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  1. 35 minutes ago, trek554 said:

    I think anyone saying this game runs fine the whole time is oblivious at best. I have seen NUMEROUS hitches and stutters and the newest drivers made zero difference.  My hardware has nothing to with it either as it is not even close to be fully taxed at 1440p with a 1080 ti. 

    I see the same thing. I think it's how they're doing the texture streaming. 

  2. I have been unable to exit combat multiple times after killing Simoc and all his men in the quest Sacrificial Bloodlines.  The first time I talked to his son and then went back and attacked him so I instead tried reloading and just attacking him right away when he asks me to kill the girl.  I still have the same problem.  since I am inside I can't exit the area and can't loot anything.  Will skip for now since I don't feel like doing the fight again.


    Same problem.


    For folks that are concerned about the companion stats aren't retroactive, why not just use the command line to update the stats to patch the new official stats (I think it': AttributeScore charname attribute value)

    I'll second this.  If that disables achievements, you can always grab the mod here which allows you change stats and not disable achievements. 




    Thanks for the reminder -- yet, I'm using IE Mod. I'm not sure whether this Console attribute modifiers would normally invalidate Steam achievements or not. Regardless, I change all my companions stats to match their new values in about 10 minutes. So, if this is important to you, you can do this.

  4. I've not experienced any of the bugs (30+ hours, mostly replays of the first chapters :)). I 'naturally' dragged equipment in the inventory rather than double-clicking, which seems to have avoided the worst one.


    Check your companion stats. The stat stacking bug can be subtle. I only noticed it in my game because blonde fighter guy was tanking entire encounters without getting hit.

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  5. You don't get XP explicitly for killing things.  When you fight a new type of creature, it will create an entry in your journal about the creature, which will net you some xp.  You can then get additional xp for killing that same type of creature to a certain limit, and once you've completely filled out the beastiary entry, you will get no further xp for killing that kind of creature. 


    That's exactly what I'm seeing -- thank you for the explanation. I think I like this mechanic.

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