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  1. Wallstreet is out of control, its screwing up our economy. It was a nice try to keep it completely privatized but I believe its time to step in and have some sort of oversight.

    Teeth, Wall Street (although it is inaccurate in the extreme to refer to is as an actual entity) IS completely private. In the United States companies are ALL privately owned. Either by single owners, board of directors, employees, or stock holders. The federal government has VERY limited constitutional powers in regulating private business and it sounds like what you are calling for is expansion of government power beyond constitutional bounds. That is very dangerous road to go down. Or are you calling for the nationalization of private business? That my friend is communisim.

  2. I still trade e-mails with some people I worked with back when I was involved in politics. One of them just stepped down at the treasurer of the Republican Party of Florida. He thinks (based on the buzz in Talahassee) the McCain running mate will be either former US Rep JC Watts from OK or Charlie Crist the Governor of Florida.


    JC Watts is an interesting choice. He is fiscally very conservative, almost libertarian. But socially he is more along McCain's mold. But he has been out of politics for a few years now so I doubt they will go that way, or that he would even be interested. I really like the man though, I'd vote for him alone.


    Charlie Crist makes a ton of sense. He is a very popular southern governor that is ideologically VERY much like McCain. He has created a real bi-partisan coalition in Florida and has succeeded in everything he has tried to do so far. I would hate to see him go but he would make an outstanding VP and would be a solid choice for President in 2016 if they win this year. And if they come up short he would be well positioned for 2012.

  3. I found this picture in an old back up disk from two computers back. I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. I was a Panthers Season Ticket holder from 1999-2004 and I got to go to the All-Star Game in 2003. I took this during the national anthems. BTW, Panthers 8 Leafs 0. How about that!



  4. Hillary is what we call a "machine politician". She will not go "Rambo" believe me. However, she will give this country a double barreled gut shot blast of big government that will certainly begin with massive tax increases. She will increase not only the scope and power of the federal government (that is a bad thing in the US) she will exponentially increase it's rate of growth. That will only accelerate the current trend of major corporations leaving the US for foreign shores because it has simply become too expensive and difficult to operate here. She will not consider privatization of any public service no matter how inefficiently it is run by government. She has shown utter disdain for the military and the men and women who serve in it, and she will ransack it's funding much like Bill did. At the same time she will not want to be perceived as "weak" so she will keep up the same operational schedule and tempo. In the judiciary she thinks Ruth Bader Ginsberg (who was HER choice, not Bills) is the ideal supreme court justice. So she will appoint judges who (like her) have utterly zero respect for the Constitution in both letter and intent. In short, a Hillary presidency would be an utter nightmare, the worst of all possible scenarios. Couple that with a democratic congress and I might have to move to Canada because the taxes will be less and they will have more personal freedom.


    Obama is Jimmy Carter take 2. People are comparing him to Kennedy but that makes no sense to me. Kennedy believed in strong national defense, measured confrontation is foreign policy, and smaller government intrusion in business. That is NOT Obama. He is a big government liberal who thinks all problems are solved by raising taxes and throwing money at it no matter how wasteful it is. In foreign policy he has said we would

    1) Pull out of Iraq now no matter the consequences. That will of course leaves another war to fight 10 years later just like the gulf war did.

    2) Negotiate with Iran and Al Qaeda (as if that were possible).

    3) "Take our allies to task" were his exact words. He has even mentioned attacking Pakistan.

    So he wants to attack allies and make nice with sworn enemies? Yes, sounds like Carter to me. He has little business experience and will make at best an ineffective domestic policy executive. Since he is not a "machine politician" he may actually create some meaningful policy and reforms and he will not galvanize a natural opposition to everything he does like Hillary will. In the judiciary I expect him to show little regard to the Constitution and appoint judges in the mold of John Paul Stevens and David Souter.


    For the Republicans the primaries are now essentially over. Romney, well, he was a good candidate but after today he's done. Huckabee is a potential running mate for McCain but he's going nowhere by himself. And thats good because he has disguised himself as some kind of "southern preacher/politician/prophet" come to save the country from itself. He talks like a political conservative but he certainly did not govern Arkansas that way. I find people like him extremely disingenuous and I thin he's make a terrible president.


