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  1. Along with KOTOR, BS is my favourite franchise ever Why not on PC?!?!
  2. Releasing a couple of screenshots and/or a gameplay video costs NOTHING. Every gaming website would immedately pick it up thus helping spread the word. Having a big budget won't help Sega at all if they can't even do simple and costless things.
  3. It's a long known engine bug (not fixed by the patch. yay!) This alignment fluctations of your party members can get the most extreme if you cheat your PC's charisma. Even if you don't, you may still see it when you enter a new area, get LS or DS points and level up your character. Unfortunately it cannot be permanently fixed as editing Kotor's *.exe file is illegal. I was working on a workaround for this problem like year and a half ago. Found a solution, never finished the script, think I should finish it finally as I was really close
  4. Same here. I'm not into fantasy at all but at the same time I love RPGs so for someone like me there's not much to choose from. That's why I'm highly anticipating Alpha Protocol and after seeing Aliens concept arts (just recently), even though I'm no a big fan of the franchise, I got really ecited about that one too. Ditto. It could be more of a science-fiction steampunk rather than fantasy influenced. Definitely would be something fresh.
  5. It could be just as well released this Christmas and with a proper marketing would still be succesful. It's only about Sega's horrible job at PR and advertising with this game. Many people aren't even aware about this game.
  6. QFT I just can't wait to meet the mysterious DurthRevanXXX!!!!!11 character during my playthrough
  7. Nope. They will just rip The Matrix Trilogy again. I wonder how Bioware's Architect will look like?
  8. The only plan Given that it's 99,99999999% sure M4-78EP will NOT be done before TSLRP's release, there won't be a situation in which we would wonder if we should release the mod or wait for TG. M4-78EP will be 100% compatible with Gizka's mod and will require it installed already As for the details and polishing, there will be much more changes than just crates/droids adding, with a heavy expanded/modified storyline to begin with as InSi mentioned. Hopefully, we will be able to make the planet as good and professional as possible
  9. I've been browsing Wookiepedia recently and stumbled across the True Sith page where I noticed this: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/True_Sith I would like to ask if anyone remembers any VIP on the board saying sth like that? This specific info I quoted was added to Wookiepedia on September 13th 2006 so if it's true, then an original VIP post appeared at least 2 years ago. Yes I know it's wookiepedia, that is why I'm asking members of Obsidian board if anyone know if it's true. Already tried to search the forums but haven't succed.
  10. I don't think Lucas has any problems with the distribution of the mods. Afterall, LucasFiles was officially sanctioned by LA which means they fully support free distribution of the mods. When it comes to a risky material, I have never seen a company that would accept risky/prono/racist material in the mods of their games and allow gamers to gain $ from producing the mods that use sth they created (I'm not even sure if the guys who made Half-Life mods actually get any cash from their now official mods, I'm not really into CS scene anymore).
  11. Since LA is the owner of everything crated using some content from their products, they could of course shut down every mod whenever they wanted, but I REALLY doubt it. I've recently found this official statement: http://www.lucasarts.com/company/release/news20021211.html which changed my opinion about them. In this statement they say how important modding community seems to be for them = they know people are modding and even though they don't support modding like other companies (relasing official tools, guides etc) they definitely have nothing against modding and are actually happy that you're helping in prolonging their product's lifetime = more money for LA. Unless you're porting content from other games by LA (or worse: different company's games) or use a trademarked lincese (Star Trek etc; which could get LA in trobules) or create a mod that allows you to blow up LucasArts Headquarters (or burn them if you're InSi), they will never touch your mod/do anything to prevent you from modding.
  12. Relax guys. Dash will be back sooner or later. Progress is being made, new ugly bugs are being reported (= less bugs you encounter) and Tupac Amaru has been fixing alot recently. If Dash knew he couldn't return to the project, he would have already appoint a new buildmaster. But that's not the case. We've been waiting for so long that a couple of additional weeks won't make a difference The mod will be done and in the end, everyone will be happy
  13. Hopefully, the new version of M4-78 which we are currently working on will be less buggy and also more complete and interesting. @ Hassant The amount of new bugs you found is quite disturbing I must say
  14. After 4 years, it's not a surprise people are getting impatient. And sorry, but I think you forgot a bit how it was when YOU were waiting, like we still do, to play the mod and to finally see the whole cut content.
  15. Another major bug up on Mantis. That leaves only two majors unreported (HK encounters and T3 on Har Shaddaa). Great! Getting closer to as bugless version as possible!
  16. Thanks funcroc! You're the best stalker out there! Always providing us news the fastest! :D
  17. No offense but... Several people got the same major/crash bugs (T3 in party on Nar Shaddaa, HK encounters and press "1" during Atris-Kreia convo) yet none of the beta-testers managed to find them and report on Mantis. I know that Betas try their best, but the ammount of same bugs reports from people who downloaded 1.0b8 makes me positive that these bugs are indeed there and I really wouldn't want to expierience them while playing TSLRP myself.
  18. I love the new website! Great work Obs!
  19. lul we were only kidding At least I was If they were to hire a signer (which Britney is not) then of course I agree, they should go for the one and only Christina On topic: I hope Sara Kestelman gets some voice acting work on AP. She was incredible as Kreia in Kotor 2!
  20. Meh, funcroc beat me. Was about to post it. Anyway, K3 pretty please :D
  21. I would actually prefer if the game was further delayed, since I'm a bit worried if they have enough time to make it really superb.
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