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  1. Anyone else notice that the human female is putting her hand on the human male's thigh, and looking at him, while all the other females are looking to their left? Thought it was funny.


    The dwarf female makes no sense. Her lower half is the part that is slightly out-of-proportion with respect to a normal human (and, no, I don't mean that she's fat; you won't find a bigger fan of women like Christina Hendricks than me). Meanwhile, the dwarf male's torso is out-of-proportion to a normal human. Shouldn't they both have either slightly too-large torsos, or slightly too-large legs/hips?

  2. 2. Hawke is fully-voiced.


    Is it confirmed, or it's just a guess?

    While I'm sure it will be so, I'd like to hear a confirmation before going spread information that may or may not be correct.


    Hmm, good point. I was sure that I saw some post by Priestly about it somewhere, but now I can find it. I'll move it to hypotheses.




    Is Hawke Morrigan's child?


    Heh, honestly, there's too little information to even speculate about that.

    Honestly, I'd prefer if he/she wasn't, since it would make that choice in Dragon Age the 'canon' one.


    True. Not a fan of that choice, should it actually prove to be the case. Would much rather have Hawke have his/her greatness come from within than from a standard fantasy device.

  3. So that discussion isn't taking up all of the "Random" thread, thought I'd start a thread just for DA2.


    What we know:


    1. You play as Hawke, a human refugee from a Blight (http://dragonage.bioware.com/ under News).

    2. Hawke can be male or female (http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/141/index/3052363%26lf%3D8#3052619).

    3. Story is to cover a decade and is more personal, as it focuses on the hero's journey (http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/).

    4. Not set in Ferelden.


    What is being hypothesized:


    1. Story may take place in Nevarra, or the Free Marches (http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/141/index/3052373)


    Is Hawke Morrigan's child?


    3. Hawke may be fully voiced.

  4. I mean, don't get me wrong: At least 20% of the lyrics make no sense and are only put in there because they rhyme and fit the beat. Still, I was expecting much, much worse. She has a decent voice, and, as I said earlier, it reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock.

  5. I can give a few details: The protagonist is named Adam, who works for the Seraph Corporation




    Trailer is fab. Won't stop the negative nancys from complaining though.


    Yeah, caught that after the trailer went back up.


    So far, liking Adam a lot better than J.C.

  6. BG2 had an inventory item, your baby from Aerie and you. I never romanced Aerie because she's a whiny annoying sack of whine, so I don't know if that made it into the game.


    It did. Was rather touching, too, with Jaheira serving as the midwife. The Aerie romance was much better in ToB than in BG2, and it was reflected in the game, as her actual recorded battlecries changed.

  7. He doesn't speak Spanish, what other choice does he have but to play along with the fighting parties in Mexico?


    Heh, slight derailment, but his inability to speak Spanish makes Mexico a laugh-riot. The things people say around him that he just never knows. Rockstar did a good job of making you feel like John in Mexico, by making so much of the dialog in Spanish and not having translations.

  8. Pedant's Corner - in the ad the main character has a belt of what looks like a belt of FMJ 7.62 ball link wrapped around him. Is there a machine gun in this game? If there is the ammo belt would have been cloth / fabric, unless there's also a time travel mechanic.

    You do get to fire a Maxim at one point (which is awesome btw), but I don't know what the ammo belt would have looked like.


    The end is awesome as is but the song that kicks up at the credits seals it for me as one of the best endings in a game ever. :sorcerer:


    "Your hands upon a dead man's gun and you're looking down the sights... your heart is worn... and the seems are torn... and they've given you reason to fight... and you're not going to take what they've got to give... and you're not going to let them take your will to live cause they've taken enough and you've given them all you can give and luck wont save them tonight."



    I shed manly tears at that point. John Marston was an awesome character.


  9. Well people playing here tell me that even without using dead eye ( no one uses auto-aim anyway) you don't have to worry about a thing. enough bullets, enough money and health regenerates fast , so other than misjudging the situation or falling recklessly into a trap there's no real danger.


    Considering that I had to consult an IGN video to figure out auto-aim after two days of wondering where it was, I'd have to say that I've found it challenging enough.

  10. ^ Calm down, most people on this thread have been exceedingly open-minded about firearms ownership. I was just suggesting that perhaps we should draw the line at anti-aircraft guns or .50 cal machineguns. Or does that make me some sort of Volvo-driving hippy?


    With all due respect, why can't the average citizen be allowed to buy and own military-grade weapons? Of course, there's a caveat in that question: How many average Americans (with average income of non-governmental employees being $40k per annum) do you think could afford military-grade weapons? How many could afford to purchase, maintain, and arm just one tank? Odds are that those who could afford that would be the least likely to (as America's wealthy have moved more and more to the political left on nearly all issues, including gun control).

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