    McCain is the lesser of all evils. He is pretty moderate in all areas except national defense. He is a big proponent of developing and expanding defensive technologies such as missile defense systems. I believe he would reduce the size of the military while at the same time upgrade the weaponry and technology and move more in the direction of unmanned systems. Bush and Clinton before him believed defense spending was mainly Boots, Beans, and Bullets. That was true in the 20th Century but not now I think. In the judiciary he says he will appoint constructionists and points to John Roberts as his ideal so I like that about him. He will expand the scope and power of the Federal government and has shown a disturbing attitude towards the Constitution, particularly the 1st and 4th amendment issues like wire tapping and campaign finance reforms. But he would not be near so harmful as Obama or Hillary would. In domestic policy I believe he will increase personal income takes, that is a bad thing but he will moderate by reducing corporate taxes which will help keep unemployment and overall consumer costs a little lower than a Dem would.


    McCain is not a GREAT choice but given the current field, he is the BEST choice. I'm voting for him

  5. It depends on the how you view temporal changes. Some say that time will change in an instant at the present whenever you change the past. In other works of science fiction when you introduce changes to the past it creates a tangent timeline which is splintered from the original. While other authors view time has to "catch up" whenever changes are done in the past so those in the present have moments to reacts before the changes are permanent.


    "Circular temporal physics makes me dizzy."


    I'd think if such a thing were possible any change would happen instantly, the very moment a time jump happened. Heck the very act of sending someone through time cannot help but change the future from the point they appeared. No matter what they do they will effect some change that may seem small in the present tense but make unknowable changes in the future. That was the premise to Ray Brabury's The Sound of Thunder.


    But of course it is impossible. I think Stephen Hawking said it best, if time travel were possible they would already be here telling us about it.

  6. Looks good to me. But the mess we make when we go and tamper around with the timeline. If Skynet was so smart if would go back to the time before Sarah was concieved and kill one or both of her parents.


    Actually, if you really want to start poking at the whole concept let's look at the first movie:


    Event 1: Skynet has a time machine, they are losing the war. They send terminator back in time to kill JC.

    Event 2: Shortly after resistance wins, finds time machine and sends someone back in time to stop teminator.


    Why did they bother? If time did not change the instant the terminator went back it's obvious he blew it and there would be no need to save anyone. And if he did kill Conner, none of the resistance or machines would ever know about it anyway. The whole concept is a little screwy no matter how you look at it.

  7. Outgroup meet ingroup. Not a matter of political correctedness, however if you're a Cherokee you'll identify yourself as Cherokee before you say "I'm an Indian." To call yourself Indian implies your knowledge of the group comes from a source other than the group itself.


    Or so I would presume.


    Kudos Tale, that is one of the most intelligent posts I've read here in quite a while. A few years ago I did a design project for a site in the Micosooke Reservation in west Miami-Dade county. The property manager out there and I got to talking about that very subject. He said something to the effect "I'm not an indian, I was born in Florida, not India. I'm a Micosooke."


    So I guess the answer to Fengs question is to move to India. At least you can say hello to Ros once you get there! :grin:

  8. CANBERRA, Australia - A man rescued his colleague from the jaws of a crocodile in northern Australia but accidentally shot the unlucky co-worker in the process, police said Wednesday.


    The two farmhands were collecting wild crocodile eggs on a riverbank Tuesday in Northern Territory when a crocodile snatched one of them, Jason Green, by the arm, the Northern Territory Police said in a statement.


    "The male colleague shot at the crocodile, causing it to let go of the victim's arm, but a further shot hit the victim in the upper right arm," the statement said.



    The two men had been collecting eggs to boost the crocodile population at their farm in the northern city of Darwin. Their employer sent a helicopter that flew Green to a Darwin hospital for surgery.


    Police Commander Bob Harrison said Green's injuries were not life-threatening.


    "He's going to be very sick and sorry and have a very good story to tell," Harrison told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.


    Police could provide no information about the crocodile's condition.


    Link: Article


    If Croc wrestling ever bcomes an olympic sport you know the Aussies will own it. it will make up for not getting any marksmanship medals! :sweat:


    The part I like best is the victim was shot after the croc let go. But he will be ok so it's funny.

  9. World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Dies

    Jan 18, 7:07 AM (ET)



    REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) - Bobby Fischer, the reclusive American chess master who became a Cold War icon when he dethroned the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky as world champion in 1972, has died. He was 64.


