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  1. Not all drives are created equal.


    If you have half an hour and a tiny bit of hand/eye coordination, you could temporarily swap the reader that does not like the disks for the one that does. Install. Swap back. It should work fine.


    Else, you have issues with winders and not the reader on said pc.

  2. Still it just pisses me off why BioWare did not used that type of model for that Sith Lord force ghost in Korriban ... it would look great instead of that "force field" cheap trick they used over a standart Sith model ...



    They learn as they go. I don't think anyone can truly ever call a game "done". I'm sure that with most games out there, developers smack themselves in the forhead and exclaim "...why didn't we do that...?" Bioware gets better and better each game they release because they learn from the previous titles. Likewise, OE will learn from TSL, which will make NWN2 better, and whatever else they do in the future.

  3. Wow.  I never got any of those dialogues. :lol:


    My character, also a LSF, never even got to meet Carth Onasi because a bug just took her directly from the Ravenger through a bunch of blinking, half-done cutscenes, into Malachor V.  I was so disappointed.


    Also, from the time they became Jedi, none of my characters ever had a single, solitary new thing to say to me.  Which, as it turns out, was most of the game.  I was really disappointed in that as well.


    Also, I never got enough influence over GoTo or HK47 to have them say anything beyond their initial dialogue.  (Is there a menu someplace where you can see how much influence you have, or do you simply have to count the number of light-beams to hazard a guess?)    Since I'll never play a DS'er, I guess I'll never hear 'em, either.  *sigh*


    Still, I can't help but wonder if the lack of new dialogues for the crew no matter what planet we'd just visited or what happened there could be some kind of bug.


    I just think that there is simply a lot more writing in this game that is specific to gender and class. If you aren't the right thing at the right time, you won't see certain dialog, ever. Since I am playing through DS this time, I plan to give it a go LS next time to take in all the options. Maybe grey the taime after that.

  4. All in all, I like the humor in TSL much better than KOTOR. I want to thank the writers for some excellent moments, and overall better quality of dialog in general. Whoever wrote Atton's...thanks. He's got some of the funniest sarcastic moments I've yet found in a video game of any genre. But that's just my opinion...your mileage may vary.

  5. Another Nar Shadda moment:


    When you encounter a couple of thugs harassing a commoner on the refugee dock.


    You force persuade them to give you their credits, then force persuade them to jump off the platform. "I-It will be m-much quicker getting to the bottom that way..." says one of the thugs. Then as you aproach the commoner, he says "I don't know what you just did to them, but I'm getting out of here!"

  6. Two things that really made me smile just happened while playing through yesterday.


    On Nar Shaddaa:

    1. My female Sith Marauder in a Twi'lek dancing girl costume. Too bad it isn't upgradable! :wub:


    2. When the three bounty hunters approach the Ebon Hawk. All of the NPCs are standing out there to greet them. (your PC is off solo trying to get to the Exchange). After some back and forth between Atton and the lead bounty hunter:

    Atton: So, which one do you want?

    Bao Dur: I'll take the stupid one. The one who had a chance to just shoot us, but chose to tell us about it first. (or something like that).

  7. Alright, I'm running around doing every side quest I can find. I take Kreia (sp) along everywhere I can, and mix and match the rest. I haven't been to all of the planets yet, still haven't been to Nar Shaddaa. But I've completed all the missions available on the worlds I've been too (I understand I will need to return to several of them again as the plot unfolds a little more) I'm sitting on the cusp of Level 20 Sentinel. I've run out of new things for Kreia to say, along with all of the other characters.


    When the hell does the magical, mysterious dialog pop up asking you to choose a prestige class???


    I see some people have mentioned getting it upon reaching level 15.

  8. I noticed the same thing. I think that it has more to do with the way OE tweeked the engine to accomodate the addition background processing that goes on in TSL vice KOTOR. The resulting additional workload has caused the graphics to take a hit. In order for me to get the same visual quality from the game, I have to tweek the gfx settings up beyond what I needed to have set for KOTOR. In general, they appear more Xbox-ish. I would definitely recommend that this be the last KOTOR game to use this engine.

  9. When I talked of my saber, I said silver, but when I finally got it, it was green. In fact, all of the 4 I've gotten so far have been green. And the random color crystal found in the caves...green. I really wanted one of the new colors....


    Is there anywhere I can get another color in the game without cheating? I'm about halfway through.

  10. Go to Google, or your favorite search engine, and type "KOTOR 2 walkthrough" in whatever language you prefer.


    There are plenty out there, mostly written by Xbox users who've had the game for a couple of months. That doesn't matter. The missions are all the same. Read through it, since you like to cheat. Then, when you see all of the things you've probably Knight-sped past written down on paper, you will be able to figure out where you missed. Apparently, you missed a lot. When you Knight-speed your awareness points take a hit. So you won't see much of anything that you would if you were just running at the normal pace.


    If you don't want to read a walkthrough, then start a new game. Leave the KOTOR editor alone, and as you progress through the game, read the NPC dialog, as has been "suggested" several times already. Mix it up, too. Take different NPCs with you and talk to them. Don't wait for them to talk to you, because unlike KOTOR, the game won't prompt you or recommend you talk to them.


