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  1. 1 hour ago, Maedhros said:

    Yes, of course, it's a matter of perspective. THEY think they're fighting to change it for the better. All I'm saying is it's silly to say someone hates their country just because they want to change it, and because their opinions differ from yours.

    No argument from me on that count. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, Maedhros said:

    Are we in the the Breitbart comments section? I'll ignore the good ol' socialism scare, but why do certain people always think wanting to change a country for the better has anything to do with hatred? Criticising your country isn't the same thing as hating it. To advocate positive change is the patriotic thing to do.

    Whether a change is for the better is strictly a matter of opinion. It sounds awesome when you hear they are giving everyone a free house. Less so when you hear they are giving away YOURS!

    Just an example. I'm not seriously suggesting they are taking anyone's house away. You gotta clarify s--t like that areoudn here lately! 

  3. The problem with the shuttle was weight. It's expensive to lift heavy things into orbit.  It's much more efficient to lift smaller payloads more frequently. And while the orbiter itself was reusable it's lift system wasn't. The orbiter could not carry more than it's own weight because of the limitations of the lift system. At a point in the design process it likley became clear to the engineering team the entire concept was flawed. But, this was a political directive. A space plane was asked for and a space they shall have.

    Another thig that went wrong with NASA starting in the late 80's and continuing was the people who were put in charge if it. The current administrator placed by the Orange Menace has no qualifications for the job. He is a purely political appointee. And he's not the first. 

  4. 56 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    why does this point not resonate more? not only did nasa do first, but they did forty years ago. 

    am thinking you are giving those nasa guys far less credit than they deserve. shoulders o' giants and all that.

    HA! Good Fun!

    But after thirty years what they actually produced was not what they conceptulaized. The biggest hindrance to NASA is, and has always been, politcs. Congressmen demanding production of certain systems by certain companies in certain states. All of which are in a postion to shut the whole thing down if they don't get their way. Most of whom are far more conerned in the process and their role in it than the outcome. One of the big reasons the unmanned program was outsourced to JPL was to avoid the infighting. 

    I read a great book a while back called Chasing New Horizons. It's about the Pluto flyby probe. There was a 10k' overview of the history of NASA. JPL, and the John Hopkins Applied Physics center. In short the NASA of today in no way resembles the organization that ran Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Voyager, Mariner, and the STS. More is the pity. There were people like George Low who worked very hard to prevent it from becoming just another bloated bureaucracy. But after Apollo it did. The fire went out.  

  5. 8 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    chicken or egg?

    intuitive we tend to think the professor reverses. look at the civil war and the medical advancements which came out of the conflict. you don't sudden decide to halt medical advancements in the hope o' preventing future wars or those who might die 'cause o' medical advancements. we ought to limit biomedical advancements until we attain world peace 'cause is possible such advancements will lead to bioweapons? idiotic suggestion.

    basics o' icbm technology existed before the so-called space race and the military involvement in such

    the only reason the US invested so heavily in peaceful applications o' space exploration is because o' the competition with the ussr. it were the military funding which accompanied kennedy's promise to beat the soviets to the moon which made the apollo missions possible. is not as if icbm tech and advancement woulda' stopped or been undermined by absence o' a space race, but all those peacetime applications resulting from nasa's and the soviet efforts to reach the moon woulda' been lost or retarded. 

    will need to read further, but after an admitted all too brief and unfair look, daniel deudney appears to have complete reversed the typical/ordinary progression. 

    oh, and while am knowing gd favors privatization o' space exploration, am disagreeing whole hearted. but for obama choices to defund nasa, we would likely already have returned to the moon and would be much further along in our goal o' reaching mars, and would be literal dozens and possible hundreds o' ordinary life altering technologies resulting from the need to overcome the scientific hurdles preventing us from safe returning to moon and then going to mars. so many wasted opportunities. any President who cuts nasa budget instant gains our derision and scorn. 


    the threat o' possible and future terraforming technology used in wartime applications is so utter remote and divorced from current 2020 reality as to beggar the imagination. any sorta serious consideration o' terraforming planets w/i the solar system is skipping so many intermediate steps as to make the suggestion comic.. but since am talking comic...

    moon hoaxers and those who wanna cut nasa budgets is on our list

    HA! Good Fun!