    Fischer died Thursday in a Reykjavik hospital, his spokesman, Gardar Sverrisson, said. There was no immediate word on the cause of death.


    Born in Chicago and raised in Brooklyn, Robert James Fischer was a U.S. chess champion at 14 and a grand master at 15. He beat Spassky in a series of games in Reykjavik to claim America's first world chess championship in more than a century.


    The event was given tremendous symbolic importance, pitting the intensely individualistic young American against a product of the grim and soulless Soviet Union.


    It also was marked by Fischer's odd behavior - possibly calculated psychological warfare against Spassky - that ranged from arriving two days late to complaining about the lighting, TV cameras, the spectators, even the shine on the table.


    Spassky said in a brief phone call from France, where he lives, that he was "very sorry" to hear of Fischer's death.


    Fischer's reputation as a genius of chess soon was eclipsed by his idiosyncrasies.


    Fischer was world champion until 1975, when he forfeited the title and withdrew from competition because conditions he demanded proved unacceptable to the International Chess Federation.


    After that, he lived in secret outside the United States. He emerged in 1992 to confront Spassky again, in a highly publicized match in Yugoslavia. Fischer beat Spassky 10-5 to win $3.35 million.


    The U.S. government said Fischer's playing the match violated U.N. sanctions against Yugoslavia, imposed for Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic's role in fomenting war in the Balkans.


    Former Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov said Fischer's ascent of the chess world in the 1960s was "a revolutionary breakthrough" for the game.


    "The tragedy is that he left this world too early, and his extravagant life and scandalous statements did not contribute to the popularity of chess," Kasparov told The Associated Press.


    Over the years, Fischer gave occasional interviews with a radio station in the Philippines, often digressing into anti-Semitic rants and accusing American officials of hounding him.


    He praised the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, saying America should be "wiped out," and described Jews as "thieving, lying bastards." His mother was Jewish.


    He also announced he had abandoned chess in 1996 and launched a new version in Argentina, "Fischerandom," a computerized shuffler that randomly distributes chess pieces on the back row of the board at the start of each game.


    Fischer claimed it would bring the fun back into the game and rid it of cheats.


    He renounced his American citizenship and moved in 2005 to Iceland, accepting an offer of citizenship from the country still grateful for its role as the site of his most famous match.


    Fischer had been detained for nine months detention in Japan for trying to leave the country using an invalid U.S. passport. Japan agreed to release him after he accepted Iceland's offer of citizenship.


    Fischer told reporters that year that he was finished with a chess world he regarded as corrupt, and sparred with U.S. journalists who asked about his anti-American tirades.


    "The United States is evil. There's this axis of evil. What about the allies of evil - the United States, England, Japan, Australia? These are the evildoers," Fischer said.



    Link: Link



    You know, based on that last sentence I could swear he posted on this board.

  10. Except if Mexicans become the majority of America it will be an impoverished and corrupt nation that will fall if it already hasn't.


    Slug when I first read this I laughed because I thought you were blending sarcasam and drama. Then I realized you were serious. I was going to post something to repudiate you until I realized the Mexicans have owned Mexico for almost 200 years and they haven't exactly turned it into a paradise. So...

  11. Reading A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffet. Unlike most of his other stuff this is not a long winded version of one of his songs. It is a pretty good story. Just started The Wild Within by Paul Rezendes. This book was seriously overated so far but I'll stick with it.

  12. If you are truly a cynic you can see Bush setting Bhutto up that she will get killed by terrorists, thus justifying a stronger US military pressence in Pakistan, placing Musharraf as a puppet ruler using martial law to take a firm hold on the country. This gives us another border in which we can surround Iran with. Iraq on one side, Afghanistan and Pakistan on the other. Prepping up for an invasion.

    You (and Pop, WITHTEETH, and others) have posted a number of time about how dumb the current admin is, and how dumb Bush in particular is. But at the same time you think he is capable of the most devious and subtle of Machiavellian plots. Hmmm. Sounds like a logical disconnect to me.


    But cynicisim does fit you like a second skin. :lol:

  13. NEW YORK (AP) -- Who says there's nothing new on your TV?


    Not video gamers.


