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  1. I've been away from here for a while, and I just read all the locked threads... and I didn't want to start a new thread and possibly a new flame war or whatever, but the short of it is that Eisu and Aimo have left the board?

    Have they just dropped off into nowhere, or are they still around somewhere else?


    Anyhoo, thanks.

  2. 2. The first photo of visas looks like she's wearing sunglasses or something.  What is it exactly that I'm looking at?


    3. Does the comic dwelve into Visas past?  Katarr is a whole planet of force users, so is  it safe to say that Visas was already practicing lightsabers and force well before being taken under Nihilus' wing? Perhaps even  a Jedi? or maybe the Miraluka had their own force displine going like the Jal Shey or Matukai?


    4. Does the comic give more insight into Nihilus' character?


    2. I'm assuming she's been completely corrupted, which is why her sockets are blackened/empty.


    3. Nope, it's the exact same dialog you get if you talk to her.


    4. Nope again!


    I have to say, that looks pretty creepy.


    BTW: what is this paperback I keep hearing about? Is there a novelization of KOTOR coming out that I don't know about?


    A Trade Paperback is, at least in North America, just a collection of previously released issues bound together into one book. ;)

  3. I know I'm a sucker for this stuff, but I loved all the love triangle bits, from both genders... too bad it wasn't fleshed out more. :thumbsup:

    (My favourite parts of the triangle would be when Brianna fights Visas or when Atton fights Disciple on Malanchor)


    I don't think I hate any part of the game though... some parts I found boring or annoying, but nothing that I outright hated.

  4. Basically, if you're male, either Visas or Brianna stay at the temple to guide new recruits after you and Revan.


    If you're female, Atton follows you to find Revan... unless he sacrificed himself to fight Sion.

    I have no idea what Disciple does... it's lame that he doesn't get a similar ending, especially if you pick him to be your "love interest".


    That's basically all that's there in the dialog files themselves that relate to the events after you kill Kreia. Maybe there's more that I'm missing.


    (There's some stuff with G0-T0, Remote, HK-47 and HK-51s, but I'm not sure how it relates to the ending... because, the male ending only makes sense if you're darkside and let Malanchor "live", yet there doesn't seem to be a "lightside" male ending... blerp, I'm confusing myself. :thumbsup: )

  5. That comic does sound quite appealing actually, since i have always been wondering what was 'under the veil' of Visas, as Sikon said



    The quick retelling of Visas' background

    (w00t) :thumbsup: (w00t) :luck: (w00t) :wub: (w00t) :wub:




    *squeals and dances*


    Unless you guys are really desperate to see the story, I would suggest waiting for the trade paperback...


    The comic book itself is 6 bucks, and to be honest, it's not really worth it if you want that story alone. At least with the trade, you get the KoTOR1 back story as well.


    (There's a Darth Maul origin story, a stupid Jango Fett story/parody that just wasn't funny, and a story that is the last part of a 6 part series... so... you're basically paying 6 bucks for 5 pages of Visas... :lol: )

  6. I think I heard MCA say that he was going to explore Visas and Nihlius' background a bit in Star Wars Tales.


    I wonder if this is the one he was referring to.


    Jags is gonna be happy to see his lady love (all no eyes and all).


    Yup, that's what they were referring to. Though, it's nothing new unfortunately. :)


    If you guys can wait, you might want to buy the Trade Paperback... that way, you can get the KoTOR1 story too.

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