    Project Artemis is on schedule for manned lunar landings in 2024. Assuming funding isn't cut before then. Exploration for it's own sake is still Nasa's thing. Even if Obama did curtail it significantly and direct NASA to purely political ends. The Space Shuttle was in development even before project Mercury. The dream of a reusable space vehicle was 30 years in development when Columbia first launched in 1981. And it was not a reusable system. The orbiter itself was but it was over weight, overly complicated and contained five seperate systems that had to work together. I remember how impressed I was with it until after I got out of college and realized, from an engineering prespective, it was a hot mess.  SpaceX developed a repectably efficient nearly completely reusable heavy lift system in a quarter of the time. Private space exploration and NASA can easily co-exist. Ultimately their goals are different but compatible. 

    Anyway, they thing about this article is there seems to be a fear among academics of a military no longer under civilian control. This might be a concern in some countries but it really isn't in the US.

    Of course... there have been exceptions


  6. 34134443_1309375519196179_25220046673621



    This recent West Point graduate is Alex Idrache. He grew up in a slum in Haiti, and he tells the story of how U.S. soldiers were deployed to his neighborhood following the earthquake there several years ago. He says their presence was the first experience of "hope" he recalls in his childhood.

    He remembers looking at his dad and asking him who the people were that were helping. His dad looked at him and said, "They are American soldiers." He looked back at his father and said, "One day, I will be an American soldier."

    His father knew the situation in Haiti was unworkable and tried for several years to obtain a visa to come to the United States. After being denied for several years, he was finally granted a spot in Baltimore. He purchased a ticket on a boat for his family and left Haiti. They arrived and Alex, remembering his dream in the slum several years prior, looked for a way to join the U.S. Army. He found a national guard program that allowed him to join the Army in exchange for citizenship. He didn't hesitate.

    After a series of fortunate occurrences, he was given one of the few spots at West Point for prior enlisted soldiers. Despite his severe lack of formal education, he graduated as an honor graduate (top 5% physically and academically) and the top student in the Physics Department. This picture was taken just prior to tossing his hat in the air, the realization of a dream that began 10 years ago in a slum in Port-au-Prince

    Cool story. Good luck and Godspeed 2nd LT. Idrache. Many thanks!

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  7. 7 hours ago, Gromnir said:

    @Guard Dog

    one point we tangential spoke to but is possible gd and others is unaware, so am gonna address brief. 

    questions which come  before the Court is ordinarily novel in at least some important way. the democrats and more liberal media has done a fantastic job o' selling Americans on the notion that acb on the Court is a death knell for roe, griswold, obergefell and even loving. is not an unjustified position as multiple Justices has expressed a desire to overturn and so too does acb based on past articles.

    HOWEVER, and this is a big however, the affordable care act is what the democrats were hitting hard during the acb hearings, and is far less clear acb would vote to strike down obamacare based on the case coming before the Court. while it is true acb criticized the roberts decision upholding the aca, the current case is dealing with a novel legal question only tangential related to the previous aca case. the current aca case deals with a question o' law acb has addressed previous and her previous decisions actual suggest she would vote to preserve the aca insofar as the current case is concerned.

    'cause people do not know the law, politicians may spin issues such as acb and her threat to the aca. am thinking mcconnell efforts to get acb on the Court will backfire. as we noted previous, getting acb sworn in before the election means is no longer a voting issue, so no motivation to get apathetic conservatives to vote. however, the fear democrats managed to drum up insofar as the aca being in danger during a pandemic may just result in one and possibly a couple republican senators losing their seats. 

    long term the acb appointment may be a gain for conservatives, but if republicans lose the senate, it will be at least in part 'cause democrats adept used the hearings to create a whole lotta anger 'bout doomed roe and aca and the truth is the aca is looking anything but doomed from our pov.

    HA! Good Fun!

