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  1. 19 minutes ago, Keyrock said:

    I wish Hollywood wouldn't remake Paul Verhoeven's classics. What are the odds the new director's vision and execution will be better than Verhoeven's? Practically nil. Remake movies that had a good premise but came up short on implementation, not movies that are already amazing and still absolutely hold up.

    I can only come up with one remake off the top of my head that was not a complete disappointment. The Cohen Brothers remake of True Grit. 

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  2. I finally got around to watching the remake of Total Recall. The plot was nonsensical. It had none of the kitsch of the Arnold Schwarzenegger version. And it also bore little resemblance to the PKD short story. Although that’s probably for the best. But it wasn’t a terrible thing to watch. Plus it had Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel in it. And they actually had a fight scene together. That was worth the time spent by itself LOL.

    but I did spot two call backs to the original movie and got a chuckle out of each.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    just out of curiosity, what is it about wearing a mask which offends you? from our pov is a minor inconvenience, but am knowing some persons have.... philosophical reservations. 

    am not gonna reply, so feel free to respond sans judgement, but am genuine interested to hear what evokes such a reaction ("Well… I am NOT going to do it.") to cdc guidance in light o' the transmissibility o' the delta variant and the current (as well as projected) increases in hospitalizations and deaths. spreads asymptomatic, so...

    obviously is no need to explain self, but am admitted curious.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Nothing at all. If you’ve got to do it you’ve got to do it. Before I got vaccinated I put the damn thing on whenever I went in the store. After I got my second shot I stopped wearing it. So now they’re suggesting we put them on again. Well my interaction with the other humans is really minimal these days. The Kroger in town has started grocery delivery which is freaking awesome. Tractor supply will do curbside pick up, order online and you don’t even have to go in. Those are about the only two brick and mortar stores I ever visit. The only time I’ve even left my house this month was to go cut the grass on my vacant lots.

    I was trying to be humorous. It wasn’t a comment so much on having to put the mask back on as it was not having anywhere to wear it.

    Edit: The post office. That is the one building I do have to go in two or three times a week. There’s no mail delivery where I live. So I have a PO Box in town. So yes when I go pick up my mail I’ll put the mask back on then. The vets office too. But not so regular.

  4. 22 minutes ago, Gorth said:


    Edit2: UBI is never going to work as a patch on the problem, it will only lead to explosive inflation and the top 1% getting richer still, while the rest keep getting poorer.

    You were spot on the money on that observation. That thousand dollars a month of UBI will be meaningless when it has a quarter of the purchasing power.

  5. If you’ve been watching the news in the United States you would be under the impression that violent crime is exploding across the country. Particularly in the big cities. Maybe it is. I couldn’t say for sure. Don’t care enough to do any research. Of course some folks are associating the rise in crime with the “defund the police” movement. Again possibly true but I don’t care enough to actually research it. But I do know a couple of stories have surface lately where certain mayors in politicians have been spending lavishly of the tax payers money on private security. All while talking the talk about defunding the police. I don’t know if they’re actually defunding the police or not, again don’t care. But this was interesting Former US senator Barbara boxer assaulted and robbed in Oakland

    fortunately she wasn’t hurt. But apparently even a former US senator is not safe. 

    Hell will freeze before you ever again see me in a city larger than Covington. And as for crime, well I seriously doubt anyone’s going to go looking in the sticks for houses to break into. It’s generally accepted  that is an unhealthy activity to say the very least.

  6. I’ve had a serious craving for Japanese food lately. There’s no good Japanese places within 500 miles of here. In fact the last place I got good food was actually in Japan. Sometimes I wish I was sitting on the wood picnic tables outside Mi House at the foot of Mt Futenma on Okinawa eating a big plate of Yaka Soba and sashimi and drinking a big steel can of Orion.

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  7. All of the Star Trek shows do need a few seasons to “hit their stride” so to speak. I didn’t really like any of the first episodes when I first saw them. DS9 I didn’t think much of when I saw the premiere episode but now when I rewatch it I think it’s really good. Maybe because as a younger man at the time I couldn’t really identify with Sisko. Now that I’m older and life has kicked me in the gut a few times I found him much more sympathetic. But the trend on Star Trek usually is to start week and finish strong(ish)

    BSG was the opposite. The miniseries was outstanding. The very first episode of the show, 33, was arguably the best of the whole run. By the end of season 1 when Adama was shot they had me eating out of their hand.

    season two did not disappoint either. Then after New Caprica it lost its way with the “final five” nonsense. The Starbuck death and resurrection made no sense. Oh my god when a show or a movie series kills off a character please just leave them in the ground. Looking at you Star Wars. Resurrecting dead characters is almost as lame as time travel.

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  8. Agree 100%. BSG fell flat with the “final five” business. Oh they were right here in front of us all along, ugh. All downhill from there.

    And time travel is a crutch for weak writing. 

    It wasn’t my intention to subvert the conversation with late run show writing failures. It is curious to me how many shows just can’t seem to “bring it in for a landing “ . I have long since lost interest in The Walking Dead. But I believe their finale is coming up. Curious to see if they can pull it off.


  9. I’m curious, did everybody like the way the Star Trek shows ended? TNG the last episode aimed high but missed. But the last scene at the poker table was nice. DS9 went the other way. A good ending episode with a closing sequence that just fell short for me. Voyager was ok. A vanilla milkshake. Enterprise was a rushed mess because it was. 

  10. 27 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    bsg soundtrack were kinda in the same vein of, "do it because it's going to be cool." the adama maneuver music is storming new caprica. bagpipes and taiko drums? oh, and lets get a few o' the guys from oingo boingo to contribute.

    kinda wish bsg had run outta money midway through the third season and had been canceled. an unceremonious and incomplete end woulda' been so much better than what we saw at end of season three and near entirety o' season four. if bsg had been cancelled, we could all lament 'bout what if instead o' cringing in remembrance o' what was. 

    HA! Good Fun!

    I could say the exact same thing for Game of Thrones. Yeah the BSG ending was weak. But nowhere near as nonsensical as GOT season 7 & 8. But let’s face it it’s really hard for a TV show to stick the landing. In fact I can only think of a few that ever did. MASH and Cheers definitely did. I’ve never seen breaking bad. At least not anything past season one. I heard it ended pretty well.

  11. 59 minutes ago, ComradeYellow said:

    Yeah until they try to rehabilitate them a few terms later ala GWBush.  I guess people have the attention span of a half stunned gnat if it takes a du jour villain to make them forget about the atrocities committed.  Obama as well, I can almost imagine Fox News trying to rehabilitate him if a true and proper progressive champion wins the presidency xD.

    May God protect us from ever having one of those.

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