    As the Hollywood writers strike drags toward 2008, the video game industry is hoping a lack of fresh episodes in prime-time could motivate more people to pick up video game controllers instead of remotes -- especially with the millions of Wiis and copies of "Call of Duty 4" under Christmas trees this holiday season.


    "If you're a fan of network programming, maybe seeing another repeat of 'Pushing Daisies' or 'Cold Case' will inspire you to finish that level of 'Ratchet and Clank Future' instead," suggests Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.


    Because game publishers rely almost completely on nonunion talent to create video games, the Writers Guild of America walkout, now in its eighth week, hasn't been an issue for the gaming industry. Only a handful of game writers are represented by the WGA, and they fall outside of the jurisdiction of the current strike.


    "There's a much better relationship between game developers and publishers than there appears to be in terms of all the polemics between the writers, producers and studios," says Olin.


    During the five-month writer's strike in 1988, gamers were just beginning to become infatuated with "Tetris" -- not exactly a narrative form. In the 20 years since the addictive bricks fell, plot and Hollywood have both become integral parts of interactive entertainment.


    With new games now pegged to almost every major blockbuster movie, most of the major studios -- Warner Bros., Walt Disney Co. and Sony Corp., for example -- now have their own gamemaking divisions.


    Two years ago, however, a tussle between Hollywood and Silicon Valley threatened a strike of its own.


    The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists voted to strike against game publishers after they rejected an agreement seeking to boost pay for voice acting in games. Ultimately, game publishers refused to dispense residuals -- a slice of profits from every game sold -- but agreed to a 36 percent pay raise.


    "The game production model has always been predicated on a buyout of performance," says Olin. "Games were sold in toy stores. For a long time, production teams only consisted of two people: an artist and an engineer. Now that technology has expanded, it's a lot more complicated."


    Game developers sometimes hire authors or screenwriters to pen the thousands of lines of dialogue players may encounter in a game. When publisher Ubisoft tapped Telltale Games to create video games based on "CSI," the developer consulted with the CBS show's writers, but hired "CSI" novelist Max Allan Collins to write the dialogue.


    "Anytime we have the ability to work with writers, it improves the quality of the game," says Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale Games. "They're a great body of talent that generates a ton of creative work."


    Connors says no union scribes have composed quips for "Sam & Max," Telltale's popular episodic comedy-adventure game series based on the comic book of the same name. Instead, everyone who's contributed to "Sam & Max" has worked in another capacity on the game, like in programming or designing.


    "Writing is something we look for in everybody we hire," says Connors.


    For the first time, the WGA will recognize game writing at the 2008 Writers Guild Awards, a move that WGA West president Patric M. Verrone hopes will raise the profile of game writers.


    Not that the gaming industry needs any resuscitation.


    Nielsen Media Research doesn't yet count how many people play video games across multiple platforms in the same way they calculate TV viewership, but research from the NPD Group, which measures gaming industry sales, says people are buying more gaming software and hardware than ever before.


    Sales of consoles, games and accessories hit $2.63 billion in November, up 52 percent from last year. Sales of games alone hit $1.3 billion in November, up 62 percent from last year, according to NPD.


    Strike or no strike, the gaming industry is welcoming everyone.


    "My hope is that people who are used to watching new programming on TV discover gaming as an entertainment alternative," says Connors. "Obviously, it will have to be a pretty prolonged strike for that to happen, but I think it's a definite possibility."




    I guess this comes as no surprise to me as a well written/excecuted/produced computer game is vastly more entertaining than any dreck TV series theses days. But since I only watch Football, Hockey, Baseball, Discovery and National Geographic anyway this writers strike hasn't impacted me in the least anyway. I spent more time on NWN2 & Oblivion last year than watching network TV I think.


    Now if only we can get a few more well written/excecuted/produced computer games! :lol:

  14. I took off work early today and saw I Am Legend. Very well done, but could have been done a little better. It was obvious some things were cut out. I can't wait to see the Director's Cut. This was definitely the best of the three movie adaptations.

    Glad to see one good review. I hate all this "Oh Will Smith is ruining classics!!" I happen to be a very big Will Smith fan and I think he's a great guy and a good actor. I thought I Robot was a decent action flick and I was really hoping this one turned out good as well. I also want to read the book too since I heard its good but the movie is quite different. Not too sure how I'll like the cgi but w/e Will Smiths body looks awesome in this one and I mean that in a totally hetero I'm jealous of how lean and sculpted he is.

