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  1. 2 hours ago, Malcador said:


    “The men turned away and went toward Sodom,but Abraham remained standing before the Lord. Then Abraham approached him and said: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are fifty righteous people in the city? Will you really sweep it away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous people in it? Far be it from you to do such a thing—to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and the wicked alike Far be it from you! Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

    The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”

    Genesis 18: 22-27 NIV. 

    well as it turned out Abraham couldn’t even find 10 righteous men in Sodom. But it looks like Harrison Arkansas has at least one. The girl that gave him the note.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    No alcohol at all? Are you having a break or is this permanent, I always thought it was legally mandatory to drink whiskey if you live in Tennessee... whiskey production is an important  part of your state GDP  and its your patriotic duty to drink !!! 🍹

    Its like that butter law in Wisconsin where restaurants only provide good, healthy Wisconsin butter and not yukky margarine 


    😂. Nope, not a drop since middle of last year. But I wouldn’t worry overly much about the sipping whiskey business. They will do just fine without my contributions! Seriously are the only thing I drink nowadays are black coffee, unsweet iced tea and water. And Gatorade sometimes. And juice sometimes. I’ve cut way back on the amount of carbohydrates I eat. Most of my meals are now just protein and vegetable. And the majority the vegetables are the ones I grow. Can’t say the same about the meat because I can’t bring myself to actually kill my livestock. I get too attached to them.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    GD you know what always helps me with insomnia....or in my case I sometimes battle to fall asleep, I dont not sleep 

    Regular exercise, I know you active but do you exercise? Due to the pandemic I dont go to gym anymore but I do maintain my early morning walks ...say 4-5  times a week and I find when I exercise on that day  I fall asleep much quicker and easier 💤

    Not really. Although I should. I’ve got arthritis in my shoulder and both knees and still have soreness from the accident sometimes. But I am active and walk a lot. Even walking to cold creek is about a 20 minute walk each way with a decent incline on the way back. Plus I do eat right and I have completely given up booze

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  4. 52 minutes ago, Azdeus said:

    I'm sorry to hear about the insomnia, I've had some trouble sleeping the past few days aswell, though for entirely different reasons.

    I don't know about that, I'm very partial to Empire, but I have a massive fetish for that era. :p


    Bah empire the AI was terrible. Infantry would crouch behind a wall even if they were flanked and getting fired on from behind. Come to that I don’t think they ever tried to maneuver to prevent being flanked. And in the naval games I can’t tell you how many galleons I captured with a single frigate by just staying in front of them and turning periodically to fire at their masts. Cavalry would charge straight at squares, it was a hot mess. I could easily go in there and defeat an army two or three times my size.

  5. 3 hours ago, BruceVC said:

    I dont ever feel my week is normal without a post from Comrade that highlights his ideological inconsistency and blatant hypocrisy 

    You have  an issue with the country India which is an excellent and reliable economic partner because it is " fascist " yet you are fine with one party state of China that is involved in the mass rape and " re-education " of the Uighur Chinese Muslims in camps ?

    India is a Democracy and Modi was elected Democratically  yes their is a rise of Hindu nationalism in some parts of India but its a small issue compared to the autocratic reality of the CCP 

    India is an excellent choice for investment and understands the benefits of the free market, to quote from your article 

    From the macroeconomic standpoint, India has over a billion population and a growing middle class. Over the past five years, the Narendra Modi administration in India has been enacting reforms in land, labor and bankruptcy laws, opening up the socio-capitalist economy to the global markets. The reforms in these sectors have made the economy an attractive proposition for American private equity and asset management firms from Blackrock to Blackstone to diversify and grow their portfolio of investments in the economy.



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  6. 1 minute ago, Gromnir said:

    kinda the point. look at moon and consider what the earth would look like without atmosphere, not to mention no oceans or plate tectonics. moon should makes more apparent that large and small bodies, hurtling at speeds  ~40kmph or more, is also threatening earth. on a millions and billions o' year scale, we just don't see the evidence as we do on the moon.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Always figured that was the most likely way we go out. 

    Speaking of oceans and plate tectonics, imagine what would the earth look like with no moon. Or a moon of heavier or lighter mass even. It is a beautiful system isn’t it? So perfectly balanced.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    then again, looking at the surface o' the moon, one wonders if the defensive catcher skills o' the gas giant is more in line with mike piazza than the molina brothers.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Will have to work out Jupiters batting average to be sure. But if the moon actually had an atmosphere a good deal of whatever made those craters would’ve burned up before hitting the ground. And would’ve been much smaller once it did impact the ground. Plus if the moon had a decent atmosphere enough they could keep up a good pressure even if it’s not breathable we would probably have people living there

  8. My provider is a Co-Op, meaning a not for profit public utility. The price per kWh is fixed at like $0.11 and to raise they have get approval from the state. That is how most public utilities work including Texas. In THIS case,  if I’m understanding this correctly,  the entity is a reseller. In other words not a public utility rather a private entity that is offering a better rate without protection from what just happened. In THIS case it’s customers left the public utility to buy power from the same infrastructure at a reduced price. Or am I misunderstanding this situation? Like I said we don’t have anything like this here.