    Even if Roe were overtunred abortion would still be legal because nowhere is it illegal. Some state legislatures will be quick to act I think. Alabama and Utah most likely.  But most will have zero desire to punch that tar baby. They will make noise and talk the talk but nothing will materalize. Of course Congress could pass a law by next March that Biden (presumably) would no doubt sign. A law that in broad language prevents state governments from interfering in medical procedures where public assitance it not used to pay. I know 9 lawyers in Washington who would likely be very happy if they did. 

    Even if they rule the individual mandate is not severable and strike the whole law down (and I agre with you that won't happen. They had their shot) whatever deficinecies existed in the ACA can be fixed by the legislature. That is in fact their purpose. The criticisim that the Congress is relying on the SCOTUS to keep them from having to do their job is pretty well grounded in reality from what I see.

    ACB's confirmation, and Goresuch's, and Thomas's, and Bork's is a perfect example of H.L. Mencken's notion of using imaginary hobgoblins to keep the public alarmed. Unfortunately too many folks have no clue how their government works and are too stupid to know when they are being manipulated. Just look at any Trump rally. Or any Senate confimration hearing when a Democrat is speaking. 

  8. 15 hours ago, Gromnir said:


    ps so is clear, how predictable a Justice decides liberal or conservative is Not The Same as is how predictable is the Justices' decisions. sotomayor is most likely to decide liberal on so-called liberal scale. kagan, a s'posed liberal Justice, is less likely than sotomayor to decide predictable along the funky liberal v. conservative breakdown, but her decisions is amazing consistent given even a passing awareness o' kagan's philosophy and her past decisions.

    probable is no more clear.


    This is more what I was getting at. The liberal justices, except Ginsburg, could not always be counted on to reason their way into a "liberal" ruling. Even Sotomayor, probably the most "liberal" justice on the Court now, has conistently applied 4th Amend protections in the broadest way. That is, IMO, a decidely "illebaral" position. Illiberal in the American definition of the word at least. Ironicly the American definition of liberal is almost opposite it's actual definition. But hey, screwing up the language is part of our charm.

    Anyway, before I wander off point again, the appeal of textualisim IMO is it does not require adherence to any philosopical orthodoxy. Merely the ability to read, compreheand, and the willingness to go where that leads. With a few exceptions all of them do that some of the time. I wish more did that all of the time. 

  9. @GromnirI was a little put off by the automatic assumption on how ACB was going to rule on cases she had not even heard yet. Even the regularly "liberal" justices are all over the map when it comes to applying law in decisions. The only two you could absolutely count on to be predictable were Ginsburg and Alito. Ginsurg once said something to the effect of "decide on the outcome you want and start your reasoning from there". That is exactly the opposite of what they should be doing I'd think. They should follow the text of the law wherever it leads not grab it by the ear and drag it where they want it to go. I think, with a few exceptions, they do a better job of that than they get credit for. 

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  10. Watermelon rind is also good for deer. They love it. Sometimes I would leave a little piles of it around. Between the deer and the wild hogs it would all get gobbled up quickly

    Fried watermelon is extremely good. It’s also good on the grill braised with a honey and water mixture

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  11. I love watermelon. And it’s so easy to grow. Probably one of the easiest plants to take care of. Only problem with them is they don’t keep well. You can’t freeze it and you can’t dry it. You have to eat them right away. Usually I grow quite a bit of them in the spring for cash crops. You can sell small to medium watermelons at the farmers market for two dollars apiece. The larger ones for as much as five. 
    unfortunately our farmers market has closed along with the flea market. I keep expecting another one will open but it hasn’t happened yet.

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  12. I ordered the seeds for next years garden. No more farmers market so I’m only planting for me . So 3/4 of an acre. 
    Sweet Corn

    Kentucky Blue Pole Beans

    Lima Beans

    Butternut Squash

    Summer Squash

    Vidalia Onions


    Green Peas

    Its more diversity over a smaller plot than I usually do. But this time I’m keeping all of it. Canned or frozen.