    I can't think of a single actor who could have done that part better than Smith did. He was front center for 98% of the movie, and only the dog gets as much camera time as he did. It takes a lot of gravitas to pull that off and he did it very well. My only complaints with this movie were:

    They should have added an extra 10-15 min dealing with the effects of isolation on him. They did address it but it was handled pretty abruptly. Also about halfway through the movie the behavior of the mutants begins to change, they begin to organize. They call special attention to it but they never come back to it. It sounds like that sub plot got cut. There were a few other loose ends that made you think part of the movie was missing.



    None of that detracts much from the story. The tension this movie builds is incredible. It is similar to 28 days but better.

  15. Everything you said sounds correct. *sigh* right then, some nasty phone calls on Monday.

    Buckethead...if they continue to bill you, tell them to shove it up their ass. They accepted your contract under the accepted conditions. If there is an error, it is typically weighted against the contract writer ( as they are expectd to know what they are doing ). If they continue to bill you, protest the billing with you credit card as fraud as they are billing you but not providing you with the agreed upon service. They broke the service agreement, not you. You simply acted as the agent required you to do so. If there is a flaw in the transaction, it is upon the 'agent' to correct the problem not you! This is law. If some slack-jawed piece of crap decides to push the issue, remind them of the Magnisun Loss Act in which case in which case all legal fees will be religated to the looser of the law suit as it is a 'specific performanance' loss. In a nutshell...If you buy a refrigerator, it is not unreaseonable ( sp? ) to expect it to behave as a refrigerator for a reasonable amount of time, reguardless of what the warranty states. Your contract was accepted by a recognised agent of the service provider and it woud be reasonable to expect that they hold up their end of the agreement as they are the professionals. They accepted your contract under the information supplied and in is reasonable to expect that their agent 'had a clue' as to what was required to fullfill the requirements, NOT YOU! They are the profionals ( WTF!!!! Sp? ) and and expected to know how to write a contract.

    One of the nice thing about the Magisun Loss Act is the legal fees are covered in the suit IF you win. Your legum will know this. If the maggots threaten to mark you credit with an unpaid contract agreement, tell them that you will will file against them with a 'Slander of Credit' with the Federal Trade Commission ( and be ready to do so.). It could get ugly at this point but contact me if you need to and I will let know how to do so as I am in the process of the with my daughter ( and you better believe I am a viscious, knife-in-the-ear, son-of-a-bitch where my daughter is concerned!!! ).


    Good advice for rattling someone on the phone. It won't work with some one on the other side who knows what they are doing. I've never heard of the Magisun Loss Act and a google turned up nada. The short answer is if the contract states "Thou shalt pay at least X$ no matter what" you really don't have a leg to stand on. However, US law will not help Krezack much I'm afraid, I believe he is in Austrailia.


    Krezack, I doubt they will continue to bill you. Most contracts have out clauses for both parties. If you wished to terminate a cell service contract early there is usually an agreed upon fee based on how long you have been in the contract spelled out. If the cell company subsidized a phone they would ask you to pay for it (pro-rated value). If THEY terminate it, as in your case, they will probably ask for the phone back. I would get your contract out and read it over and see exactly what their and your responsibilities are. Since the contact is not being terminated due to any faliure to comply with terms on your part (as in non-payment) you will probablt not have a very hard time with them.

  16. I took off work early today and saw I Am Legend. Very well done, but could have been done a little better. It was obvious some things were cut out. I can't wait to see the Director's Cut. This was definitely the best of the three movie adaptations.

  17. medieval 2 total war


    playing as the scots


    english decided to attack me, i killed them

    pope excommunicated the french, i got him to call a crusade against Paris, and killed them

    the holy roman empire attacked me, i killed them

    the milanese attacked me, i'm in the process of killing them


    the lesson here is, of course, don't **** with the scots :)



  18. Oblivion again. New chartacter, concept and strategy. This time I will finish. Yes indeed. THIS time. I will get to the end. I won't get sick of it half way through. Yep, this is the run through I finally complete. Mhmmm. this it. yes I know I said that before, but this time...

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