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  1. From the patchnotes:

    "There is also a new quest line that allows you to defend your claim to Caed Nua (will be released in 3.0 final)"


    Does that mean 3.0 is not yet really out and they are already preparing a "final" version with that said feature?


    Additionally, I have difficulties finding the level cap with White March 1 and 2 installed, since the PoE-wiki is notoriously out of date:

    Is the current level cap with both expansions installed 16?


    Thanks and sorry for my dumb questions. :(



  2. Hey guys,


    with the new xpac WMII in mind, is a cipher slinging offensive spells at his enemies still viable on "hard", or do I have to take serious immunities into mind?


    Which powers proved to be overwhelmingly usefull throughout the entire game regarding various immunities, especially if you consider going the (less effective, yes!) melee cipher route?


    Thanx for your input! :)



  3. Well, shadowing beyond could be made per encounter with a mod.


    I'm sure we'll see it soon enough.

    There is a guy on nexus who already made wizard´s arcane veil ability "per encounter" (and a "modal"-version, too).


    Since today he has not yet answered  to a few requests made by me and others to do the same for shadwoy beyond.

  4. Can we stop with trying to determine what's more realistic? This game has swords and shotguns, not to mention fireballs and dragons. It doesn't matter what some peasant in the 15th would have wielded.

    You mix up real world realism with fantasy world consistency.

    While dragons are not "realistic", the way you diel with them in a fantasy setting should be consistent within the frames defined of this setting.

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  5. His primary job is to buff the party, and the more members your party has, the bigger is the advantage of having him with the team. Most partys will already have five members when entering Old Nuad, six by the time you reach DB or shortly after. GG, your priest can carry you through every encounter now thx to synergy of buffing spells and party size.

  6. Path of the damend adds nothing to the game. It just makes its weakest part (before DB) even more tedious.


    What people don´t understand is that the easiest way to increase difficulty settings in a game designed with a party of SIX members in mind is to reduce the party size.


    Try hard difficulty with a trio or squad (the companions have nothing interesting to say, so stick to the two or three you like the most) and, perhaps, even restrict yourself to not playing with a cipher, and only do the sidequests which do truly fit to the RP-background of your watcher, and here we go: The game stays reasonably challenging while still being enjoyable even after entering DB.

    For god´s sake, most people who complain about "hard is too easy" should decline Durance´s offer to join the party and play without a cipher, that alone would make a huge difference without pumping the monsters´stats in PotD.

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  7. Don´t exactly understand the RP-issue with One handed fighting style, since two-weapon-fighting in this game is actually pretty realistic: Besides the Full-attack-abilities the character doesn´t swing his weapons simultaneously, but one after another. And this makes perfect sense. In the 15th-17th century, town citizens carried rapiers as main weapon and used them together with cloaks or (parry-)daggers (the so called "sword breaker"). Ofcourse the offhand weapon was a defensive tool, but hitting your enemy with it in close quarters was a valid tactic.


    So just go dual wield and enjoy all the benefits. Onehand is unrealistic and is subpar.

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    Native english speakers use the word "insult" in a pretty inflationary way. He wasn´t insulting the OP.

    I consider telling someone he's not a good player and giving ridiculous reasons is at the very least arrogant and rude. Who's he to judge?



    Yes, you are too senstivie (is this another insult btw?), but this is nothing you should worry about. It is a cultural thing. Most english speaking conturies have zero tolerance for "tough talk" and see everything beyond a phoney smile as  insulting.

    Most continental europeans, especially germans and eastern europeans, would see this kind of response  ("You are not a good player") as "unfriendly", but NEVER as an INSULT (e.g. "You are a dumb player").

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