  9. 2 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    trying to reimagine a failure o' government regulation is what we would expect from gd, but after the recent faux pas with suggesting the victims o' the recent texas cold weather and resulting power failure 'coulda better prepared if they had 5-gallon propane stoves (*snort*) we woulda' expected at least a short period o' restraint from misguided championing o' free market forces.

    in this country, public utilities is not subject to same contract law gd suggests controls. is precise 'cause the consumer has few reasonable alternatives to the utility providers in their area that the government regulates such relationships. for example, arguable negligence on the part o' utility providers to winterize after receiving warnings from the fed after the cold weather o' 2011 would not be a viable excuse to raise power cost rates 100x in any state in the  US, save for texas. just 'cause the utility provider put language into their boilerplate when a person seeks to get the electricity turned on in their new apartment does not mean customers should be subject to pay for the mismanagement of the power company... except in texas.

    is a public utility, so ordinary contract law does not control... save for fact texas has largely ignored their responsibilities. different rules for public utilities, for what we hope is increasingly obvious reasons. 

    HA! Good Fun!

    ps statistic speaking, if a person intends on owning a home for five years or less, apr mortgages make perfect sense. is indeed a form o' legalized gambling, but such is hardly unique in our economy, and in that span o' time, the cost o' choosing wrong is likely small. if property becomes functional unsellable, and owner is complete upside down, then the risk were bad, but such is not necessarily a problem with apr. is perhaps surprising how many home owners sell in five years or less. keep in mind the average length o' home ownership is eight years, so...


    I got the impression from the paper these were not public utilities in the sense of most power providers. They were being described as "wholesalers" which made me think this was some kind of competitive enterprise to public utility. After all the crazy electric bills were not happening to everyone. There is no such a thing where I live but this is Texas we're talking about. Much like Florida things exist in Texas that could only exist in Texas. But, that was just my impression. I don't know exactly what a power "wholesaler" is. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Hurlshot said:

    Do they have options on this stuff? I know trying to read my pg&e bill is way above my paygrade. They recently changed my plan to a different tier automatically. I had to sign stuff to get it back to what it was before. The point is most typical consumers are not experts in this, and they really shouldnt need to be. There should be reasonable limits on the way a utitliy comapny can fleece you, given it is something we all rely on.

    Don't know. But speaking for myself I have nine real estate lease contracts including one that is a limited partnership between three land owners and another in a small business and you better believe I have a real estate lawyer going over every clause before I agree to any of it. Even the ones I control. I figure I'd rather pay her a few hundred bucks now to keep me out of trouble than a few thousand later to get me out a jam because I didn't have an expert read the contract. 

    At the end of the day it's all about contracts. You only get what you agreed to buy and pay for what you agreed to pay for. When you buy a car you sign a contract with the lien holder. You agree on the payment, interest and term as well as extras and default provisions, insurance responsibility, etc. It's all in there and they can't decide to jack up the interest later unless that is in the contract. This deal is nuts. They are agreeing to a variable price per kWh that can actually go up AFTER you have use it. That's like Outback calling you the next day and saying the price of the steak you had last night has gone up since you left the restaurant, please remit! Maybe this kind of service should not be allowed. But it is and I wonder why anyone would take that deal.

    But I also wonder why people buy timeshares for much the same reason. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Gorth said:

    You'll love this... some Texan Republican from Raithe's post:

    Adding insult to injury, many residents also received historically high energy bills as a result of the extreme weather — which McCaul said federal funds will help reimburse customers for.

    Damn commie Texans.

    That small government go-it-alone attitude is hard to keep up when they start handing other people’s money out isn’t it?

    speaking of which I do believe I’m eligible for unemployment in two weeks!

  12. I've been reading articles about the five figure power bills some folks are getting. I felt sorry for them until I read the circumstances. They are buying into a wholesale electric co-op where the price per kWh is tied to the energy production price. Most of the time it's a pretty good deal but when the capacity is over extended due to shortage those customers got a straight up bent over the table f-----g. Worst part is the wholesalers warrened them it was coming. Plus it's spelled out in the contract. Why on earth would anyone sign a contract to buy a widget when the costs of that widget are not fixed by the contract? It's like buying a variable rate mortgage. It's madness. You have no clue what price you are going to pay and no way to NOT pay it once it's used. I have to say that does lessen my sympathy for them because, as we said in the Marines, USMC = U Signed the Motherf-----g Contract. 

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  13. There’s a bright yellow ball of light hanging in the sky over my house today. I’m not sure what it is I think I remember seeing something like it in the distant past. Still pretty freaking cold out there though.

    it took an hour and a half to clean the solar panels and get everything powered back up that’s more than enough cold weather for me for the day I’m going back in to play fallout four

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