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  1. Why do you care about this one form of cheating, but not the myriad other ways in which this can be done? The achievements in this game are meaningless as it's essentially all on the honor system. If you want to cheat, there are lots of ways to do it. For Trial of Iron you can just manually copy the saved game file to a backup and then restore it if things don't go your way. It's another method of quit+load scumming and there's nothing they can really do to stop it. So there's lots of "core functionality" missing, if what you want is for the game to enforce Trial of Iron. This really is a pointless complaint.

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    Yes, I cheated the stats, but they're equivalent. Same class and level. None of them have any items or active buffs that change stats, yet they have different amounts of health.


    The correct amount should be 376. Now I assume that 375 is a rounding error, but where in the hell did 427 come from?


    I have another pair of characters, again with the same race/class/level/attribute scores, and they also have mismatching health.



  3. I don't really care about naming them as you only see the name when you click on the item, but what annoys me is that you can't change the base model of weapons/armor. For instance if you take plate armor and enchant it with Fine or Exceptional it still looks like plain old plate armor. The actual Fine Plate Armor or Exceptional Plate Armor looks a hell of a lot cooler.

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  4. I agree completely. I also turned the voices off. It makes getting through the dialogues much slower as you have to wait for the VO to finish. They're also just not very good. Sorry, but it's the truth. Reading long dialogues was an IE game trademark and it should have been maintained. Would have saved on costs too. Remember how much reading there was in Planescape: Torment? Ahh, those were the days.

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  5. I'm really quite disappointed in the enchanting/crafting system in this game. There are woefully few options. There are tons of unique armor/weapons with interesting properties that I'd like to be able to learn so I can put them on other items. It'd be nice if we could disenchant items to learn their properties so they can be added to other weapons.


    Is there something like this in the game and I just missed it, or are we really stuck with the paucity of options we have now?



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