade Empire doesn't count...Sky and Lian were actually bisexual...like Buch and Atomic.


    What about Alexander and Hephaestion? I think that relationship was tastefully portrayed...maybe there just isn't a big enough market for such issues as homosexuality to be handled seriously in video games.


    Side note, it's quite humorous that some of the same people who say "homosexuality is repulsive in a video game" like the idea of being able to lead on multiple woman and sleep with them all, and disgarding/decieving them at a whim...


    ...I love psychology. :-

  8. EDIT: Hey!  What happened to Faramir's post, just before mine?  Just up an disappeared.


    I removed it...I didn't really understand Drakron's point - it seemed like a strange thing for an atheist to say (I think thats what he said he was... :devil: ), and my reply-post was just argumentative anyway...

  9. Reguardless FaramirK its always going to be something you never experience.


    Its not a argument I like to use but its very good argument ... its very easy to pass judgement over others over things we will never experience.


    Not being able to experience something from one perspective does not negate your ability to make a judgement on it Drakron.


    Bolded Text: That statement is true, but you have no right or reason to assume I am guilty of this.


    Besides, your point is just a straw-man argument.

  10. Again another very good argument, let me make what I said before clear, I was congratulating him on his/her arguments as in as much as the wordsmithing, not the subject matter at hand. :rolleyes:


    But thats just it...the argument was fundamentally flawed, and many of the points were redundant, as was his choice of wording.

  11. "Very Good Argument", Darth Sirius? Sadly not...


    Then I grew up.


    Many people more mature than you hold abortion to be wrong. Do not create the false premise that believing abortion is wrong denotes immaturity.


    I realized that doing what is right is not always doing what is popular.


    That is true, but if you are suggesting that being opposed to abortion is popular, you are again wrong.


    There is a debate longstanding of when it is murder and when it is not.  I can accept the definition of when the fetus is able to live on it's own outside the womb.


    Babies cannot survive on their own - even after they are outside the womb, unlike many animals. Your point is redundant.


    Statement: "I can accept the definition of when the fetus is able to live on it's own outside the womb."


    Your logic suggests that a human being is only able to be murdered if it can take care of itself...try and use that in a court of law...see what happens. Maybe you just left out an or?


    A) Many of you have written about abortion being contraception.  Abortion is painful.  Abortion is mentally exhausting.  Abortion is nauseating.  Why don't you go to a clinic.  Why don't you see a woman come out in tears, barely able to walk clutching her stomach from the pain and the mental anguish of emptiness.  And preach some more about the ease in which people have this procedure done.



    It is easier to judge the actions of others because as long as there are these child murdering monsters out there you feel better about who you are.  Point the finger and avoid the mirror.


    I also believe that our world is overpopulated, we have hunger problems, health care problems, homeless problems, unemployment, and poverty.


    A) Your description of abortion is accurate. Much better to have the child and either raise it or put it up for adoption.


    B) Like you are judging anyone who disagrees with you as Immature, Arrogant Self-absorbed villans?


    C) Abortion is not the answer for any of the social ills you mentioned.


    Sure from your personal computer that your parents could afford (or for about 10% of you you bought yourself).  Sure you can preach about how some people have managed to struggle as a single mother and put themselves through school ... but you know, its one thing to claim a mother's hardships are her own fault, it is another to force an unwanted life to be birthed into the world and live in a state of misery, loneliness, and discontent.


    90% of the people on this forum use compters they didn't pay for? How did you come upon this statistic? Or are you simply using sensasional and emotive slander in an attempt to sound like you control the moral high-ground? The hardships of single motherhood say two things...First: Beware of not respecting the possible outcome of careless, casual sex. Second: Choose who your sexual partners wisely, because many men will leave you high and dry if you happen to get pregnant.


    I don't feel abortion is great, but it is a legal option and better than many alternatives.  I don't want twelve year olds raising children ... the ones being raised by twenty year olds are bad enough.  There are better option, but is it morally wrong to do the legal thing, for the right reasons? ... don't judge the choices another makes because from your personal paradise life is easy.


    Bold Text: Who does?


    More sensational, irrational crowd-playing.


    To me, the moral corruption is the ability to spit on others without putting yourself in their shoes.


    Like condeming anyone and everyone who is against abortion as immature Nazi's?


    And no, don't come back and say "but Susy Q from down the street was able to ... " no.  that doesn't count because Susy Q wasn't in everyone elses shoes.  The ability to make a choice on what you think is best for you in your current situation, that is the gift and curse of humanity.  Everyone has darkness in there path somewhere.  I have never known a person who hasn't done something they weren't proud of.


    Compare your highlighted statement with something you said above:


    your personal paradise life


    I'm sorry, but I find your arguments overly hostile and flawed.

  12. heh, its kinda funny this topic on this message boards as chances of this getting into Star Wars a billion to one anyways.


    Star Wars just doesnt deal with this type of subject so Lucas would probably veto it before it ever got off the ground anyways.


    Yes, I believe he would. Then again, Disney did...remember the Southern Baptist Disney boycott in the 90's? :D Made me laugh.

  13. Hey, i don't really care specs... If Bioware or Obsidian or Bethesda will make games for Xbox 360, i'll buy Xbox 360.


    I've bought an Xbox only  for Jade Empire.


    Besides, PS3 controller really really sucks!  :)"


    Me too. No game ever came out for the PS2 that I wanted that didn't eventually come out on PC...XBox has the Halo series and Jade Empire, so I'm sold.

  14. Being bisexual myself i don't fully understand how people would be 'uncomfortable' playing the role of a character with a different sexuality to their own, but it surely offends some who dislike homosexuality.


    It's not that I would be "uncomfortable", per se, merely that I don't think I could relate to the character if he/she was exclusively homosexual. Thats why I think Jade Empire handled it well, letting you choose.


    I figure an acurate number of non-stereotyped, non comic-relief gay characters in games is on its way. But, like gay marriage and however many other rights, it'll be a while coming yet.


    Well, the homosexual community make up only a very small slice of the population, so their apperance in a game trying to be "realistic" may be non-existant. I don't think games would be as fun without the stereotyping (not derogatory stereotyping, mind you) of characters for emphasis of story. I really like to shy away from games that try too hard to imitate day to day life. None come close to the real thing, which is usually very hard work. I want games to be more fantastic in nature, not simply more wallowing in modern cultures current struggles.

  15. And since sexuality has mostly been a moral behavior in religious-dominated societies, and there's been only one accepted choice (heterosexuality), the morally unaccepted choices get lumped together.


    I believe that only Christianity and Islam have any dogmatic negative stance on homosexuality, and even those have many adherants who are either support or are homosexual.

  16. The Child's right to life does not extend to forcing hours of torture on its mother against her will.


    Ok, listen. Pregnancy is not "torture". Abortion is much more damaging to a womans body than giving birth. Get over it. Basically, your saying that a woman can kill for convinence sake. I can't disagree with you more. Pregnancy is one of the possible results of sex. If you can't deal with the possibility of having to give birth, don't have intercourse.


    Frankly, though, I don't think there's any chance we're going to come to an agreement on this.


    Yeah, we can move on to one of the other topics if you like, I respect your rigt to disagree. >_<

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