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  1. Hello Jeff-66,


    Thanks for your post! I will get that information added to our system.


    Bread-a-tester, if you could provide info for your computer to help us assess the issue it would be greatly appreciated.






    This has been resolved for me, see https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97832-game-stutterslags-every-minute-or-so/, with diagnostics attached there.

  2. Description:


    The quest A Fruitful Alliance cannot progress.


    Steps to Reproduce the Issue:



    When talking to Ruasare during A Fruitful Alliance after having killed the slavers, selecting the discussion options that make her acknowledge the alliance do not progress the quest. It is still possible to talk to her again and choose different answers that lead to her rejecting the alliance.

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  3. Try turning off telemetry, and see if that helps. I noticed some minor hitching like you described, but then I turned off telemetry and it seemed to fix the problem.


    Additionally, if you are using any kind of overlay (Steam, GeForce Experience, or Windows 10 Gamebar) try running the game with the overlay disabled and see if that helps.


    Thank you. Turning off the Steam overlay and  telemetry in the options fixed the problem.

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