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  1. Yep, lesbian sex surely makes the sales go up, but I disagree that gay sex would harm AP sales. It didn't have any negative effect on Jade Empire, Fable or The Sims. It's not like Obsidian&Sega would write it on the cover "Alpha Protocol: With Gay Sex! "
  2. Sweet preview. I'm getting more and more excited about AP with each article I read. This game sounds really good and for God's sake, finally sth original among gazillions of (too) similar of sci-fi/fantasy RPGs (of course K3 is still a must!). We need some video goodies too see all of these amazing mechanics journalists keep talking about in action!
  3. Purashe the game again for the full price after three OS reinstalls/hardware upgrades logic is far more loopy. Like someone else said, it's plain ridiculous to charge a full retail price for rental rights, since that's exactly what purashing Mass Effect is. DRM does not forces anyone to be a pirate. But it surely punishes actual customers who bought the game.
  4. Oh God...! Let it be our *proper* KOTOR 3 (not that MMO thingy from BioWare!). Please...!
  5. What are the other major issues? I read about HK-47 torturing HK-50 cutscene bug, Kreia in party on Nar Shaddaa bug, T3 in party on Nar Shaddaa one and "Press 1" during Atris and Kreia cutscene bug. Are these all major bugs that weren't posted on Mantis?
  6. It surely does mine. But why there is sth telling me that the bug count will go up again drastically or stall at the current level for weeks That's what was always happening whenever I was already getting excited.
  7. Although I am tired of waiting for TSLRP, just as everyone else are after 3.5 years (and I think TG understands this), I will wait for the 1.0c release. Why? Because I'm far more tired of playing an unfinished and heavily-bugged game vanilla TSL is. I want to finally play as bug-free and complete version of TSL as possible. 1.0b8 won't give me that. That's why I'm waiting for the 1.0c.
  8. Or LucasArts lawyer one Zero invention really. I've been following this project since the very beggining and after all these years I learned to be patient. I'll be happy whenever it's released
  9. As far as I know, the journal entries is the only content yet to be restored. Then hopefully, late summer release is still possible.
  10. I perfectly understand that Obsidian is currently focused on AP and Aliens. But considering the ridicoulous ammount of turned-to-be-false rumors about Kotor3 in the last couple of years, any information that LA at least gave a green light for K3 would be good. So my second question is: Does your answer for my first question means I'll be very happy in couple of years or does it means that LA doesn't even think about K3 at the moment?
  11. Welcome Matthew! Let's get to the point. My question: Kotor 3. I think I don't have to add anything more. *Waiting for an answer* Do we think about the same thing?
  12. And here's the surprise. The droid you're talking about (IS-24) have VOs recorded by Obsidian!
  13. He didn't even played the mod. How can you criticize sth when you don't even know what you're talking about? Legitimate concers? He didn't say he's concerned VOs may be amateurish, he said he's sure they are amateurish. That's not legitimate criticism/concern. That's prejudice. [quote name='H
  14. I'm gonna pick TSL. I love it's storyline so much! No, it doesn't have as ground-breaking turning point as K1 had, but it has sth K1's storyline lacks - a depth and darkness. I found TSL storyline to be far superior to K1 one. And WTH Kreia! The best video-game character ever! Even with whack ending, it's still my favourite game all time.
  15. Another Kotor 3/MMO rumor. This time from 1UP. I'm getting tired of this: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3166834
  16. 1.0b1 will be out THIS WEEKEND. Look here: http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3196 Feels so close...!
  17. Whas it officially confirmed that PG is for Sega? If indeed, it means it's definately NOT Kotor3.
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