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  13. That’s a hell of a lot of subject material over a pretty broad range. I don’t recollect exactly what my sixth grade history teaching was like but I’m pretty sure it was not that cluttered. As best I can work out I guess I was in sixth grade in 1980? Close enough to guess. I do remember discussing the evolution of language which I remember being very interesting.

    you know the one teacher I had that I will never forget was a history teacher. Mr. Cahill. seventh or eighth grade. The entirety of his lesson plan was cause and  effect. This happened because that happened. I found his method of presentation very engaging.

    it was my 12th grade economics teacher who introduced me to Milton Friedman which really got me reading and thinking on my own. It also made me the absolute bane of my future MDCC professors and some of you guys too! 😝

    teachers definitely make a difference in kids lives. Particularly the conscientious and diligent ones. I remember reading a quote once the job of a teacher was not to plant forests but to irrigate deserts.

  14. 19 minutes ago, Achilles said:

    Didn't see "teach students to understand the value of history" or "foster love for the subject" anywhere on that list :(

    Hopefully that will come later in life. It certainly did in my case

  15. I voted yesterday. There was a short wait but no biggie. For President I voted for Jorgensen of course. And no it was far from a “wasted” vote. The winner of the electoral votes of my state is an absolute foregone conclusion. A vote for Trump or Biden would’ve been wasted. Not that I would ever cast my vote for either of them. On the other hand every single vote that Jorgensen receives is invaluable. Not because it will make her president. That is mathematically impossible. But every vote the Libertarian candidate receives improves the standing of the Libertarian party, improves their process for getting ballot access in 2024, and move them one vote closer to major party status. So a vote for the third-party candidates that have nationwide access is anything but wasted. And the best of all I don’t have to lose sleep knowing I voted for a scoundrel.

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  16. On 10/24/2020 at 11:51 AM, Gromnir said:



    "a shady, corrupted, disingenuous man of low character. his very presence in the office will further tarnish an institution that has long since lost its luster." 

    based on what?

    How about this? I'm guessing he won't be on your list of 50 honest men after all


    Her's another:

    At 1:26 he brags about withdrawing a $1B loan if they didn't do what he wanted converning an internal criminal investiagation. In other words, do what I want or no money for you. Hmmmm it seems another President got into some trouble doing something very similar.

    But, whatever. You know it's ok to vote for a lesser evil. But it's wise to remember lesser or not, it IS an evil. 


  17. @GromnirMemes are meant to be funny. They CAN be funny even if you don’t agree with the point. Like any comic strip or political cartoon. Hell I even found humor in Doonsbury some of the time and Bloom County most of the time. If you don’t find him funny don’t laugh at them. They’re posted for humor’s sake only as I have told you before. Not trying to make a point here. When I want to make a point I write what I think

    As for “facts” I thought we covered that already. After the exchange on the previous page I know what you think, you know what I think. But, here it comes up again. But while we’re on the subject you never did answer my question. Would Biden be on your list of 50 honest men?

    I also thought I made it clear I didn’t completely believe anything that comes out of the Trump campaign or inner circle. I believe my exact words were it was a lot of hooey. But then again I’m not looking for facts here. I’m not running an investigation and I’m not going to put them in on trial. The only question I’m asking myself is “is it more likely than not that this happened “. To which my answer is yes. And I made my reasoning plain. Agree or not with the conclusion I’m sure you would agree that it looks bad.

  18. 6 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    Yes I share your concerns around the dominance of 1 party in the House and Senate 

    I know the Republicans in the Senate and I am use to there voting choices, I am not sure what a Democrat Senate would mean?




    It means the Democrats can do pretty much anything they want. The one thing that concerns me the most is adding court justices. That kind of naked power grab will break the country. The next time the GOP has power they will add more, then the Dems will add more. until the whole thing is a sad joke. I don't think Biden is going to do that. But I also don't think Biden is going to be able to control this angry leftist tiger he's trying to ride into power. 

    There is an excellent chance the Dems will go hogwild like they did in 2009. And if they do they will lose one or both houses of Congress in 2022. But a lot of damage can be done in two years of united government. 

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