    Keep in mind, this isn't Need for Speed, Half-life or Madden. You can't race through the game and expect to get everything. It's an RPG, which requires more patience.


    Lastly, when you take your Ford (or any make of car) to the dealership for repairs, would you even think to spout of about how big a piece of **** the car is and expect to get good service? No different here.

  11. The graphics in general seem to be a step backward throughout the game. I seem to remember a lot more detail at the same resolution and settings in KOTOR1. (Then again, I guess there is a lot more processing going on in the background with the additions that were made to the game play, which could cause this graphics issue.)


    So I checked. In order to get the same quality out of TSL, I had to ratchet up the gfx settings higher than I needed on KOTOR. ie: where I ran KOTOR with AAx2, AF off, I need to run TSL with AAx4 and AFx4. That could simply be an anomoly with my computer specifically.


    However, the cutscenes are definitely a much lower quality in TSL then they were in KOTOR. I can only recall 2 cutscenes in KOTOR that were left at a low-end 640x480. The rest were redone for the pc version. In TSL, I'd guess around a quarter (so far...I'm only halfway through or so) are at the low end 640x480. The ones that were beefed up were not done to the same level they were in KOTOR. All the cutscenes seem to have a very console-ish look to them, regardless of the resolution.


    Still, I'm enjoying the story, which for now is making up for the graphics issues. And yes, I know all about the lame ending from my reads here. Let me bask in it for now, I'll experience the ending in due time.

  12. Random (I couldn't repeat it in the same place)


    Occassionally, the game will freeze for about a second, and when the animation resumes, the PC is across the room, or in another room altogether.


    The first time it happeneds was on Telos. While running past the entrance to Apt complex A, not actualy in the complex, just running past it, the game froze for abour 2 seconds. When the game unfroze, the PC was sitting in the base apartment. The NPCs were still in the main area. In the crystal cave, the game froze for a second while running into the (at that time) empty merc chamber. When it kicked back in, the PC was halfway back to the crystal area, the NPCs were still in the merc chamber.


    Brief system specs:

    Athlon 2800+

    Asus A7V600

    1 gig (512x2) Corsair pc3200

    geForce FX5600 Ultra

    Soundblaster Live 5.1


    BIOS and all drivers updated with the latest within the past 30 days.

  13. Well I finally found a solution.  I went and looked around in the LA forums and finally found a topic that delt with my problem.  They explained a temp fix with some file that is associated with DVD games.  All I had to do was change the extendion from .dll to .bak.  Of course if I want to play my DVD games I have to change it back but at least now I get to finally play KOTOR2.  :(



    If all you did was change the file extention, you should be able to put a cpy of the file in both file formats in the same directory, that way you shouldn't have to worry about making changes to suit the game you want to play.

  14. "Granted there are bugs and problems, but Framerate is ALWAYS Spec related... "


    No, simply not true. My specs are wellllllllll above the reccommeende fro KOTOR2 and BL. Frame rate is very poor for both (worse in BL though).


    Nice try in spreading mythical myth.


    Now go on. tell this old fart how I'm only a  teeniebooper.






    TEENIEBOOPER..... :blink:"

  15. And i hate egotisical cry babies that havent hit puberty, whining, pissing, and moaning about something which isnt Obsidian's fault.


    Granted there are bugs and problems, but Framerate is ALWAYS Spec related...



    its not ALWAYS SPEC RELATED.... i have had plenty of games lag but when i patch it it usualy does fine after that, and yes i have hit puberty for your information i know im whinging and pissing and moaning, but its just sooo disappointing.....



    As I said in another thread...I wish I were 14 again....and with the worries of a 14 year old mind. Beats all the crap going on in my life now, that's for sure. Whitewolf, in an attempt to impart a little wisdom...dude, relax...it's only a game. Emotional tyraids are best reserved for the things in life that really matter. Patches will inevitably come to fix lag issues with TSL. In the meantime, make due the best you can.

  16. As i said a couple of posts ago... Draw Distance, Anti-Aliasing and other graphical upgrades can cause your virtual memory to nose dive...


    Perhaps he is used to playing games such as Doom 3 on full spec and hasnt considered that this game is demanding alot more out of its engine?



    Ahhh... Very true. shooters don't have the same level of background processing going on as an rpg or strategy game does. Couple the intensive math behind the scenes with the front end and you can really see a difference between the genres ability to run high end graphics (or whatever end graphics) at high settings.

  17. Drivers? Plenty of system builder I know seem to forget this little feature, what with all the bragging about components that goes on, people seem to forget those little details.


    BTW, I am running what would now be considered a mid-range or lower machine: Athlon 2800, 1gig PC3200, geForce 5600 (256mb). Not a screamer, but I am comfortably running TSL with AA and Antiscopic x4 and soft shadows enabled at 1280x1024 / 32. I only get a noticeable drop when mist is involved. (poison gas traps)


    Not denying your problems as many seem to be having them, just pointing out maybe something overlooked.


    I can't help you with the story because I am enjoying so far.

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